What to Wear Rock Climbing | Outfit Guide for Men and Women

Rock climbing is an exhilarating outdoor adventure that combines physical fitness, mental focus, and a deep connection with nature. The outfit that you pick for this activity does not just have to look good, but it should also ensure a certain degree of safety and comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a beginner, you have to choose an outfit that aligns with the nature of the day

What to Wear Rock Climbing?

Men can wear moisture-wicking t-shirts and durable climbing pants while rock-climbing. Women can choose adventure-ready basics with colorful tops and lightweight pants. Performance-driven climbers should consider high-performance gear, while eco-conscious individuals can go for sustainable options.

All-weather outfits are crucial for variable conditions, and bouldering-specific attire adds comfort for indoor or bouldering activities.

What to Wear Rock Climbing
What to Wear Rock Climbing

Men’s Climbing Outfit Options

Below are six of the best outfits for men to wear rock climbing. From indoor climbing to high performance alpine climbing, you will find options for all!

Outfit 1: Classic Earthy pants and Cool-Shaded Shirts

For a first-timer who just wants a safe climbing experience while also looking his best, the no-brainer choice would be this classic ensemble.

Classic Earthy pants and Cool-Shaded Shirts
Classic Earthy pants and Cool-Shaded Shirts

Top: You can start with a moisture-wicking climbing t-shirt in a cool shade of gray or blue. Gray and blue colors help conceal dirt and sweat stains which are inevitable during the rough rock-climbing sport.

Bottom: You can pair the t-shirt with durable climbing pants made from a blend of nylon and spandex for stretchiness and abrasion resistance. Ensure that the pants have a reinforced seat and knees for added durability. You can choose earthy tones like khaki or olive green for the pants to blend with the natural environment.

Inner and Outerwear: You can wear a moisture-wicking performance boxer brief for support and comfort. In cooler weather, layer up with a lightweight, breathable fleece pullover in a neutral color, and don’t forget a beanie to keep your head warm.

Shoes and Accessories: Let’s not forget that rubber shoes are the most essential item for rock climbing! Therefore, complete the look with sticky rubber climbing shoes for precise foot placement. Lastly, make sure you carry a climbing backpack with multiple gear loops and ample space for your essentials. 

Outfit 2: Vibrant Technical Climbing Shirts and Dark Pants

Vibrant Technical Climbing Shirts and Dark Pants
Vibrant Technical Climbing Shirts and Dark Pants

Top: For those of you who are in for the competition and high-performance adventure, it is best to start with a technical climbing shirt made from a moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric. Choose vibrant colors like red or orange for visibility on the rocks.

Bottoms: You can pair these with climbing-specific pants featuring articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for unrestricted movement. To complement the vibrant shirt, opt for pants in a dark, solid color such as charcoal gray or black. High-performance rock climbing means lots of dirt, so the dark pants will make sure nobody notices. Make sure to wear a high-quality moisture-wicking compression base layer to not accumulate sweat.

Inner and Outerwear: When climbing in unpredictable weather, bring along a lightweight, water-resistant softshell jacket for protection against wind and light rain.

Shoes and Accessories: For footwear, you can select aggressive, downturned climbing shoes with a snug fit to excel in difficult climbs. Lastly, a streamlined climbing backpack with a hydration system compartment keeps you hydrated and give you enough storage space for all your essentials.

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Outfit 3: Relaxed Fit Shirts and Breathable Lowers

For a laid-back climbing experience, choose a casual and comfortable outfit.

Vibrant Technical Climbing Shirts and Dark Pants
Vibrant Technical Climbing Shirts and Dark Pants

Top: Begin with a relaxed-fit climbing t-shirt in a subtle earthy tone like brown or forest green.

Bottoms: You can pair this with lightweight, breathable climbing shorts in a contrasting color, such as a sandy beige or navy blue.

Inner and Outerwear: You can opt for moisture-wicking boxer shorts for comfort and moisture control. Even during a casual climb, weather conditions can be rough. Therefore, carry a lightweight, packable windbreaker in your backpack.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-in-red-windbreaker-jacket-7010141/

Shoes and Accessories: For footwear, you can pick all-around climbing shoes suitable for various terrains. A climbing backpack with adjustable straps and ventilation is ideal for carrying essentials comfortably during your climbing day.

Outfit 4: Neon Tank Top and Stretchy Shorts

For indoor climbing or bouldering, comfort and style must work side by side.

Neon Tank Top and Stretchy Shorts
Neon Tank Top and Stretchy Shorts

Top: We recommend you choose a sleeveless climbing tank top in a bright and energetic color like electric blue or neon colors.

Bottoms: You can pair the bright neon shirts with darker shades of stretchy shorts. The stretchy shorts will make sure you are able to move around freely.

Inner and Outerwear: Underneath, you can opt for moisture-wicking performance boxer briefs for comfort. Since indoor climbing environments are typically temperature-controlled, you can skip the outer layer.

Shoes and Accessories: Most importantly, do focus on your climbing shoes. You should select shoes designed for bouldering or indoor climbing. Carry your essentials in a compact gym climbing backpack designed for easy access to chalk, brushes, and other gym essentials.

Outfit 5: Alpine Climbing Essentials

For alpine climbing, where conditions can be extreme, prioritize warmth and protection.

Alpine Climbing Essentials
Alpine Climbing Essentials. Image: Greg Willis

Top: Start with a moisture-wicking, thermal climbing base layer in a dark, insulating color like charcoal or deep blue.

Bottoms: Pair it with insulated climbing pants that offer protection against cold and wind. Choose pants with reinforced knees and seat for added durability since you might fall or trip and these will keep you safe.

