The Best Ramen Virginia Beach Has To Offer

Does hearing the word “Ramen” make you drool every single time? Well, we have all been there. Popular in Japan, Ramen has paved its way around the world as one of the favorites. So, if you will be in Virginia Beach soon, do not forget to try a bowl of Ramen there. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the best Ramen Virginia beach offers.   

Best Ramen in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is home to some of the finest food places, such as Pizza and Salads. Finding a flavorful bowl of piping hot ramen can be a nuisance. Not every place can do justice to this popular Korean dish. Hence, in this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best ramen shops in Virginia beach. 

These places have years of expertise in making genuine Ramen for their customers. Hopefully,  you will not be disappointed. Let’s have a look at them now. 

Kappo Nara Ramen

This superb restaurant serves the best Ramen Virginia beach has ever seen. You will love the idea of dining at this place as soon as you see their Ramen.

ramen eggs corn
Kappo Nara Ramen

The presentation is excellent, along with the huge portion size. You will start to feel full halfway through the ramen bowl.

Plus, they have the finest ramen collection in Virginia Beach. Their large menu includes many varieties of Ramen, such as Tonkotsu, Shoyu, Miso, Vegetable Ramen, Mapo Tofu, and a lot more.  

Besides, they have expert chefs who make sure that you get the most authentic ramen experience at Kappo Nara.

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Twisted Cafe

It specializes in Chinese, Japanese, and Asian cuisine to give you food several unique food options. Besides, if you are craving some tasty ramen, Twisted Cafe is your place to be.

egg ramen
Twisted Cafe. Courtesy

They have a nice and spacious sitting area so that the restaurant does not feel packed. Also, the staff is pretty awesome. They will welcome you with open hearts and guide you throughout the ordering process to make it smooth. 

In addition, the chef prepares the noodles from scratch to add a distinct touch to this dish. They have Ramen Soup, as well as Stir-Fried Ramen. Some of the dishes include Beef/ Chicken Ramen Soup, Shrimp Ramen Soup, House Ramen Stir-Fried, and more.

Osaka Ramen and Sushi

Here, you will encounter the best Ramen noodles in Virginia beach. They are superb, both, in terms of quality and quantity. You can even share your bowl with someone and still feel full.

Osaka Ramen and Sushi

Osaka Ramen is a great pick during your Virginia Beach trip. It is a family-owned restaurant that picks each ingredient carefully to produce tasteful Ramen. You can have Shoyu Spicy Umami Miso, Oxtail, O-katsu, and a lot more varieties of Ramen here.

Furthermore, the texture and broth are wonderful. It will produce a burst of flavors in your mouth that you will never forget.

And, they have a fabulous ambiance with a super-friendly staff. Therefore, you will have a brilliant dining experience.

Misako Asian Cuisine

Another place where you will have some top-notch Ramen. Misako is an Asian restaurant that serves tempting food from across Asia, right in the heart of Virginia Beach. So, do give this place a try if you are looking for a unique variety.

Misako Asian CuisineRamen Restaurant in Virginia Beach
Misako Asian Cuisine Ramen

Coming to the Ramen, they are absolutely delish. And, Misako has a wide array of Ramen options for you to choose from. There are Miso, Red Miso, Katsu, Seafood, and several others.

Additionally, they have a very innovative, Spider Ramen. It consists of delicious Tonkotsu broth with Tempura battered Soft Shell Crab, Soft Boil Egg, and some other fresh ingredients. Overall, they make a perfect blend of flavors for your palate.

Ramen Hero

This restaurant makes Ramen like no other. The chefs at Ramen Hero add a personalized touch to every dish they prepare. Hence, you will not find their taste anywhere else.

multiple people having ramen
Ramen Hero

Known for its friendly service, Ramen Hero is a popular restaurant amongst locals in Virginia Beach. Their staff really knows how to impress the customer with their spot-on service. Plus, you do not have to wait for long before your food is served.

In addition, their Ramen collection is amazing. They have some of the top Ramen noodles in Virginia beach.

You can order Seafood Ramen, Tofu Veggie, etc. An interesting part is that Ramen Hero lets you create your Ramen bowl by picking your favorite ingredients. A Ramen bowl made especially for you!

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Sakatomo Sushi and Ramen

Undoubtedly, this place is among the best Ramen Virginia beach possesses. Don’t be fooled by the name. Here, you will lay your hands on some flavorsome Ramen varieties that will win your heart.

Sakatomo Sushi and Ramen
Sakatomo Sushi and Ramen

You will find Chashu Ramen, Spicy Miso, and Shyoyu Ramen, among several others. The broth has the right texture and spices to impress your tastebuds. 

Apart from Ramen, Sakatomo also serves superb sushi. So, make sure to try those as well if you visit this restaurant.

Noodle Man

Noodle Man has a relaxing sitting area where you can refresh yourself while you finish your food. The environment is peaceful and does not feel very crowded. Also, they have a lovely staff to attend to your food-related needs.

ramen ramen ramen
Noodle Man

The restaurant operates throughout the week from 11 am. Moreover, they have a fantastic selection of Ramen on their menu. It will not be wrong to say that this place serves the best noodles in Virginia Beach. 

