18+ places to find the best breakfast in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, known for its luxurious lifestyle, tends to take breakfast very seriously, as it is said to be the most important meal of the day. Though many local eateries offer a wide spread of morning meal buffets, we’re here to help you kick off your morning in style in the famous city of gold. Whether you’re looking for a huge fry-up to mop up a night, a stack of pancakes to soothe your morning sweet tooth, or perhaps a dainty avocado toast to fill up your plate with good fats we have you covered with our list of best breakfast in Dubai.

Our Favorite Places to Start Your Day in Dubai

Dubai is home to a diverse range of breakfast spots that cater to all tastes and preferences, from traditional Arabic fare to modern international cuisine.

Let’s find out more about the best breakfast places in Dubai.


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PERFECT FOR: Get-togethers
Cassette dine in area

Cassette, a modern bistro hidden in Al Quoz’s courtyard, was opened in February 2019 by Haidar Madani. It combines a passion for art, music, design, culture, and exquisite food.

The menu takes a “Modern Persian Direction” with French flavor hints, offering omelets, acai bowls, and vegan options.

Menu Highlights:

  • Eggs Benedict with baby spinach
  • Beef Bacon
  • Smoked salmon
  • Orange hollandaise sauce

The drink selection includes diverse coffees, smoothies, homemade juices, wellness teas, and seasonal drinks.

Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm, Cassette is known for its great food, coffee, and ambiance. It’s a melting pot of cultures and experiences, fostering memorable moments.

Ideal for social gatherings, casual work meetings, or solo dining, its industrial design features a terrace, leafy foliage, and sustainable materials. Additionally, there’s a vinyl record corner and a playlist that encourages guests to linger.

Note: Cassette doesn’t accept reservations, so plan ahead.

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The Farm Restaurant, Al Barari

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PERFECT FOR: Peaceful dining
Waffles breakfast at The Farm: Best Breakfast in Dubai
Waffles breakfast at ‘The Farm’

“The Farm,” located in Al Barari’s Green community, is a serene retreat founded by the renowned Zaal family. Open from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm, this restaurant offers an escape from Dubai’s hustle and bustle since 2012, favored by locals and tourists alike.

Its unique charm lies in the enchanting waterside setting and botanical gardens, harmonizing with its indoor and outdoor spaces for a tranquil breakfast experience. The menu, served all day, includes:

  1. Healthy Breakfast Burrito: A tortilla filled with red onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, sausage, baby spinach, cilantro, guacamole, and scrambled eggs.
  2. The Farm’s Mushroom Florentine: Buttered, toasted multigrain English muffins with poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms, and hollandaise sauce.
  3. Masala Omelet: A classic omelet with an Indian twist, featuring farm-fresh eggs, tomatoes, chilies, spring onions, coriander, onions, and chaat masala.

The Farm’s interior, from the cozy bistro seating to nature-inspired music, is meticulously designed for a peaceful dining experience. The menu reflects a fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Thai, Asian, and Indian flavors, using organic, hand-picked ingredients.

Catering to various diets like gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian, The Farm offers an inclusive dining experience for all, making it a top breakfast destination in Dubai.

Nightjar Coffee Roasters

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PERFECT FOR: Caffeine Addicts
NightJar Coffee
NightJar Coffee

NightJar Coffee, an artsy café located on Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, combines a love for coffee with a trendy atmosphere. Established in 2017 as a wholesale business by coffee enthusiasts, it evolved into a coffee roastery and craft beverage producer. The brand boasts an online store and a flagship eatery opened in 2018. Owner Leon Surynt takes pride in ethically sourcing coffee beans, often visiting farms to ensure quality.

The café offers an all-day breakfast menu with standout dishes:

  1. Avo Sourdough Toast: Crispy toast with creamy avocado, poached egg, and hazelnut caponata.
  2. House-Cured Salt Beef Sandwich: Salt beef on sourdough toast with cheddar cheese, pickles, and red cabbage.
  3. Crème Brûlée Pancakes: Ricotta pancakes with vanilla custard, fresh raspberries, and jam.

Beverage recommendations include kombucha and nitro cold brew in flavors like orange, cherry, and maple.

NightJar’s interior, reminiscent of high-end bistros in cities like New York and London, features a dark-toned décor, neon lights, and colorful vinyl records. The bar showcases house-made cold brews.

