Best Places to Live in Hawaii – Beautiful & Cost-Efficient

Hawaii is everyone dreams of a place to live, as it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, weather that is perfect throughout the year, locally produced exotic fruits and vegetables, and the world-famous Aloha spirit and culture that makes everything so full of life and bright. This state is also known for its adventurous water sports and delightful natural sceneries attracting a lot of people to settle in this wonderland. If you are also wondering about living in Hawaii, below is a list of the best places to live in this utopia.

Hawaii also has several neighborhoods that cater to all sorts of people. From the ones looking for an isolated, peaceful, and calm vibe, to the ones looking for a happening, loud and luxurious area to settle down at, this state has something for everyone. Choose the one that resonates with you the most from the list below.

Make The Most Out Of Your Stay In These Best Places to Live in Hawaii

There are so many places that are equally stunning and wonderful but offer a completely different living experience in Hawaii. Below are some of the places that are as captivating as you expect Hawaii to be but equally contradicted when it comes to a day to day life.

Mililani Matuka

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PERFECT FOR: people who enjoy close-knitted communities.
Mililani Mauka, Hawaii
Mililani Mauka, Hawaii

Mililani Mauka is one of the best areas if you are looking for a place to live in Hawaii. It is known for being home to some of the most prestigious institutes, exceptional cafes, and restaurants, and is also close to the best beaches the North Shore has to offer. Keeping in view the increasing population and residential demand in Huawei, this neighborhood was built with proper planning and is considered one of the best residential areas in Huawei. Due to the amazing planning, the area has beautiful homes, recreational places, cinemas, malls, and a lot more in store for you.

The neighborhood is best known for its very close-knit and friendly community, which is welcoming to everyone and is also extremely safe. There are a good many local cafes, if you enjoy the local cuisine better, as well as the famous food chains like Starbucks and McDonald’s. The place also has various recreational centers that offer a variety of individual and family activities like table tennis, and golf, as well as swimming classes, hula, tennis, and health classes for both children and adults.

This neighborhood is home to some of the wealthiest individuals in Hawaii because of its slow pace and very friendly and peaceful environment. Even though the area was constructed in the late 90s, it is very well maintained, and the new residential areas come equipped with all sorts of modern changes and personalized features if you want any. There are shopping centers and theaters, but if you are looking for a home overlooking the beach, this might not be the one for you.

Most of the people here own cars or use the buses for commuting purposes or share rides. There are also various beaches near this area which are known for their beautiful clear waters and sand. If you love beaches you might also want to enjoy your time at these 8 Must-Visit San Francisco Beaches. There are state parks and pools nearby as well, with views that seem like straight out of a painting. This place is definitely cost-efficient for the kind of lifestyle it offers.

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PERFECT FOR: People who enjoy a rather laid-back community.
Kailua hawaii

Kailua, Hawaii is a district; that is known for its rich history and historical places as well as its beautiful climate, natural sceneries, and of course, the beaches. The city was an important place back in the time when it was under the rule of kings; you can see the remains of various ancient temples and historic sites. This place is another one of the best places to live in Hawaii as it provides you with all the luxuries of the city but with less chaos around.

Various neighborhoods are safe and very well-developed. If you want to enjoy the most out of living in Kailua, get places overlooking the beach. As with most of the beaches in Hawaii, the colors of nature hit differently here. The climate is also perfect; not too cold, not too hot, letting people enjoy the calm waves of the ocean and enjoy several water sports like kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, etc.

Various public and private schools provide quality education. The place also has so many cafes and restaurants that serve both local and international cuisines. It is also known for its friendly inhabitants and very laid-back vibe, with access to a number of modern stores and hiking trails that are just a bike ride away from the town. Even after much modernization, the town still has the same vibe that is so refreshing and energizing.

Apart from the stunning beaches, there are a ton of themed parks; you can enjoy the dolphin quest, live music, kayaking, biking, and a lot more here. If you enjoy watersports as much as we do you might want to have a look at; Surf, Sand, and Sun: Your Guide to the Best Beaches Near New Orleans For Family Fun. The place also has some historic sites that can be an attraction for people who are into history. There is good transportation making it easy to move around and go to the nearby cities. Real estate pricing is also very efficient. The one thing that you might find interesting is it can rain here anytime, which was quite a sight to behold in the stunning scenery.


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PERFECT FOR: People who like the hustle and bustle of cities.
Picture of Downtown Honolulu taken at Pūowaina/Punchbowl Crater/National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, showing Downtown Honolulu and the Hawaii State Capitol, with the Reef Runway/Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in the background.

Honolulu is the capital city of the state of Hawaii, making it one of the most desirable places to settle for people who love to live in the hurly-burly of cities. Also, the people who would like to set up their businesses and residences closer to each other, this city is perfect for them as it is a hub for international business. The city is also home to many luxury housing societies, hotels, cafes, and some of the most stunning beaches in the entire world.

The Honolulu airport is one of the busiest in the Islands of Hawaii and is closer to the stunning Waikiki beach, which is lined with luxury apartment buildings and hotels providing you a gorgeous view of the waters that are clearer than the crystals. Honolulu is quite a wonderland as it not only provides you with all the luxuries of the outside world but also with a better environment, clearer sky, prettier surroundings, and much more.

As far as education is concerned, Honolulu is considered to be the educational nucleus of the state of Hawaii. Most famous among them is the University of Hawaii which provides special courses for people who are interested in the waters Of Hawaii, and the Art Academy, which is a center of culture and art in Hawaii. The culture of this place is also very rich and has its root in Asian, Western, and Hawaiian traditions.

When it comes to transportation, there are railways, buses, bicycles, and also private services. There are also a lot of recreational areas like waterfalls, state parks, beaches, and other tours. The city is also known for its tremendous nightlife, luxury hotels and cafes, museums, and rich culture and history. This is perfect for people who enjoy the happening atmosphere and chaos of city life.

