9 Phenomenal Places In Boston That Offer Mouthwatering Breakfast

Looking for the best breakfast spots in Boston? Whether you’re in the mood for classic breakfast fares, like eggs and bacon, or something a little more unique, like sweet French toast or savory breakfast tacos, there are plenty of phenomenal places to choose from.

Some of our favorites include Blue Sky Bakery, which offers delicious breakfast sandwiches and pastries, as well as breakfast burritos from Taco Party. If you’re craving something a little sweeter, The Creperie is a great option for french toast, crepes, and other breakfast sweets.

Phenomenal Places in Boston for the Best Breakfast

We have listed some amazing Breakfast places to visit in Boston for a lovely Sunday breakfast

Theo’s Cozy Corner

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying breakfast in a classic retro-themed restaurant
Theo’s Cozy Corner outdoor view
Theo’s Cozy Corner

Theo’s is the right place to start your day off. Tucked away in North End on the outskirts of Salem Street, this cozy joint offers high-quality meals with classic and cozy decor reminding you of your childhood. There are only about 20 tables in this cozy eatery. From 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Theo’s Cozy Corner Restaurant is open every day.

Despite being a small joint the queues are massive on the weekends, so if you’re going to have breakfast on a Sunday at Theo’s then you should wake up early to avoid that long waiting line.
Their menu is filled with tasty and creative meals, for instance, their “special” (two eggs with toast, home fries, coffee, and if you want you could also have morning meat).

But if you’re not up for it, then you can order their usual breakfast with fluffy and soft pancakes, massive omelets with Italian sausage, and provolone. And remember to take cash with you as they only accept cash only payments

Friendly Toast

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PERFECT FOR: Having the most important meal of the day with some classic diner vibes
Friendly Toast breakfast
Friendly Toast

Located in Black Bay, Friendly Toast is a classic/retro-themed diner with a modern take on it, with a lovely interior, a soda fountain, vibrant walls, and nostalgic vinyl booths. You can catch breakfast meals all day every day.

The menu has a lot to offer with funny and creative names such as Sklarmageddon (a killer omelet with sausage, bacon, ham, jalapeno-jack & Cheddar cheeses, chipotle maple sour cream, and crushed red-chili pecans).

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They also have their signatory Huevos Rancheros (crispy corn flats topped with a sunny side up eggs, black beans, fire-roasted poblano corn, smashed avocado, cotija cheese, pico de gallo, pickled onion, and chimichurri – served with home fries).

These are some daring meals you could have in the morning or you could always go for their soft and fluffy pancakes with slices of bacon and eggs for omelets.

Up for some dessert? Then order their Highway Strawberry (Two slices of thick-cut Oatmeal French toast stuffed with cheesecake glaze, chocolate ganache, strawberries, and powdered sugar).

Sofra Bakery & Cafe

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying traditional Middle Eastern sweets and breakfast
Sofra Bakery and Cafe crossaints
Sofra Bakery and Cafe

Sofra is a Turkish bakery located nearby Cambridge Public Library in Collins, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This modern south European restaurant bakery also has freshly baked goods and you can’t forget the mouth-watering sweets. Without adding this bakery to the list, the list would have been incomplete

If You Visit Sofra for the first time and you didn’t have their chicken shawarma (with garlic sauce, pickles, and green) then you haven’t had the full Turkish experience. Other than that you could also go for their usual egg sandwich and some feta butter, also don’t forget to add their halloumi cheese.

If you want something healthy then try their Turkish-style breakfast with boiled eggs, feta, olives, cucumbers, and tomatoes. After a savory breakfast, having something sweet is the way to go. We recommend trying out their mouthwatering pies which are just amazing.

The Paramount

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying American comfort food with cafeteria-themed decor for breakfast
paramount shrimps
The Paramount

Started in 1937, making it the oldest breakfast spot in the area, With currently two locations one in Beacon Hill and the other in South Boston. Both of these branches serve differently, with each branch offering elegant breakfast meals.

Beacon Hill branch is also known for winning the “The Best Beacon Hill Restaurant” award in 2009 by the Best of Boston. Making it the most discerning place on our list.

The Beacon Hill restaurant of Flagship curated its breakfast menu with so much care for the customer that it has multi cuisine from American, Spanish, and so on.

Their specialty is French Toast with Vermont Maple syrup, the most popular dish on their breakfast menu. If you are hungry then you can always have Avocado toast, shakshuka with poached eggs, broccoli, roasted vegetables from the Mediterranean, and feta cheese. They also have delicious healthy options, from oatmeal to fresh fruits, and granola.

