14 Best Thai Restaurants You Must Try in Virginia Beach

Over the years, Thai food has become a part of every American’s food palette while growing up. You will now be able to spot a Thai restaurant on every block. This means making the right decision in choosing where you will be able to find the best Thai food in Virginia Beach is more complex than ever.

Best Thai Food in Virginia Beach

Need not worry because we have got your back with a detailed overview. You can find a direct link to each restaurant’s menu as well as their addresses, special dishes, and some of their delicious food images to give you a better idea.

1. Taste of Thai on Blvd

Keeping in mind its recent launch, Taste of Thai on Blvd has surprised quite a few people. The food tastes as delicious as in any other Thai restaurant. To our fascination, they are the only restaurant offering Riceberry Rice, which is an amalgam of two types of Jasmine Rice recently created in Thailand in the early 2000s.

Taste of Thai on Blvd exterior
Taste of Thai on Blvd
  • Address: 2884 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • Specialties: Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Papaya Salad, and Egg Rolls.

2. Bangkok Garden

The restaurant has a wide-ranging menu of delicacies that takes you on an appetizing food journey. The ingredients that they use are organic and specific to Thai culture.

Bangkok Garden
Bangkok Garden
  • Address: 4000 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • Specialties: Single Bangkok Spring Roll, Coconut Soup, Pad Kee Mao Dinner, and Pad Kapau Dinner.

3. Suphan Thai Cuisine

The secret behind their food is the family recipes handed down to the owner from generation to generation. Thai food in VA doesn’t get any more original than this.

chicken pad thai at Suphan Thai Cuisine
Suphan Thai Cuisine

Suphan Thai Cuisine has a contemporary atmosphere all around. Their menus are now available through a QR code that you can easily scan on your table. 

  • Address: 928 Diamond Springs Rd Ste 112 Virginia Beach, VA 23455
  • Specialties: Chicken Satay, Thai Lettuce Wraps Salad, and Jumbo Lump Crab Fried Rice.

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine

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PERFECT FOR: Fine service with lovely presentation.

Lastly, we have this restaurant that is owned by the most humble owner and run by the most accommodating staff. I’m sure you have heard: To err is human. Meaning it is normal for people to make mistakes. 

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine

If there is possibly anything wrong with your order, the owner at Sawasdee Thai Cuisine will go above and beyond to fix it and have you leave with a better experience. It includes a refund as well. Yes! you heard me right.

  • Address: 5601 E Virginia Beach Blvd Norfolk, VA 23502.
  • Specialties: Tropical Fried Rice, Thai Egg Rolls, Tom Yum Soup, and Pad Woon Sen.

5. Jen Thai Cuisine

Their flavors are not as strong as original Thai cuisine yet nothing short of flavorsome and appetizing. In other words, they offer a blend of Americanized Thai food for people that are looking for something other than usual American cuisine.

Jen Thai
Jen Thai

Their service is super fast, even during lunch hours. And their special items menu is always hand-written on a display on a huge chalkboard.

  • Address: 1385 Fordham Dr Ste 104 Virginia Beach, VA 23464
  • Specialties: Pad Thai Noodles, Fresh Spring Rolls, Green Curry, and Friend Spring Rolls.

6. Bangkok Garden

Bangkok Garden is a well-regarded Thai restaurant known for its authentic Thai dishes. The restaurant offers a full menu with a variety of Thai favorites, catering to a range of dietary preferences​.

Locals enjoying food at bangkok thai cuisine
Bangkok Garden
  • Address: 737 First Colonial Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Specialities: Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Crab Fried Rice, and Tom Yum Pak.

7. Thai Arroy

Runner up on our list of best Thai food in Virginia Beach, we have a restaurant that didn’t open too long ago but gained a lot of fame. The restaurant ensures that each dish has a distinct Thai flavor and serves nothing short of authentic and delicious food.

Thai Arroy virginia
Thai Arroy

Their curries are a flavor bomb filled with a variety of stir-fried vegetables that will leave you licking your plates in this case!

  • Address: 608 N Birdneck Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Specialties: Pad Thai, Red Curry, Drunken Noodles, and Green Curry.

