What to Wear to Universal Studios? [Cute Outfit Ideas]

Millions of people go to Universal Studios Hollywood every year, making it one of the state’s busiest attractions. Universal Studios Hollywood is bursting to the seams with intriguing attractions, nonstop entertainment, and fascinating movie sets. There is a lot of walking to be done, waiting around, and erratic weather to consider while deciding what to wear. 

Dressing appropriately can make a world of difference in how much fun you have on the rides and in how much time you get to spend visiting the many movie sets and exhibitions. So, let’s figure out the perfect outfit for your trip to Universal Studios. 

What to Wear to Universal Studios?

For women in the summer, great choices include tank tops with denim shorts, floral printed dresses with biker shorts, and oversized tees with high-waisted shorts. In winter, opt for simple sweaters with jeans. On the other hand, men can rock biking shorts with a graphic top, button-down shirts with denim shorts, polo shirts with jeans, and patterned shirts with navy blue chinos during summer. If you’re visiting during the winter, just go for a warm fleece pullover and insulated winter trousers.

Dressing Ideas for Women

At Universal Studios, visitors need not worry about looking formal since the atmosphere is relaxed and family-oriented. Your day will go more smoothly if you prioritize convenience and ease of movement. As a result, comfort should be a top priority for ladies who want to spend the day wandering around Universal Studios’ many attractions.

What to Wear in Summer?

Improper attire during your summer visit to Universal Studios may lead to discomfort and perspiration. This is particularly true for women who may wear makeup to enhance their appearance. To avoid any issues arising from improper clothing choices and maintain your desired look, allow us to offer you suitable outfit suggestions.

Option 1: Classic Tank Top with Denim Shorts

This outfit has the right mix of function and fashion for a day of excitement and adventure at Universal Studios. You can feel comfortable while appearing put together. Find out what the day’s weather will be like so you can dress appropriately. 

Classic Tank Top with Denim Shorts
Classic Tank Top with Denim Shorts

Top: Pick a royal blue sports tank top with a little geometric design to keep you dry. The addition of royal blue to your winter sports wardrobe will make you stand out from the crowd. Try to get a tank top that can wick away sweat so you do not get too wet when exercising. The geometric design is not overpowering, but it does provide a touch of aesthetic appeal.

Bottom: Get a pair of denim shorts that fits you well and has a medium wash and a distressed appearance. Denim with a medium wash is worn with a wide variety of other garments and accessories to create a laid-back, summery look. Without seeming too beat up, the subtle distressing lends a charming vintage touch. Wearing shorts that restrict your movement will not do you any favors.

Footwear: Choose some white or gray shoes that you know will support your feet. Sneakers in white or gray are neutral and go with almost everything, giving you a polished appearance as you explore Universal Studios. Make sure they have enough padding and arch support to keep your feet happy on long treks. Also, you can wear your supportive brown leather sandals outside if the temperature is high enough.

Accessories: Put on a big necklace that either goes with your tank top or stands out in contrast to it. Earrings can make or break an outfit; choose studs for a laid-back vibe or dangles for a more formal air. Wear little or no makeup throughout the day. Make your skin seem flawless by applying a little foundation or tinted moisturizer, your cheeks with a little blush, and your eyes with some mascara. Wear some bright lipstick that goes with your attire if you want to draw attention to yourself. Colors like red, coral, and even a dark berry are effective.

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Option 2: Floral Printed Dress with Biker Shorts

Dresses with summertime staples like polka dots and floral prints are ideal for wearing to amusement and theme parks. Do not avoid dresses because you are embarrassed about showing too much skin on the roller coasters. Use dresses of medium length and top them off with a pair of biker shorts for added modesty.

Floral Printed Dress with Biker Shorts
Floral Printed Dress with Biker Shorts

Top: We recommend a dress with a flowery design in pinks and yellows on a white background, falling just below the knees. This color scheme is ideal for a trip to Universal Studios, since it radiates a sweet and girly atmosphere. Make sure the dress is comfortable and enables you to move about easily. Finding common ground between fashion and function, a knee-length dress allows for freedom of movement when strolling in Universal Studio.

Bottom: Opt for a pair of black biker shorts with a high waist. Wearing something black under your dress is a foolproof way to seem put together without drawing attention to yourself. Shorts with a higher waist provide more modesty and comfort. If your day at Universal Studios will include rides or activities that demand a lot of activity, then these biker shorts are a must-have.

Footwear: Select a pair of white or light gray shoes with enough cushioning and arch support. To avoid pain or blisters on extended walks, shoes must be well worn in and give adequate support. As you wander through Universal Studios, your feet will appreciate the support provided by these white or light gray shoes.