Open from 10 am to 9 pm daily, NightJar is ideal for reading, working, or socializing, making it a top coffee café in Dubai.

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Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe

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PERFECT FOR: Authentic Arab taste experience
Salad at the Arabian Tea House
Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House Café in Dubai’s Al Fahidi district offers an authentic Arabic dining experience with key features:

  • Special Emirati Breakfast Tray: A showcase of local flavors and ingredients.
  • Special Zuhurat Tea: A must-try beverage.
  • Tranquil Garden Setting: Located in a former pearl trader’s home.
  • Quaint Ambiance: Characterized by hand-painted signs and bougainvillea.

The café operates from 8 am to 9 pm daily and is also known as Basta Art Café. It has expanded to locations in Sharjah, Jumeirah, Montenegro, and Egypt under the name Dubai House.

You should definitely have breakfast over here on your next tour to Dubai.

Bistro Des Arts

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PERFECT FOR: French food lovers
Bistro Des Arts
Bistro Des Arts

Bistro Des Arts, founded in 2015 by French entrepreneurs Julien Pilard and Jonathan Vercoutere, is a cozy bistro in Dubai Marina Mall, offering home-style French cuisine without hefty price tags. This casual café, open from 8 am to 11 pm daily, provides an authentic French experience with its breakfast menu featuring classics like:

Eggs Royal: Poached eggs with smoked salmon on brioche bread, topped with hollandaise sauce.
French Toast: Crisp outside, fluffy inside, made from plain or chocolate croissants, served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate/caramel drizzle.
“Le Healthy”: A healthy option with yogurt, berries, granola, egg whites, fresh fruits, detox juice, and coffee.

The bistro’s terrace, with round tables under red awnings, evokes a French street-side café. Inside, a bar faces the kitchen, and a farmhouse table is surrounded by cozy seating. The décor, complete with paintings of France and classic French music, enhances the welcoming atmosphere.

A unique aspect is the owners’ involvement. They frequently interact with customers, assisting with service and ensuring a pleasant experience. This hands-on approach is rare in Dubai and contributes significantly to the bistro’s friendly ambiance. Our team highly recommends Bistro Des Arts for a delightful French breakfast experience in Dubai.


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PERFECT FOR: Ambience by the Water.
Mondoux, AE
Mondoux, AE

Mondoux, located at Dubai Creek Harbour and The Beach opposite JBR, is a top choice for breakfast with French cuisine and scenic views.

Key offerings include:

  • Avocado-filled croissant
  • Acai bowls
  • Rich hot chocolate
  • Smooth coffee

It features a child-friendly play area and beautiful vistas, ideal for families and individuals seeking a serene start to the day. Mondoux stands out for its quality French fare and a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for casual or leisurely mornings in Dubai.
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SĀN at Palm West Beach's The Club

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PERFECT FOR: Seaside Breakfast Experience
SĀN at Palm West Beach's The Club
SĀN at Palm West Beach’s The Club

SĀN, located at Palm West Beach’s The Club, offers a distinct breakfast experience by the seaside. It’s a modern retreat grounded in nature-focused philosophies, dedicated to fulfilling morning meals. The peaceful waterside setting is perfect for a leisurely breakfast.

The menu includes:

  • Freshly baked goods
  • Exotic fruit platters
  • Various egg dishes (poached with greens, scrambled with cheese, fried with baked beans)

SĀN’s tranquil atmosphere, combined with its high-quality, wholesome breakfast options, makes it a popular spot for a peaceful and refreshing start to the day. From delicious food to its rejuvenating seaside location, SĀN at Palm West Beach’s The Club is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and gratifying breakfast experience.

Carine Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: Golf Course Views
Carine Restaurant
Carine Restaurant

Canine, situated at the Emirates Golf Club, presents a distinguished breakfast experience with breathtaking views of the verdant golf course. Inspired by Chef Izu Ani’s French wife, Carine, the restaurant is a tribute to French culinary excellence. Breakfast here is a refined event, particularly during their exclusive weekend seatings from 9 am to 12:30 pm.

