How to Fold a Polo Shirt For Travel Like a Pro? [Latest Methods]

One of the challenges of traveling is packing your clothes in a way that saves space and avoids wrinkles. If you are a fan of polo shirts, you might wonder how to fold them properly for your trip. Polo shirts are also comfortable and breathable, thanks to their knitted cotton fabric which also means they can also get easily wrinkled if not folded or stored correctly.

In this article, we will show you how to fold a polo shirt for travel using two simple methods. We will also cover how to fold long sleeves of polo shirts for travel, which are great for cooler weather or more formal settings. By following these tips, you will be able to pack your polo shirts neatly and efficiently and enjoy wearing them on your travels!

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Why Should You Be Carrying Polo Shirts Especially When Traveling?

A polo shirt is a versatile and stylish garment that can suit different occasions, from casual to semi-formal. It is a T-shirt with a collar and a placket with two or three buttons in the center, made from knitted cotton, called “pique”. Pique is a breathable, elastic cloth material that gives polo shirts comfort and a light feel.

Polo Shirts Different Colors
Polo Shirts Different Colors

Polo shirts originated in India, where famous polo players wore them. Nowadays, they are popular across the globe and go well with almost everything, be it trousers, casual jeans, formal pants, and sometimes even shorts. If you want to pack a few pairs for your travel trip, we will tell you exactly how to fold a polo shirt for travel to make room for more space.

Wash Your Clothes Before the Folding

While packing luggage for a travel trip, most people tend to miss out on the essential step of washing the clothes and drying them well before the trip. This keeps freshness alive in the clothes, and you will automatically feel better after wearing them during your trip.

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The Best Way to Fold a Polo Shirt for Travel

In this section, we will list down the steps to fold a polo shirt properly so it can conveniently fit in your luggage without taking up much space.

The Flip Method

Lay the Shirt on a Flat Surface

You can use a flat table or any other surface to lay down your polo shirt neatly. Stretch out both sleeves and smoothen the shirt, so there are no wrinkles.

Next, button up the shirt correctly. Polo shirts have front buttons, so fasten each button tightly from top to bottom. Check out if there are any other buttons on the shirt and bind them too.

Flip the polo shirt, so the front side faces downwards toward the flat surface. Also, both sleeves should stay put firmly on the surface.

Fold the Sleeves

Getting this step right is essential. The outcome will not match your expectations if you get the sleeves wrong. Hence, the key is to grab both sleeves and fold them back toward the middle of the shirt. Also, ensure they are in the center and not leaning on either side of the polo shirt.

Fold the Sides

Now, hold the sides of the shirt and pull them inwards toward the center of the polo shirt. Before doing this, run your hands over the polo shirt once to smoothen any wrinkle lines.

When you are done folding the sides, you will see that both sides almost touch each other if you have carried out the steps correctly.

Fold the Bottom

The next step is to hold the bottom of the shirt and carry it upwards, just below the collar line. Repeat this step by picking up the new base and placing it beneath the collars. On the other hand, carry out the latter stage only if you have an extra long polo shirt. Otherwise, just one-half-fold can do the job.

Remove any Wrinkles

Flip it around, so the button front is now facing you. Slide your hands with gentle force on the front to remove any wrinkles. You can also make subtle stretches to eliminate the wrinkle lines on your polo shirt. Hence, this is how to fold a polo shirt without wrinkles.

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The Ranger Roll Method

You can use this method if there is little space in your luggage and you want to pack a few sets of polo shirts with you. By the end, you will know how to fold polo shirts for travel, so they do not consume much space in the bag.

Lay the Shirt on a Flat Surface

Lay the shirt on a flat surface as in method one, but with the front facing up. You should firmly put on both sleeves on the surface.

Fold the Shirt from the Bottom

Grab the bottom of the shirt and fold it upwards, about two to four inches high. You must stretch the cloth tightly to remove any wrinkles or loose ends.

Fold the Sides

Fold both the edges of the polo shirt inwards toward the middle. The sleeves should overlap each other if you have done the step correctly.

Roll the Polo Shirt from the Collar

When it is nicely folded, start rolling the shirt from the collar. Move downwards tightly without leaving huge gaps between the roll. Upon reaching the bottom of the shirt, you will see a firm roll of your polo shirt. Put the shirts in the luggage, and you are good to go.

The Best Way to Fold Long Sleeves Polo Shirt for Travel

This section will discuss how to fold long sleeves polo for travel. Long sleeves polo shirts appear between formal and casual; thus, they are perfect picks for travel trips.

Lay the Polo on a Flat Surface

Just like with the short-sleeved polo, lay the shirts on a flat surface with the front side facing down. Put both sleeves firmly on the surface and gently press your hands across the shirt.

Fold the Sleeves Towards the Center

Now, fold one sleeve towards the middle line of the polo shirt. Hold from the shoulder line to the arm length and place it diagonally in the center. Do the same with the other sleeve. You must place both sleeves across each other now.

Fold the Bottom

Grab the bottom of the polo and fold it upwards in two steps. The first fold should be about one-third of the shirt, and the same for the next one. You should continue until it rests just below the collar line.

Flip the Shirt and Remove Wrinkles

Finally, flip the shirt, so the button side is facing you. Remove any crease lines with your hands, and the shirt is ready to go in the luggage.

Below is a video of how you can fold a shirt in under 2 seconds:

Final Words

Conclusively, this is how to fold a polo shirt for travel. You can go with either of the methods because they are both effective in packing. However, if you follow method two, there may be wrinkles on your polo shirt once you unpack it at the destination. Use a steamer to remove the unwanted wrinkles, and your polo shirt will become as fresh as new.

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