Accessories Pick a little crossbody bag in a rich navy blue and accent it with gold-tone hardware. Make sure the bag has plenty of pockets and compartments to neatly store your water bottles, food, sunscreen, portable phone charger, and any souvenirs you may pick up on your trip. To add a touch of softness to your ensemble, try wearing a pair of basic gold-tone bangles that complement your style. Gold-tone bangles are sophisticated and may round out your ensemble without drawing too much attention to themselves.

Option 3: Casual Oversized Tee with High-waist Shorts

I always like to feel comfy, and you might be surprised, but I even prioritize comfort over fashion. This outfit is one of my top choices, and I highly recommend it. The fantastic part is that it’s easy to wear and doesn’t make you look less stylish.

Casual Oversized Tee with High-waist Shorts
Casual Oversized Tee with High-waist Shorts

Top: Look for an oversized graphic tee printed with an image of a vivid sunset over palm palms, which harkens back to a simpler time. The shirt needs to have a faded appearance and feel, exuding an air of timeless casualness. The classic style and bright colors give your ensemble a sense of fun and whimsy. For the most relaxing day at Universal Studios, buy a t-shirt made of soft, breathable cotton.

Bottom: Invest in high-waisted light wash denim shorts with a little frayed style. Light wash denim shorts are adaptable and give off a carefree, breezy attitude that is excellent for a day at Universal Studios. The high-waisted shape not only gives a fashionable touch but also offers greater covering and comfort. The subtle distressing lends a charming vintage touch. These light wash high-waisted denim shorts create a mix between style and utility, making them a terrific option for theme park excursions.

Footwear: I always prefer to wear a pair of sturdy and supportive white canvas shoes. With these on, you can wander about the park all day in comfort and support. White sneakers are a versatile wardrobe staple because of their clean, neutral appearance.

Accessories: It’s entirely your choice if you want to add any additional accessories (I do not wear anything else with this outfit). However, after consulting with our experts, I suggest considering oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses with brown lenses for an extra touch to your outfit. To prevent sunburn, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher that is neither greasy nor heavy. Make sure to use a sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

What to Wear in Winter?

What are your thoughts on winter? Does it have to hinder your ability to look outstanding at Universal Studios? If your answer is yes, then let me change your perspective. I’ve put together a versatile dress idea for you that you can wear whether you prefer a casual or stylish look.

Option 1: Sweater with Jeans
Sweater with Jeans
Sweater with Jeans

If you’re conscious of your budget, here’s some good news for you: this outfit idea won’t cost you anything. Most people have jeans and a sweater at home, so you can simply put them on and follow all the advice we’ve provided below. I’m sure you’ll achieve an amazing look without spending a dime.

Top: Pick a cable-knit dress in charcoal gray that falls just above the knee. The seasonally appropriate charcoal gray is a stylish neutral. In order to be as cozy and warm as possible, you should choose a dress made of a wool mix.

Bottom: Put on the sweater dress over dark indigo blue skinny jeans. The gray sweater dress is a classic, and the dark indigo jeans provide an additional layer of warmth while yet fitting in with today’s fashion trends.

Footwear: Go for flat-heeled, knee-high black leather riding boots. These boots are the perfect pair for strolling around the park in style and comfort. These boots are the perfect combination of fashionable and functional for a stroll in a winter park.

Accessories: Wear a knit scarf in a complementing hue, such as burgundy, navy, or forest green. Put on a pair of warm mittens or gloves in a shade that matches your scarf and cap. If you need to use a smartphone, choose gloves with a touchscreen interface. Use a tinted lip balm to keep your lips moist, or choose a winter-appropriate lipstick color like a deep red or cherry. Use a matte foundation for a flawless, weather-resistant look that won’t smear or flake.

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Dressing Ideas for Men

It is best to wear something comfy at Universal Studios, since you will be on your feet all day long checking out the park’s many activities. Some suggestions for men’s attire are provided below.

What to Wear in Summer?

When it comes to summer outfit ideas, there are numerous options available for men. If you’re someone who frequently feels uncertain when picking out your clothes, you can try these ideas one by one in front of a mirror and choose the one that suits your style best.

Option 1: Graphic Tee with Biking Shorts
Graphic Tee with Biking Shorts
Graphic Tee with Biking Shorts

A pair of men’s biking shorts and a graphic top is trendy and practical attire for a day at Universal Studios. This is how you can get the style, along with some suggestions for accessories:

Top: Get a graphic shirt with a colorful design that represents your hobbies or a Universal Studios film you like. Stars from films like Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and Transformers might appear. The top should be soft and airy for maximum comfort.

Bottom: Wear some moisture-wicking, dark-blue biker shorts. These lightweight, water-resistant shorts will keep you dry and comfortable while you stroll around the park. Navy blue biker shorts are a sensible option for a day of touring since they go with a wider range of graphic t-shirt styles and hide dirt and stains better. The biker look provides freedom of movement and enough covering to ensure comfort. 