The menu is a celebration of French patisserie, featuring:

  • Signature almond croissants
  • Special blend blueberry cruffin coffee
  • Feather-light crepes
  • Various egg dishes, including veal bacon and hazelnut Shakshuka

Carine’s ambiance is bright and inviting, with both indoor and outdoor seating available. Opting for a terrace table allows guests to savor their meal against the tranquil Emirates Golf Course backdrop, providing a relaxing and sophisticated breakfast experience.

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Tom & Serg

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PERFECT FOR: Coffee Lovers with Vegan Options.
Tom & Serg
Tom & Serg

Tom & Serg in Al Quoz, founded by Melbourne’s Tom Arnel and Spain’s Sergio Lopez, is known for its high-quality coffee and modern café food in a chic, industrial setting. The café is renowned for:

  • Expertly crafted cappuccinos
  • Flat whites with precisely steamed milk

Their menu also features inventive café cuisine, blending quality ingredients with creative techniques. This combination of great coffee and unique food makes Tom & Serg a favored spot for casual breakfasts and meals. Its unique vibe and commitment to quality coffee make it a top breakfast destination in Dubai.

11 Woodfire

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PERFECT FOR: Gourmet Breakfast Experience
11 Woodfire
11 Woodfire

11 Woodfire, in Dubai’s Jumeirah area and led by Michelin-starred Chef Akmal Anuar, offers a unique breakfast experience. Renowned for its woodfire cooking techniques, this eatery blends gourmet quality with a casual vibe.

Key breakfast items include:

  • Beef cheeks Benedict
  • French toast egg slider
  • Signature 11’s Slayer Breakfast, with avocado and sautéed asparagus on toasted sourdough

The restaurant’s interior is contemporary and welcoming. Given its popularity and limited seating, early arrival is recommended for a spot at this coveted dining location.

11 Woodfire’s innovative culinary approach, use of high-quality ingredients, and comfortable atmosphere make it a premier choice for an exceptional breakfast in Dubai, ideal for those seeking a gourmet dining experience.

Lana Lusa

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PERFECT FOR: Authentic Portuguese Cuisine
Lana Lusa
Lana Lusa

Lana Lusa, located in the Wasl 51 complex, offers a neighborhood-style dining experience, deeply rooted in traditional Portuguese cuisine. Its ambiance and menu reflect the owner’s heritage, with recipes handed down from her grandmother, creating an authentic and homey atmosphere.

The restaurant is celebrated for its welcoming environment and menu filled with classic dishes. Notable breakfast items include:

  • Portuguese custard tarts, pasteis de nata, a favorite among food enthusiasts
  • A selection of aromatic coffees, ideal for a morning break

Lana Lusa also features a lovely terrace for outdoor seating, enhancing its charm. The restaurant’s dedication to providing a genuine Portuguese dining experience, from its setting to its culinary offerings, makes it an essential destination for those wanting to experience Portugal’s flavors in Dubai.

Nightjar Coffee Roasters

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PERFECT FOR: Coffee Enthusiasts
Nightjar Coffee Roasters
Nightjar Coffee Roasters

Nightjar Coffee Roasters, situated on Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, is a modern and hip café that has significantly influenced the local coffee culture since its inception in 2017. Started initially as a wholesale business by a group of coffee enthusiasts, it expanded into a fully-fledged coffee roastery and craft beverage producer. Furthermore, the owner, Leon Surynt, is deeply involved in the sourcing of coffee beans, ensuring ethical practices and quality.

This café is known for its unique approach to coffee, offering an array of expertly crafted brews.

The menu includes all-day breakfast options with exciting dishes such as:

  • Avo Sourdough Toast: A combination of crispy toast, rich avocado, poached egg, and hazelnut caponata.
  • House-Cured Salt Beef Sandwich: Delicious salt beef served between sourdough toasts with cheddar cheese, pickles, and red cabbage.
  • Crème Brûlée Pancakes: Fluffy ricotta pancakes layered with vanilla custard, complemented by fresh raspberries and jam.

Beverage-wise, Nightjar is renowned for its kombucha and a variety of nitro cold brew flavors like orange, cherry, and maple.

The café’s interior design stands out with its dark tones, neon lights, and vinyl records, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of upscale bistros in major global cities. It’s a perfect place for reading, working, or socializing, making Nightjar one of Dubai’s premier coffee destinations.