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PERFECT FOR: People who love to hike and enjoy water sports.

Waimalu is a suburb of Honolulu, where most residents own their places. The city has numerous attractions within a radius of 20 miles such as a palace, state park, etc, International airport is also situated at a few minute’s drive. Beaches of colors that you have not seen anywhere else are found here. If you’re looking for a peaceful neighborhood with stunning views, Waimalu is that perfectly charming place for you. Also how great is it to live in a place like this and not spend a fortune while doing so?

Despite being minutes away from Honolulu, the very place feels like an entirely different world. Natural enthusiasts are the best fit for this place. Some places also provide ocean-facing residences, which are the best as they are not only delightful to look at, but also the colors they reflect are enough for a chromotherapy session that is too tight outside your residency. People also share a strong sense of connection as it is a very tight-knit community. A part of the daily hustle is just encouraging and appreciating the ordinary things of life. Places and people are full of life. They know how to enjoy and cherish every moment, which makes the entire experience of living in a place like this so worth it.

Also, desired utilities are easily available. Waimalu provides you with the wonderful chance to enjoy work and also, cherish a little slice of your paradise. Its breathtaking dramatic cliffs and lush green valleys are the best part of its beauty. It also has the best hiking trails. No matter what part of Waimalu you visit, you can’t help falling for its beauty. Good educational opportunities are also available for students. Restaurants also contain a variety of items that are rich in flavor and taste heavenly.

It’s not just the views that make up this place, there is so much more to enjoy while living in this suburb. There are tours, water sports, spas, theaters and so much more to look forward to. If you like escape rooms and golf they have got you covered too. There are state parks and beach parks where you can enjoy a picnic and also malls and other stores. You also don’t have to worry about the parking situation as most of the areas have their parking lots. In short, this small suburb is in the middle of anything and everything that you might need and is also really peaceful, making it perfect for anyone who wants to live here.
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PERFECT FOR: Retirees and farming lovers.
kula hawaii view

Kula is a district of Maui in Hawaii which is known for its farms, gardens, beautiful sceneries, and locally produced goods. The region has a very peaceful and calm vibe going on, which is why it is mostly inhabited by retirees or people who like to live away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Hawaii. This area, back in the days, was used for farming, and to this day, even after the many immigrants who have made this region their home, love to farm and produce local goods, which is one of the reasons why this place has kept its very essence alive.

This place also has a great many cafes and restaurants that are known for their welcoming ambiance. The best part about them has to be the fact that most of them are family-owned and use local produce goods, making the food a whole lot better and refreshing. Also, if we add up the scenery and the overall aesthetic of this district, it is a perfect place for you if you are a nature enthusiast, as there is greenery everywhere. The farming, the stunning lavender gardens, and the local cheese are to die for.

Kula is also home to a lot of schools and colleges; that are known for their quality services and education. The transportation system is also top-notch. You can get private transportation services as well as taxis, shuttle services, or the good old Uber. Kula district is equipped with everything that one might need while residing there, but the best part of this place has to be its atmosphere, serene environment, and glorious views. The weather is always pleasant, you can take a walk right outside your apartment, and you will be stunned at the views of nature this area has to offer, time and time again.

Kula is not the place for the outgoing party people as there is not much to cater to them, but there are seven sacred pools and Kula forest for people who love to explore nature and like to get lost in the beauty of it. If you are looking for simple, beautiful, and serene places that do not cost you a hand and mouth, to reside with your family, then this district of Hawaii is the one for you.

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Things To Consider Before Going To Hawaii

  • Location — The most important thing while deciding to live in a new place is to pick the right location. Choose what is important to you, be it a closed community, a loud city, or a place with beautiful scenery, go for the one that feels like home to you.
  • Respect the culture — Even though Hawaii is a part of America, it has a very different culture, and it definitely takes some time to become a part of it, so while you are at it, respect the Alohas spirit and try to understand the values and traditions.
  • Dress code — People from different parts of the world are used to getting dressed up for casual meet-ups and brunches, but in Hawaii, the dress code is almost always casual if it’s not a special occasion.
  • Beware of the wildlife — If you are hiking, make sure you are following the right directions as there is wildlife everywhere, also if you are surfing or just taking a dip in the waters, beware of the jellyfish, as they can cause burning stings.
  • Safety — Stay aware of the surroundings. Make sure that the place is safe and friendly to foreigners, and feel free to ask about anything new for you.

How Do We Pick Our Recommendations

Hawaii has been a magnet for tourists for years, which is why it was on our list to visit this heaven of a place. In recent years there has been an increase in the interest of people to permanently reside in this state with their families, which led us to formulate this list of the best places to live in Hawaii. We had a good time in the mentioned areas and enjoyed every single second of being at it. While all of the neighborhoods were good enough, we made this list for you guys so you get to pick the absolutely perfect one for you. The recommendations are solely based on the locations, safety, transportation facilities, environment, recreational activities, eateries, etc. We have also taken into consideration the thoughts of the individuals there, as well as the online ratings of the areas, before organizing this list.

Breathtakingly beautiful and cost-efficient places to live in Hawaii! - FAQs

How far is Mililani from the airport?

The distance from the Honolulu Airport to Mililani is 10 miles.

What is Kailua known for?

Kailua is known for its stunning sandy beaches.

Why is Honolulu unique?

Honolulu is unique for its flora and fauna, the amalgamation of various cultures, and mouthwatering food.

Can one drive in Hawaii with an International Driver’s License?

Yes, one can drive in Hawaii with an International Driver’s License.

What is the main airport of Hawaii?

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is the main airport of Hawaii.

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