Footwear: White or light gray shoes with good cushioning and arch support are your best bet. These hues are adaptable, so you can wear them with anything from a graphic tee to a pair of navy biker shorts. For the most comfortable experience, wear shoes that have been broken beforehand.

Accessories: A baseball cap or hat inspired by your favorite Universal Studios film or attraction is a great way to shield your face from the sun while also making a fashion statement. Wear sunglasses to prevent sun damage to your eyes. And for a final look, pick a hairdo that not only looks good on you but also works with your facial structure. 

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Option 2: Button-Down Shirt and Denim Shorts

This attire is the perfect compromise between ease and elegance for a day of exploring Universal Studios. You can look your best while enjoying everything the park has to offer without sacrificing your comfort.

Button-Down Shirt and Denim Shorts
Button-Down Shirt and Denim Shorts

Top: To be cool and comfortable, go for a light blue button-down shirt with short sleeves. A cool and relaxed style (ideal for a day at Universal Studios) is achieved with a light blue shirt. You can add a touch of class without overwhelming the room by selecting one with a white checkered design. The shirt looks more casual when left undone over a white tank top or T-shirt.

Bottom: Choose a pair of denim shorts with a medium wash and a rise in the middle. You want these shorts to be snug around your waist but not restricting in any way. The medium shade can be worn with many different styles because of its adaptability. To ensure maximum comfort during your day, check the shorts for severe distressing or fraying and replace them if necessary.

Footwear: Slip into a pair of white or light gray shoes with plenty of padding and support. White sneakers are not only practical, but also stylish, since they can be worn with many different looks. These shoes will provide your feet the cushioning and support they need to be comfortable as you explore the park’s rides and shows.

Accessories: Use a compact, navy blue backpack that is well-made and will not weigh you down. Navy blue is versatile and functional since it does not readily reveal dirt or stains and looks well with many other colors. Bring your water bottles, food, sunscreen, phone charger, and any souvenirs you buy at Universal Studios in this handy bag. Put on a sleek silver wristwatch with a simple, understated design. You may use it to better organize your day and keep track of time. 

Option 3: Polo Shirt with Jeans

Visiting Universal Studios with a polo shirt and jeans is a timeless and hassle-free look. This attire is adaptable and finds a mix between comfort and style, making it appropriate for a day of exploring at Universal Studios. It provides ease of movement while maintaining a polished appearance. 

Polo Shirt with Jeans
Polo Shirt with Jeans

Top: For the upper half, wear a light and breezy navy blue polo shirt made of 100% cotton or a cotton mix. Try to choose one with a very subtle heathered texture. This shirt has the ease of a T-shirt and the polish of a button-down, making it perfect for a day at Universal Studios. The silky, high-quality fabric will keep you comfortable and looking good all day long.

Bottom: Choose a pair of slim-fit jeans that fits you well and has a medium wash. Jeans with a medium wash are universally flattering and superior than lighter washes in concealing dirt and stains. The sleek cut gives off an up-to-date vibe while yet feeling casual and comfy. These jeans are stylish and comfortable, making them perfect for a day spent wandering around Universal Studios.

Footwear: Select canvas slip-ons with padded insoles if you like this kind of shoe. These are practical for a day of sight-seeing since they are simple to put on and take off. When temperatures are mild, sandals that provide enough arch support are a great footwear option. For all-day comfort, choose a pair of sports or walking sandals.

Accessories: Pick up a belt made of brown leather with a fashionable, distressed look. To make a fashion statement, search for a belt with an eye-catching buckle or other details. A brown leather belt does double duty as a functional and stylish accessory by keeping your pants in place. A pair of gold aviator sunglasses with brown lenses is a great choice. Aviator glasses never go out of style and look great on a wide range of faces. The gold frames elevate your overall style.

Option 4: Patterned Shirt with Navy Chinos

To look good and feel great during a day at Universal Studios, try pairing a patterned shirt with some navy chinos. Wearing a brimmed hat with it and other appropriate accessories will bring out your inner youth. This outfit is perfect for going from a casual day out to a more formal event thanks to its combination of timeless and adaptable elements.

Patterned Shirt with Navy Chinos
Patterned Shirt with Navy Chinos

Top: Purchase a button-down shirt that has a pattern you like, whether it is something simple or more elaborate. White or any light color foundation is adaptable and matches numerous ensembles, while the floral design provides a bit of flare without being unduly complex. Floral, geometric, and small-scale designs are all really trendy right now. Make sure it is composed of a soft, breathable material. This floral button-down shirt blends design and comfort, making it a fantastic option for a day outdoors.

