What Is The Best Time to Visit Virginia Beach?

Planning a trip to any city requires that you consider every major factor. This will include average temperature, climate, rainfall, tourist density, and many other points. You would also have to keep in mind that the hotel prices will automatically rise if it is the peak tourist season. Thus, it will be ideal not to book your trip for such days. That brings up your question, what is the best time to visit VA beach? As for haunted houses, Virginia Beach is home to some of the most frightening haunted houses in the state. If you’re looking for a spooky experience, check out The BEST Haunted Houses In Virginia Beach.

The Best Time to Visit Virginia Beach

Summers are undoubtedly the best time to experience the complete city life of Virginia Beach. The days are long, and the temperature is bearable. Consequently, you can make the most out of your trip.

Moreover, the summer season in Laguna Beach normally starts in April. The temperature during April, May, and June does not soar high, with a comfortable. Hence, you can comfortably spend your day out without the scorching sun ruining your trip. 

Also, since the weather is very favorable during these months, you can dress just as you like, with a little mix of warm clothes matched with summer essentials. However, as the month’s progress, the daily temperature starts rising, with July and August being the hottest months in Virginia Beach.

So, if you consider this beautiful city your next travel destination, April, May, and June are the best months to visit Virginia Beach.

Things To Do In Virginia Beach During Day Time

Next in this article, we will talk about some of the things you can do in Virginia Beach during the days and nights you spend there.

As we said, summers are the best time to visit VA Beach. Since you have many hours in the day, you can indulge in several activities that will bring you joy. long with scenic views, Virginia Beach also offers fun nightlife. For a memorable experience, head to one of the best karaoke places in Virginia Beach. Unleash your inner singer and belt out your favorite tunes while sipping on a drink. Make sure to add this activity to your itinerary for a lively night.

Visit the shore

What is the point of visiting a sea-facing city if you do not enjoy the roaring waters? Thus, you can spend a relaxing day under the sun on the coast of Virginia Beach. However, if you do not like the sand and the crowd, take a walk across the sea on the boardwalk. It has a lot of space where you can cycle or walk with your partner.

Virginia Beach Shore
Virginia Beach Shore. Wikimedia Commons

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Kayaking with Dolphins

While you are at the beach, you may also come across migratory dolphins that are here to enjoy the tropical water temperatures. Dolphins can be seen in Virginia Beach waters during the warm months. 

pod of dolphins
Kayaking with Dolphins. Wikimedia Commons

Therefore, the best time to see dolphins in Virginia Beach is from May to August. You can go kayaking in the sea to have fun with these friendly sea creatures.

Go Fishing

Fishing nerds, summer months are the best time to go fishing in Virginia Beach. Your trip will automatically become ten times more awesome if you choose this adventure for your day out. 

fishing at virginia beach

Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy the calm view of the blue waters while you are out in the sea. It will give you peace of mind. Plus, not to mention you can click pretty pictures as well for your trip album.

Explore Luray Caverns

It is a national natural landmark, founded in 1878. Besides, it is America’s biggest cave system to date that is open to the public. You will get to see a lot of historical wonders in this cave.

Luray Caverns also contains the world’s biggest musical instrument made from a natural stone, the lithophone. The instrument is called the “Great Stalacpipe Organ.”

Luray Caverns
Luray Caverns

Bike/Hike Through the State Parks

Virginia Beach is known as one of the healthiest cities to live in. The city has large acres of land where you can bike along with your friends and family for a fun experience. For example, the First Landing State Park is open to bikers and is built on an area of 2888 acres.

biking in forest
Bike/Hike Through the State Parks

In addition, you can also choose this place for hiking. It is home to an endangered habitat, the maritime forest community, which you can witness here. Plus, there are nine different hiking trails to pick from. Each of them is based in a unique ecosystem.

Thus, we are sure that you will love the overall experience. And for those who love to try out new craft beers, Virginia Beach has several top-notch brewery places serving the freshest beer in town. From IPAs to stouts, you’ll find a variety of beers at these 20 best brewery places in Virginia Beach.

Things To Do In Virginia Beach During Night Time

No, you will not run out of things to do in Virginia Beach even when the sun has set. There is a very vibrant nightlife to enjoy in this city. Here are some activities you can do.

Visit the Town Center District

Do not miss out on this place if you want to experience shopping, dining, and entertainment all in one place. The best time to visit Virginia Beach Town Center District is at night. Shop till you drop and then go to a nearby restaurant to refuel your body.

The Town Center of Virginia Beach
The Town Center of Virginia Beach

And, the restaurants in this area of the city are famous for serving distinct and delicious food. Next, you can enjoy live entertainment, like stand-up comedy and more at some restaurants.

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Spend The Night at a Bar Or Brewery

Virginia Beach has an excellent selection of craft beers that are available in the majority of the local breweries. You will fall in love with the taste as soon as you take your first sip. Moreover, you can also get your favorite flavor to make the experience much more pleasing.

Bxcr Underground
Bxcr Underground

Furthermore, there are happening bars across the city where you can dance your heart out. Let all your worries flow away for the night as you sip on the drinks and bring out those moves with your friends.

Escape Nightmare Mansion

This is not for the faint of heart. This place requires top-notch teamwork and your mind to function at its best. Solve puzzles and riddles to escape your way out of the mansion. However, here’s a fair warning, you will be surrounded by spooky characters who will give you thrills.

ESCAPE! Nightmare Mansion
ESCAPE! Nightmare Mansion

Plus, the decor and vibe of this place are on-point to give you a memory of a lifetime.

Visit Elevation 27

If you love music, then you should definitely go here. Elevation 27 is the best live music venue in Virginia Beach. The sound system is amazing, with theatrical curtains and an acoustically enhanced interior.

Elevation 27 virginia beach
Elevation 27

As a result, you can have a fully immersive concert experience.

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Now, we hope that you know what is the best time of year to visit VA Beach. Summers can be really fun if the temperature is moderate. So, if you want to visit this bustling city, make sure to go here between April to June to get the best out of your vacation. 

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