Why Dubai is One of the World’s Safest Cities in UAE

One of the most famous cities in the world, Dubai falls under the top ten most-visited places in 2023. It has transformed itself into an incredible cosmopolitan hub, attracting tourists globally to its beauty, luxury, and, of course, safety. In fact, the first half of data 2023 showed that Dubai stands as the 5th safest city worldwide.

But how did Dubai achieve its status as one of the world’s safest cities? Below, we have thoroughly analyzed the factors contributing to Dubai’s reputation as one of the most secure cities globally. Continue reading!

Dubai Sunset Skyline
Dubai Sunset Skyline

Why Is Dubai So Safe?

Dubai is so safe because its strict regulations ensure a low rate of criminal activities, thus making many tourists feel more secure in Dubai than in other destinations. The city also has the highest technology police and various beneficial governmental policies for its residents. Moreover, the city’s public transportation system is well-maintained, secure, and under surveillance, ensuring safe travel for commuters.

Let’s dive deeper into the factors contributing to the safety of Dubai.

1: Strict Laws

Dubai is predominantly a Muslim city. Its local governance is deeply influenced by the principles of Islam, resulting in conservative and strict laws in the city. 

Due to its Islamic foundations, Dubai has implemented strict regulations. For instance, public consumption of alcohol is restricted, intimate relations or public display of affection outside of marriage are prohibited, theft and pickpocketing have severe penalties, public disturbances such as loud conversations are discouraged, and adherence to road rules is mandatory.

Not adhering to these laws can lead to hefty fines and even imprisonment.

Dubai Police Supercars
Dubai Police Supercars

2: Advanced Dubai Police

The Dubai police are renowned for their integrity and efficiency, ranking among the most dedicated and transparent police forces worldwide. With a corruption rate of only 0.2%, it’s evident that corruption is extremely rare in the city, meaning that only 2 out of every 1000 officers might be corrupt.

Officers in Dubai maintain the laws without discrimination, indifferent to relationships or acquaintances. Their uncompromising commitment to duty ensures swift response times, often reaching emergency locations within 3-5 minutes of a 996 call.

When a crime occurs, the Dubai police act decisively, ensuring justice is served, significantly contributing to Dubai’s impressive SCI score.

3: Prolonged Imprisonment

Another prominent reason contributing to Dubai’s remarkable safety is its strict and prolonged imprisonment. In Dubai, a prison sentence is a severe consequence, often resulting in individuals being separated from their families, freedom, and livelihoods for up to a decade. Dubai’s legal system is known for its strict stance, rarely lenient in sentencing those at fault.

Fines & Imprisonment
Fines & Imprisonment

Even minor financial missteps, such as bank loan fraud, can lead to detention for up to 15 years. Considering this, you can only imagine the severity of penalties for more unfortunate offenses like intentional homicide, pickpocketing, or armed robbery. 

Unique to its judicial approach, Dubai seldom reduces sentences, regardless of appeals or good behavior. Once a verdict is announced, it’s generally expected to be served in the entire tenure.

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4: Highest Number Of Expats

Dubai has around 88.5% of the expat population, while only 11.5% are native Arabs, thus making Dubai a city with the most significant number of expats than any other global destination. These expats can be just tourists or people visiting to earn a better fortune for their families back in their homelands. 

This means that no Dubai resident or visitor is poor or a beggar. However, the Native Arabs are way too big in money and no less than millionaires or even billionaires. 

Hence, it is evident that 100% of Dubia’s population does not suffer severe financial distress. Why would someone with money do something terrible and end up in jail? Especially when Dubai’s jails are known to be strict. Also, no visitor wants to spend their vacation in jail. So, people think twice before doing anything wrong in Dubai, making it a safe and secure place to live, work, and travel.

5: Advanced Technology Forces 

The Dubai police has been termed the most advanced force in the world regarding technology. They also became the first regional force to utilize DNA testing during investigations, electronic fingerprints, and moving to an entirely paperless system. Offering over 80 public services, they seamlessly blend innovation with public service.

Here are a few technological advancements that Dubai police has at its disposal:

Smart Robot Assistants

These advanced robots are equipped with top-notch sensors, cameras, mics, and software that can recognize faces. They monitor busy places like shopping centers, airports, and big event venues. If they spot something unusual or some luggage left behind, they quickly inform the police nearby.

Advanced Technology Forces
Smart Robot Assistants

Security Cameras

The Dubai Police have placed over 200,000 security cameras all over Dubai and nearby areas. These cameras send live video to a central room where police watch the city all day and night.

Fingerprint Checks

You’ll find fingerprint-checking devices at the main doors of places like shopping centers and airports. They let the police know if someone should be there or if they should be stopped from entering the premises.