Bottom: Choose a pair of slim-cut navy chinos that fits you nicely. The color navy is timeless and adaptable, working well with a wide range of ensembles and events. The slim fit provides a sleek and refined look while allowing for full range of motion and all-day comfort. These navy slim-fit chinos are not only stylish but also practical, since they can be worn with a wide variety of tops and jackets.

Footwear: White canvas shoes are perfect for a casual and flexible look. And brown leather loafers are also a great alternative for sprucing up any casual ensemble. These loafers are the perfect combination of style and comfort. Brown is a classic hue that will never go out of style, and it looks especially sharp with blue chinos.

Accessories: Choose a traditional Panama hat in a neutral hue, such beige or natural straw. The wide brim of a Panama hat shields the wearer from the sun and gives the wearer a sophisticated air during bright days spent outside. The natural straw or beige tint will look great with your navy chinos and will never go out of style. Adding a bit of refinement to your blue chinos, brown leather is a good choice.

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What to Wear in Winter?

Winter doesn’t discriminate by gender when it comes to style. Here, we present a flexible choice that allows you to tailor it to your changing moods and distinctive fashion sense.

Option 1: Lightweight Fleece Pullover with Insulated Winter Pants

When visiting Universal Studios in the winter, a lightweight fleece pullover and insulated winter trousers provide a warm and pleasant outfit.

Lightweight Fleece Pullover with Insulated Winter Pants
Lightweight Fleece Pullover with Insulated Winter Pants

Top: Slip on a pullover made of lightweight navy fleece. Try to get a pullover that has a quarter-zip opening for maximum airflow and convenience. This fleece pullover in navy blue is perfect for a winter trip to Universal Studios since it keeps you warm, allows your body to breathe, and is comfortable.

Bottom: Shop for a pair of insulated black winter pants that can withstand rain or snow. Check to see whether the pants have enough insulation to keep you warm. Try on a few pairs of ski pants or snow pants to find one that fits comfortably and allows for easy mobility. Protect yourself from cold at Universal Studios throughout the winter with these stylish black waterproof insulated winter leggings.

Footwear: Pick a pair of insulated black winter pants that can withstand rain or snow. Try on a few pairs of ski pants or snow pants to find one that fits comfortably and allows for easy mobility. 

Accessories: Wear a dark gray hat to protect your head and ears from the cold. The beanie should have insulation so that you stay warm and cozy while you enjoy your wintertime visit to Universal Studios. Choose a pair of black, touchscreen-compatible, insulated gloves. The versatility of black gloves is unmatched. Make sure they will keep your hands dry and toasty while still letting you use your fingers and thumbs for things like handling items or using a smartphone. 

Things to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Concert Outfit

Hopefully, you’ve gathered all the information you need about your outfit. For those who still have uncertainties, we’ve compiled a list of factors for you to contemplate when choosing your attire. We believe that this approach will yield the best results:

  • Dress in Layers: Layer up your apparel if you plan on sightseeing at a time of year where temperatures rise and fall often.
  • Water Resistance: If there is a risk of rain or if you intend on riding any water rides, you have to consider wearing clothes that can dry quickly in case they become wet.
  • Mobility: Choose loose, comfortable garments, since you will likely be hopping on and off bikes and engaging in a variety of activities.
  • Plan for Water Rides: Bring a change of clothing, a swimsuit, and a waterproof bag if you plan on riding any water rides.


Now, we’ve given you outfit ideas for what to wear to universal studios, whether you’re a man or a woman and no matter what style you like – sporty, casual, or trendy. We also didn’t forget about winter; we’ve suggested warm clothes like sweaters, jeans, and fleece pullovers with insulated pants for those who visit Universal Studios when it’s cold. And if you’re up for some fun, you can even match your outfit with the park’s themes and style. Enjoy your Visit! 


[wsfq] When visiting Universal Studios, is it okay to wear a costume??[/wsfq] [wsfa] Adults are not allowed to wear costumes at Universal Studios due to safety and security concerns. However, dressing up is generally acceptable for kids. [/wsfa].

[wsfq] What kind of bag/backpack should I bring? [/wsfq] [wsfa] Sunscreen, food, drink, and other necessities are easily transported in a tiny backpack or crossbody bag. We recommend it. [/wsfa].

[wsfq] When going on water rides, what should I wear? [/wsfq] [wsfa] Bring a swimsuit or change into quick-drying clothes before heading to the water rides. Bring an extra set of clothing and a waterproof bag in case the weather turns bad. [/wsfa].

[wsfq] Can I bring my own Universal Studios–themed apparel or souvenirs?[/wsfq] [wsfa] Absolutely! Many guests sport Universal Studios-themed threads or trinkets they picked up at the park’s many souvenir stands. It is a great method to convey how much you like a certain film or character. [/wsfa].

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