You can try Jalapeno Chicken with Stir-Fried Noodles, Chicken Mushroom Noodle Soup, Hong Kong Style Noodle Soup, and a lot more. 

Molly Ramen

This Ramen shop in Virginia beach provides high-quality Ramen that tastes finger-licking awesome. There is an array of Ramen options to pick from. Once you eat here, you will not forget its taste even when you go back home.

Molly Ramen
Molly Ramen

The amazing menu includes Chicken Katsu, Spicy Tonkatsu, and more. It also serves various varieties of Ramen Noodle Soup, such as Shrimp, Seafood, Grilled Chicken, etc.

Besides, they have a fabulous staff who serves your order in no time.

Domoishi Ramen

At Domoishi, you get traditional dishes, but with a modern touch. They serve fantastic Ramen, no matter which type you order from their extensive menu.

ramen egg bowl

In addition, they only make use of the freshest ingredients to bring a refreshing taste to your meals. Here, you get the choice to create your perfectly made bowl of Ramen based on your taste preferences.

For example, you can select the base and proteins for your Ramen from their options. Thus, you can enjoy personalized Ramen, which will bring you all the homely feelings.

Kyushu Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant serves one of the best Ramen Virginia beach has. Kyushu has added a Japanese touch to the restaurant. Hence, you will feel as if you are dining in a whole other part of the world.

spinach noodle ramen vegetables
Kyushu Japanese Sushi

Further, everything is made fresh and hot to provide you with a glorious Ramen experience in Virginia beach. They have Miso Ramen, Pork Ramen, and Tempura Udon, among other dishes on the menu. 

The texture, taste, presentation, and food quantity, all of it is impressive. You will not regret choosing this place to fulfill your Ramen cravings.

Ouka Sora

Another local Japanese eatery in Virginia Beach will leave you drooling with their Ramen. It has an aesthetic vibe that you will love for sure. Also, you can take nice photos for your feed at Ouka Sora.

8 different ramen bowls white background chopsticks
Ouka Sora

Additionally, this restaurant has an incredible Ramen collection. A few of those are Shrimp Tempura Ramen, Seafood Deluxe Ramen, Chicken Katsu Ramen, and so much more. Your tastebuds will love the food as soon as you put the first spoonful into your mouth. If you’re looking for a change of cuisine, check out Top 20 Best Salads in Virginia Beach.

Ichiran Japanese Restaurant

With the help of unique cooking techniques and the finest ingredients, the chefs at Ichiran will leave you stunned with their flavorsome Ramens. The place has a helpful staff who will be ready to cater to you at all times.

ramen sleek black bowl black chopstick
Ichiran Japanese Restaurant

Plus, the most interesting part about this place is that the staff strictly adheres to the quality standards. They serve the freshest Ramen noodles on your table as soon as they are ready in the kitchen. 

The journey only takes 15 seconds so that you can enjoy the exceptional texture of the noodles.


One more place that deserves a spot on our list of the best Ramen in Virginia Beach. Foon’s has the best noodles in Virginia beach. Thanks to the excellent texture, consistency, and of course, the taste. You will be met with a kind staff as soon as you step into the place.

Singapore Pancit noodles
Foon’s. Courtesy: Taylor S.

Foon’s offers a nice variety of tasty noodles for your meals. You can order Roast Pork, House Special Pan Fried Noodles, Vegetable Lo Mein, etc. 

In addition, the serving is huge and you will be able to satisfy your appetite to the max.

The Stockpot

At this restaurant, everything is made from the beginning to serve you the finest food experience in Virginia Beach. The Stockpot has a vast collection of Ramen noodles, all of which are extremely delicious.

stockpot virigina sitting aesthetic
The Stockpot

Some of the favorites from their menu are, Stockpot Shio and the Spicy Miso. The Ramen is made carefully keeping in mind the five basic elements of good Ramen. These are Noodles, Tare, Broth, Topping, and Aroma Oil.

Therefore, do visit this place during your trip.

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Sushi Mama

This is one of the best Ramen shops in Virginia Beach. Sushi Mama is a local eatery where you can enjoy tasteful Ramens that are rich in authenticity.

sushi mama premium japanese resturant virigina
Sushi Mama

Moreover, they have a good staff who will guide you through the dishes to make the ordering process simple for you.

Some of the items from their Ramen menu are Miso, Beef, Chicken, Zaru Soba, and much more. You can rightly kick off your Ramen cravings at this beautiful place.


To wrap it up, these are all the places with the best Ramen in Virginia beach. These restaurants know exactly how to create a perfect bowl of Ramen to satisfy your cravings. Thus, pick any of the above Ramen shops to have an incredible food experience in Virginia Beach.

If you decide to try a new item, you can ask the staff about its ingredients. This way, you will know if the dish contains anything that you don’t like. 

However, Ramen is best eaten with all of its natural ingredients. So, we hope this guide was helpful for you in learning all about your favorite dish.

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