3D Printing

If something is stolen, like a piece of jewelry or a phone, the police can use 3D printers to make a replica. This helps them see if they can find a match if someone else brings in a found item later.

Cars with GPS

New police cars can read car license plates automatically and have a GPS to show where they are at all times. These cars also have WiFi and spots to charge devices, so police can keep their devices running and fully charged while working.

However, Dubai police’s commitment to excellence extends beyond technology. The Dubai Police Force is recognized for its strategic prowess and consistency. Recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives, the Dubai Police General Command launched its first all-female SWAT team in January, celebrating women’s resilience and exceptional contributions to the force.

6: A Low Inflation Rate

The city’s low crime rate is because of the low inflation compared to other destinations worldwide. The inflation rate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands at 2.28%, a decrease from 4.58% in January 2023 and 4.49% down the previous year. Moreover, various financial sources indicate that salaries in Dubai grew by approximately 56% between 2018 and 2023.

Based on these statistics, inflation has been decreasing annually in Dubai. With such favorable financial conditions, you might wonder why anyone would commit any crime in a beneficial economic environment like Dubai’s.

7: Support From The Local Government

Dubai’s government offers its citizens essential services, ensuring their financial stability. This comprehensive support system is a substantial barrier to crimes, as most needs are efficiently met by the Dubai government.


Dubai’s government ensures a variety of housing options in terms of size, design, and cost, making them accessible to everyone.


Government-run hospitals in Dubai offer free medical services to its residents.


From nursery to university, the government ensures that education is freely available to all UAE residents.


Dubai has an efficient public transportation system, including buses, taxis, and metro trains, all available at reasonable rates. This makes personal vehicle ownership optional, based on individual preferences.

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Highlights from ‘Dubai: Crime and Safety Report in the United Arab Emirates’

To further address your safety queries, we have summarized key points from the “United Arab Emirates Crime and Safety Report: Dubai” listed on the OSAC website.

Police Blue Siren

Dubai Crime Threats

“The crime rate in the city is much lower than other same-sized cities around the world. Violent criminal activity is rare, mostly occurring within the third country national communities (TCN).” 

Police Responses And Medical Emergencies

“Call 999 for medical emergencies, ambulance services, and fire or police. Dubai Ambulance Service is contemporary and has a professionally trained staff.”

“English-speaking operators are available 24/7. Moreover, many popular emergency numbers have been linked to Dubai’s number since many people often dial known numbers in accidental scenarios. For example, if you dial 911, the call will still connect to 999 (Dubai emergency contact) or Dubai Police!”

“Dubai Police HQ and Emergency dispatch have a variety of language capabilities to serve the significant expatriate community.”

“Identifying landmarks or businesses near the residence or location is essential in helping emergency personnel respond.”

Road Safety

“Car accidents happen quite often. Although many lead to vehicle damage and minor injuries, there are examples of major crashes that cause severe injuries or even death. The main reasons for these serious accidents include high speeds, driving habits from the international population, and sometimes reduced visibility due to intense fog.”

Public Transportation

“The color of the taxicab’s roof indicates a specific company. Most cabs are tan except for the roofs, which can be red, blue, green, yellow, or pink (female drivers only, in respect of female passengers).”

UAE Aims To Become More Safe In The Near Future

The UAE aims to become an even safer destination. Despite not being rich in natural resources and ranking 95th on the list, the country continues to attract business and leisure travelers.

As mentioned in the report titled ‘Tourism in the UAE – A Strategic Vision for 2031′, the UAE has ambitious plans to boost its tourist numbers from 1 million to 5 million annually by 2031.

Furthermore, the report reveals that between 2015 and 2030, the UAE seeks to draw an impressive $100 billion investment into its tourism sector.

Interestingly, the UAE has seen a significant surge in its demand as a “safe” destination, with residency rates rising by 8% in the past year.

The criteria for ranking countries in the report included the cost implications of dominant crimes and violence and the trustworthiness and efficiency of police forces in guarding against such incidents.

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Final Thoughts

Hence, traveling to Dubai is generally very safe. While there might be some crime, particularly near major tourist spots, it’s uncommon for tourists to be affected. Considering this, many individuals you interact with are expats; any attempt at wrongdoing could result in their immediate expulsion, making it a significant barrier to criminal activity.

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  1. Dubai’s status as one of the world’s safest cities in the UAE can be attributed to its robust security measures, efficient law enforcement, and stringent regulations. The city prioritizes the safety of residents and visitors through state-of-the-art surveillance systems, strict anti-crime initiatives, and a visible police presence. Additionally, the UAE’s strong legal framework and severe penalties for offenses contribute to a low crime rate. Dubai’s commitment to maintaining public order, coupled with its culturally diverse and tolerant environment, fosters a sense of security. The city’s continuous investment in cutting-edge technology further enhances its ability to proactively address and prevent potential threats.

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