Jones the Grocer (Delta Hotels by Marriott, JBR)

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PERFECT FOR: Australian-Inspired Cuisine
Jones the Grocer
Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer at Delta Hotels by Marriott in JBR, Dubai, is an Australian-inspired café renowned for its modern and artisanal cuisine. The breakfast menu is diverse, featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients and innovative culinary techniques. The café is known for:

  • Catering to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences
  • Providing an enjoyable breakfast experience

The ambiance combines casual elegance with a relaxed atmosphere, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists. Jones the Grocer offers a sophisticated yet comfortable setting for breakfast, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of modern and classic flavors.

Risen Café and Artisanal Bakery, Dubai Marina

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PERFECT FOR: Artisanal Baked Goods and Coffee
Risen Café and Artisanal Bakery, Dubai Marina
Risen Café and Artisanal Bakery, Dubai Marina

Risen Café and Artisanal Bakery, situated in Dubai Marina, is a delightful spot known for its freshly baked artisanal pastries and a warm café atmosphere. Moreover, it skillfully blends traditional baking methods with contemporary culinary trends, offering a range of delicious baked goods and breakfast items.

The café’s menu features:

  • Classic pastries and bread
  • Innovative dishes for various tastes
  • High-quality coffee, a hit with coffee enthusiasts

Risen Café provides a cozy and inviting setting, perfect for a leisurely breakfast or a quick coffee stop. Moreover, it’s dedication to artisanal craftsmanship and fresh ingredients positions it as a top choice for those looking for a sophisticated yet comfortable breakfast experience in Dubai Marina.

Village Bistro

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PERFECT FOR: Mediterranean Cuisine Enthusiasts
Village Bistro
Village Bistro

Village Bistro in Dubai is renowned for its exceptional Mediterranean cuisine, offering a unique dining experience that blends traditional Mediterranean flavors with a modern twist. The restaurant prides itself on a menu that celebrates fresh, high-quality ingredients, all prepared with both care and creativity.

The breakfast selection at Village Bistro is extensive, and designed to appeal to a variety of tastes. Highlights include:

  • Special dishes inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean
  • A range of options for both light and healthy starts or more indulgent morning meals

The bistro’s atmosphere is both warm and inviting, creating the perfect setting for a leisurely breakfast with family or friends. With its commitment to providing an authentic Mediterranean experience in terms of both food and ambiance, Village Bistro stands out as a must-visit destination for a delightful breakfast in Dubai

Spike Bar

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PERFECT FOR: Golf Course Breakfast Experience
Spike Bar
Spike Bar

Spike Bar, situated with a view of a picturesque golf course, offers a serene breakfast experience in Dubai. This spot is ideal for those seeking a tranquil morning in lush green surroundings. With its inviting terrace overlooking the golf course, it’s a perfect place for a relaxed breakfast or brunch.

The breakfast menu at Spike Bar features:

  • A variety of viennoiseries and muffins
  • Classic choices like the hearty English Breakfast or Bacon & Egg Bap

The bar enhances the meal with expertly brewed coffee or tea, contributing to a memorable dining experience.

Spike Bar’s combination of a peaceful setting, quality breakfast options, and excellent service makes it a popular spot for golf lovers and anyone looking for a calm morning in Dubai.

DUO Gastrobar

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PERFECT FOR: Unique Breakfast Experience
DUO Gastrobar
DUO Gastrobar

DUO Gastrobar in Dubai Hills Business Park is a top choice for those looking for an extraordinary breakfast experience in Dubai. Renowned for its inventive dining approach, DUO Gastrobar melds an engaging breakfast adventure with a unique fusion of flavors.

The eatery boasts a wide range of delectable breakfast options, encouraging guests to discover new favorites. The menu features:

  • Inventive twists on classic breakfast items
  • Diverse choices to suit all tastes

The ambiance at DUO Gastrobar is modern and inviting, perfect for kicking off the day with a lavish meal. Whether it’s for a business meeting or a relaxed breakfast with friends, the gastrobar offers an environment that enhances its creative culinary offerings.

DUO Gastrobar is an ideal spot for food lovers eager to experience different flavors in a sophisticated yet comfortable breakfast setting.