Having cheat days once a week won’t affect your body, so try their signature Nutella waffle topped with slices of banana and whipped cream swirled over it, some strawberries on top of it, and some coffee Nutella sauce.

Thornton’s Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: Having breakfast and lunch or brunch with a diner-themed restaurant
Thornton’s Restaurant coffee breakfast
Thornton’s Restaurant

Nearby Prudential shopping mall on Huntington Avenue, you’ll easily find Thornton Restaurant. A top-ranking restaurant that serves the most appealing breakfast and lunch without a doubt. The restaurant has a lovely international menu created by its owners Ozgun Unver and Murat Tezcan, which offers a bit of everything that the customer desires.

Customers can sit outside by the sun and enjoy the weather or dine in. But most people prefer to sit outside in the open rather than dine in.

You can also have their usual breakfast with blueberry pancakes or eggs, and slices of bacon a rational choice. There is more to this classic menu, such as French toast, Belgian waffles, yogurt parfait, and oatmeal and granola.

If you are feeling fearless and you want to try something new, we recommend their Menemen, a customary dish of scrambled eggs in tomato sauce with green peppers and caramelized onions served with 2 slices of toasted bread.

They also serve smoked salmon plates, sunrise croissants, huevos rancheros, and breakfast burrito grande on the breakfast and lunch menu.

Parker’s Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying breakfast at an exquisite hotel/restaurant with a lovely interior
Parker’s Restaurant
Parker’s Restaurant

You can find this posh Parker’s Restaurant at the Omni Parker House, which is known for being the oldest hotel in Boston. This exquisite restaurant is the literal place where Boston cream pie was created.

Parker’s is a renowned restaurant for having many culinary accomplishments, and it is one of the most elegant breakfast bistros in Boston. This is a reminder that this joint has a dress code so if you’re wearing shorts or flip-flops, they won’t let you enter.

A casual or smart dress code would be accepted, you don’t have to dress up all bougie. When you enter this fine establishment, you’ll be immediately blown away by its graceful decor. The restaurant is stunning, with hand-carved woodwork, lavish furnishings, and crystal chandeliers.

You can’t leave the restaurant without trying the Boston cream pie but before that, order their famous pancakes, French toast, and omelets. They also have a house specialty, the Beacon Hill Breakfast (smoked salmon, melon, and berries with ginger-mint infusion, two farm eggs of any kind, two pancakes with Vermont maple syrup, two strips of bacon, and two sausages on toast).

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying your morning coffee with freshly baked goods
Tatte Bakery & Cafe
Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Tatte bakery and cafe were founded by Tzurit Or in 2007, She started selling her freshly baked goods at Copley Square Farmers Market, and after a few months, Tatte opened its very first bakery in Brookline, MA. Today, there are a total of 20 locations in Boston and also in the Ivy League, and several University campuses.

This subway-themed tiled and antique bakery display joint has a menu with an all-day coffee option with baked goods, salad, sandwiches, and much more, you can also have brunch from Friday-Sunday. We recommend ordering savory or sweet tartine.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous then try their roasted peach and ricotta tartine or the homemade sourdough. That is just mouth-watering but wait till you try their peaches with maple syrup on top of whipped ricotta on sourdough bread, topped with mint and cashews.

They are also known for their Turkey B.L.A.T., whoever visits Tatte’s, this dish is a must-try as it contains, perfectly proportioned, a light layer of turkey and a generous helping of avocado which will make your mouth water instantly.

Lulu Green

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying a healthy plant-based breakfast, on a Saturday morning!
Lulu Green
Lulu Green

Lulu Green is known to have the most delicious plant-based meals in Boston. Owned by two sisters Mary and Nada Lattouf and also their executive chef Brian Corbley, they focus on bringing more mouth-watering middle eastern food with some commitment to plant-based food.

A person should break his seven-day-a-week carb banquet and try something healthier. This Southie restaurant serves breakfast and lunch with vegan options ranging from chia pudding to quinoa bowls which are just awesome.

We recommend you try their egg, cheese, arugula, and tomato sandwich, which is favored by everyone. But that’s not all, try Lulu’s orange blossom glaze on a cinnamon bun.

Nowadays, acai bowls are the best thing to get when you are feeling fruity, for fruit lovers, the Chocolate acai bowl from Lulu’s and something to drink (smoothies made from fresh fruits, cold-pressed juices, and a full coffee bar) are the best combos.