8. Tida Thai Cuisine

Next up on our list of Thai cuisine is this place that has made its name among the American community—serving fresh and hot food in a very easy and light environment. Their decor is modern and gives an up-to-date vibe.

Tida Thai Cuisine fish curry
Tida Thai Cuisine

The sauces in Tida Thai Cuisine are made from scratch on a regular basis. They offer a first-class variation of meat and seafood servings along with airy, fresh, and top-quality rice.

  • Address: 2133 Upton Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23454
  • Specialties: Pad Thai, Crispy Spring Roll, Lamb Curry, and Panang Curry

9. Racha Thai Restaurant

Racha Thai Restaurant is a winner in seating its customers the fastest so at least you don’t have to worry about that. It is a decently decorated place with an intimate and cozy vibe. A place where you can hang out by yourself or with a friend, read a book, or work on your laptop. 

vibe at Racha Thai Cuisine
Racha Thai Cuisine
  • Address: 805 N Battlefield Blvd Ste 117 Chesapeake, VA 23320.
  • Specialties: Pad Kapau, Orange Chicken, Salmon with Ginger, and Spicy Eggplant.

10. China Sea

This restaurant gained a lot of fame during the Covid-19 times when it was very hard for people to trust anyone regarding precautions. So at least hygiene is something you would never have to worry about when you’re eating at the China Sea

China Sea
China Sea

Another plus about eating here is their perfect and flawless time management. Your order will never arrive any later than the given time.

  • Address: 912 S Lynnhaven Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23452.
  • Specialties: Shrimp Lo Mein, Sesame Chicken, and Thai Fried Rice.

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11. Thai Papaya

This restaurant is a super hit among the people of Hamptons and VA Beach. Thai Papaya is an old eatery where the staff truly enjoys preparing your meal, makes your wait time easier and entertaining, and helps you through your order process. 

Thai Papaya
Thai Papaya

Another upside is that despite all the inflation globally, this restaurant has still maintained its affordable rates and strives to provide the best in every way. 

  • Address: 2708 N Armistead Ave Ste C Hampton, VA 23666
  • Specialties: Pad Thai Noodles, Tom Yum Soup, and Tom Kra Soup.

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12. Jasmine Thai Kitchen

At a time when many businesses came crashing down, this eatery paved its way in the race for survival. Jasmine Thai Kitchen has been able to satisfy its customers during the peak time of the pandemic. It was not only able to ensure the deliciousness of the food but also hygiene, and the safety of customers and colleagues.

interior of Jasmine Thai Kitchen
Jasmine Thai Kitchen

Moreover, their dishes are generally not very saucy, so if you like your Thai food like that, then you will definitely fall in love with this restaurant.

  • Address: 2270 Executive Dr Hampton, VA 23666.
  • Specialties: Jasmine Pad Thai Noodles, Pad See Ew Noodles, Tropical Tom Yum Soup, and Fried Calamari.

13. No 1 Yummy

This restaurant isn’t one of the fancy places. It is more of the type where you can just get your keys and go hang out regardless of what you’re wearing or how you look. Not only is No 1 Yummy a place where you can just conveniently drop by any day of the week but it is also super consistent in its taste and quality.

No 1 Yummy
No 1 Yummy
  • Address: 5393 Wesleyan Dr Ste 106 Virginia Beach, VA 23455.
  • Specialties: Shrimp with Broccoli, Thai Red Curry & White Rice, and Thai Peanut Chicken with White Rice.

14. Kao Thai Restaurant

If don’t judge a book by its cover had a face then this restaurant would be it. When visiting Kao Thai Restaurant you have to make sure to be patient until judging them based on the look of the eatery. 

Kao Thai Restaurant
Kao Thai Restaurant. @Brian P

If you have a high spice tolerance we recommend you try their dragon noodles. For a hint of innovation, order their mango sticky rice and be blown away by what a beauty the dish is inside out.

  • Address: 550 First Colonial Rd Ste 309 Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Specialties: Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Mango Curry, and Golden Spring Rolls.

People have a huge variety of preferences when it comes down to food and flavor. In order to make your decision easier, this article includes items that different restaurants are best at making (if any). But to make your food experience better you can always call in and check with the restaurant if it matches your flavor and spice preference for a certain dish. We hope you enjoy your Thai food, whichever place you land!

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