Novikov Café

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PERFECT FOR: Luxurious Breakfast Experience
Novikov Café
Novikov Café

Novikov Café, situated on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Dubai, is a stylish and upscale destination known for its luxurious ambiance and superb culinary offerings. As an extension of the famed Novikov Restaurant and Bar, it brings a blend of Asian and international cuisine to the breakfast table.

Head Chef Riccardo Stevan curates a breakfast menu that caters to a range of preferences, featuring:

  • Modern takes on classics like Cinnamon Roll French Toast and Eggs Royale
  • Dishes are often enhanced with premium ingredients such as caviar

The café’s interior, inspired by Mediterranean vibrancy, offers a chic and comfortable dining environment. Guests have the option of the elegantly designed main dining room or the sunny terrace, boasting impressive views of Burj Khalifa Lake.

Novikov Café is perfect for those seeking a high-end dining experience in a fashionable setting, ideal for a special breakfast or a relaxed morning meal in one of Dubai’s trendiest locales.

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Things to Consider Before Picking Your Breakfast Spot in Dubai

Following are a few things we considered before picking a breakfast place in Dubai. You should consider them too.

  • Price: We recommend picking a restaurant that offers you more or at least equivalent value for money. This doesn’t mean that you pick a cheaper restaurant but that you compare the quality, quantity, and experience that the place is offering with the amount of money you are willing to pay. For example, at a street-side café or food stall, a stack of pancakes and a cup of coffee from a coffee machine is cheaper than the one that you’ll be having at Nightjar café but those crème brûlée pancakes and a cup of Nightjar’s special brew is going to have an impeccable taste that you won’t be able to find anywhere around town.
  • Ambiance: When searching for a place to have breakfast in Dubai you need to consider the ambiance of the café/restaurant. Dubai is a fast city and getting the chance to slow down and enjoy a peaceful early morning meal can set your day’s mood of relaxation. Make sure that you get to the café a couple of minutes prior to your reservation or if you don’t have a reservation make up your mind to spend time waiting a while before getting seated or try to pick a time that is not considered a rush hour.
    • Service: Every dining experience should include excellent customer service. You can determine whether or not you have a good experience at a restaurant by the staff’s attitude and behavior. Select a restaurant that has a reputation for providing excellent service. Though good service is usually expected from the waiters, sometimes the waiters are super busy or overworked hence there can be a chance of a mishap. Either way, service is an important factor and we really appreciated the service of Bistro Des Arts Dubai.
  • Food: Make sure that the meal that you are getting is something that you cannot make and replicate at home as the experience of the place and food will reduce significantly. Choose a restaurant in Dubai should be that offers you something true to Dubai’s heritage. The Arabian Tea House is one of the places that you just cannot miss out on if you are looking to experience authentic Arab culture. Also, make sure that the place you are considering visiting for breakfast has the ability to serve meals according to your dietary restrictions such as gluten-free and/or vegan.

How We Pick Our Recommendations?

With our team’s love for traveling and eating out, we have had an easy time extracting and listing out Dubai’s must-try spots for breakfast. We scoured the city and tasted out-of-the-box breakfast options to inspire your next breakfast meal.

Along with our own experience and travel to Dubai, we have also taken opinions and conducted surveys from locals and tourists of the city to help us curate this list of the best breakfast places in Dubai.


In conclusion, Dubai is a foodie’s paradise when it comes to breakfast options. Whether you’re a fan of traditional dishes or prefer a more modern take on breakfast, there’s something for everyone in this bustling city.

From the iconic Eggs Benedict at The Scene by Simon Rimmer to the mouthwatering shakshuka at The Brass, Dubai’s breakfast scene is truly diverse and offers a wide variety of culinary experiences. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, make sure to check out some of these amazing breakfast places to start your day off on the right foot.

Breakfast Places in Dubai - FAQs

Which restaurant in Dubai offers the best Arabic breakfast?

Arabian Tea House in Dubai offers the best quality Arabic breakfast with the finest ambiance and surrounding environment to upbring the aesthetics.

Which restaurant in Dubai has the best morning coffee?

We recommend NightJar Coffee if you are looking for the perfect cup of joe and Crème Brûlée Pancakes.

What is the price of an average breakfast in Dubai?

An average breakfast in Dubai can cost you between 120DHs to 180DHs ($32 – $50).

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