If you are visiting on a weekend, then you should try their brunch menu, which has a lot to offer such as brunch sandwiches that, for example, include eggs, tofu bacon, chickpeas, marinated kale, avocado, potato pancakes, takini, and hot sauce.

Mike & Patty’s

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PERFECT FOR: Having amazing egg sandwiches for breakfast
Mike and Patty's
Mike and Patty’s

Located in Boston’s Financial District and the Flagship in Chinatown, the first branch opened in 2009. Mike & Patty’s is a sandwich shop open for breakfast and lunch, and even brunch. It’s a small shop with most of its interior being taken over by the kitchen, where workers are hard at work making our sandwiches taste the best.

They have a variety of breakfast sandwiches with creative and funny names for example Grilled crack which consists of Cheddar, Swiss, and American cheeses, two fried eggs, and thinly cut bacon strips. Another one is Breakfast Torta which is served with two fried eggs, cheddar, pickled jalapenos, potatoes, black beans, salsa, and avocado. This could sound too much in a sandwich but it’s perfect.

Though they are famous for their sandwiches, they also have the usual breakfast fares (wraps, salads, and other casual breakfast fares). Their wild salmon English muffins with herb salad and cream cheese is a must-try. We also recommend their burgers and fries. They are also known for having a huge list of drinks, everything from tea and coffee to fruit juices and cocktails.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Breakfast Spot in Boston

  • Price — For most people price is a big concern, people love a place with reasonable rates and amazing meals. Boston is an expensive city when it comes to food, but there are some low-cost spots to have something tasty, you could find food at a very reasonable fare by the local stalls, but you won’t find the taste as a good restaurant would offer. However, even if you are paying a hefty amount, the mouth-watering flavors will make up for the cost. Such as Theo’s cozy corner, a small joint with delicious food at good fares.
  • Quality of Food — It’s not common for everyone to eat out at a fancy restaurant, for most people eating out is a treat. Price doesn’t matter if the food is top-notch, and neither does the quantity matter when you have such good quality food. Your night can easily be ruined if the quality of food is not up to the mark, you expect it to be. A restaurant such as Sofra which is mentioned in the list is a legendary restaurant serving food for years and still is known for its tasty food, not for its price or quantity.
  • Ambiance — Ambiance evidently plays an important role in making your customer’s overall experience the best. Ambiance connects the cuisine, service, and atmosphere to define how your guests perceive your restaurant. Diners mostly care for the vibe and atmosphere of your restaurant after all they chose to dine in rather than takeaway. Your morning breakfast can be ruined if the restaurant is playing loud music or if it’s swarmed by hungry customers.
  • Customer Service — Good customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a restaurant. A restaurant that provides excellent customer service will build loyalty among its customers, which can result in more business and repeat visits. Hiring customer service-oriented employees who are friendly, helpful, and able to handle customer inquiries or concerns. Being responsive to customer feedback and adapting your business based on customer needs and wants. Whether you receive positive reviews or negative feedback from your customers, it is important to listen.
  • Hygiene — Hygiene is an essential part of running a restaurant, as it ensures that the environment is clean and free from harmful contaminants that can pose a risk to customers’ health. At a minimum, this includes regular cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces, with particular attention paid to high-traffic areas such as counters, sinks, and food prep areas. In addition, restaurants should also follow strict food safety procedures to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination, such as storing and handling food at the appropriate temperatures and using approved cooking methods to ensure that it is fully cooked.

How We Pick Our Recommendations

We have listed the best breakfast joints and restaurants, by quality and price with the help of our survey team, Our team also previously made a breakfast recommendations list for different places like AnaheimSanta AnaHampton, Chicago, and more, and feedback was given by many customers who have been in these joints. We have picked these diners due to their aesthetics, food quality, pricing, customer service, and the interior of the restaurant. Fortunately, Boston is filled with these amazing restaurants that have been serving amazing food.

Wrapping Up!

Boston is an amazing city with award-winning restaurants and is also home to Boston pies. Filled with classic diners and joints that will give you nostalgia as if you are in your childhood home and having breakfast. We have compiled the best breakfast joints in Boston so that you don’t have to go through them.

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Phenomenal Places in Boston to Find the Best Mouthwatering Breakfast - FAQs

What kind of food is famous in Boston?

Boston is known for its baked beans, seafood, clam chowder, Boston Cream Pie, and the famous Fenway Frank.

Why is Boston known as Beantown?

The moniker refers to the well-known regional dish of Boston baked beans.

What drink is Boston well-known for?

The Ward Eight is Boston’s signature drink

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