Inner and Outerwear: You can layer with a waterproof and breathable hardshell jacket in a bright color for visibility in snow and low-light conditions .Incase you get lost, others will be able to spot you

Shoes and Accessories: Select insulated mountaineering boots with crampon compatibility for technical climbs. Finally, opt for a rugged, alpine climbing backpack with gear loops,, and a hydration system compartment to ensure you’re well-prepared for challenging alpine conditions. 

Women’s Climbing Outfit Options

There is a plethora of rock climbing attire options for women, catering to various preferences and climbing styles. Whether you prioritize adventure-ready basics, sleek and streamlined performance, eco-consciousness, or bouldering-specific apparel, selecting the right clothing and accessories is essential. For women, we have curated six outfits that combine style with safety and performance. From adventure-ready basics to bouldering outfits, there are options for all.

Outfit 1: Basic Short-Sleeved top with Climbing Pants

Top: For the adventurous woman seeking a functional yet stylish climbing ensemble, start with a moisture-wicking short-sleeve top in a vibrant turquoise or sunflower yellow.

Basic Short-Sleeved top with Climbing Pants
Basic Short-Sleeved top with Climbing Pants

Bottoms: Complement this with a pair of lightweight, breathable climbing pants in earthy tones like olive green or sandy beige.

Inner and Outerwear: Ensure comfort and support with a sports bra designed for active pursuits. Layer up for cooler climbs with a fleece-lined hoodie in a contrasting color.

Shoes and Accessories: When it comes to footwear, choose all-around climbing shoes known for their comfort and reliability. Finally, carry your essentials in a roomy, multi-pocketed backpack with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit, making it perfect for all your climbing needs.

Outfit 2: Form-fitting shirt and Leggings

Form-fitting shirt and Leggings
Form-fitting shirt and Leggings

Top: For a sleek and streamlined climbing outfit focused on performance, opt for a form-fitting, long-sleeve climbing top in a deep navy or charcoal gray.

Bottoms: Pair it with high-performance climbing leggings designed for flexibility and durability.

Inner and Outerwear: Ensure ample support with a compression sports bra, allowing for unrestricted movement on the wall. When braving cooler conditions, layer up with a lightweight yet insulated puffer jacket in a matte black or steel blue shade.

Shoes and Accessories: Select climbing shoes known for their precision and sensitivity, enhancing your climbing technique. Equip yourself with a minimalist, hydration-compatible backpack that allows you to move effortlessly on the rock. 

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Outfit 3: Zip Off Shirt and Trouser

For climbers facing varying weather conditions, an adaptable, all-weather outfit is essential.

Top: Begin with a moisture-wicking climbing top with zip-off sleeves, allowing you to adapt to changing temperatures.

Bottoms: Match the zip-off sleeves shirt with convertible climbing pants that offer the flexibility to transition into shorts as needed.

Inner and Outerwear: Ensure comfort and support with a sports bra suitable for all-day wear. You can layer up with a lightweight and breathable softshell jacket in a bright, easily visible color for safety during unpredictable weather.

Shoes and Accessories: Wear all-terrain climbing shoes featuring superior traction for wet and slippery conditions. Your all-weather gear is complemented by a weather-resistant backpack with ample storage and hydration compatibility for extended climbing sessions. 

Outfit 4: Tank Top and Technical Climbing Leggings

For those focusing on high-performance climbing, prioritize top-notch gear.

Tank Top and Technical Climbing Leggings
Tank Top and Technical Climbing Leggings

Top: Begin with a moisture-wicking climbing tank top in a bold color like fiery red or electric blue.

Bottom: Pair the tank top with technical climbing leggings engineered for stretch and durability. These will definitely help you in advanced climbing maneuvers.

Inner and Outerwear: Choose a high-impact sports bra for crucial support during strenuous climbs. For outerwear, opt for a lightweight yet insulated softshell jacket with ventilation zippers for temperature regulation.

Shoes and Accessories: Select high-performance climbing shoes known for precision and aggressive design because these can be perfect for challenging routes. Also, equip yourself with a high-capacity backpack designed for rugged terrain, ensuring you’re prepared for advanced climbing sessions.

Outfit 5: Bouldering-Specific Attire

Bouldering enthusiasts require specialized gear tailored to deal with the harsh conditions during the sport.

Bouldering-Specific Attire
Bouldering-Specific Attire

Top: Start with a fitted bouldering tank top featuring a bold print or vibrant color to add some flair to your climbing style.

Bottoms: Pair the top with high-rise bouldering shorts designed for maximum mobility and flexibility.

Inner and Outerwear: A comfortable, high-support sports bra is essential for support during powerful and explosive climbs. Layer up with a sleeveless, insulated puffy vest, providing extra warmth during cooler bouldering sessions.

Shoes and Accessories: Choose bouldering-specific shoes featuring a snug fit and sensitive sole for precise foot placements on the boulders. Finally, choose a compact, crash-pad-compatible backpack with adjustable straps for easy carrying of your essentials and a crash pad. 

Things To Consider When Deciding What To Wear Rock Climbing

Functionality: Prioritize clothing that allows for a full range of motion. Look for stretchy materials and articulated designs that won’t restrict your movements on the rock.

Comfort: Comfort is key during long climbing sessions. Choose moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics to keep you cool and dry, especially in warm weather.

Protection: Ensure your outfit provides adequate protection against abrasions and scrapes. Look for reinforced knees and elbows, as well as durable materials.

Durability: Climbing can be tough on clothing, so choose outfits made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of the sport.

Pockets and Gear Loops: Look for clothing with pockets and gear loops for storing essentials like chalk bags, brushes, or small pieces of equipment.

Seasonal Considerations: Adapt your outfit to the season. Short sleeves and shorts for summer, and long sleeves and pants for cooler weather or sun protection. For example, for alpine climbing, we recommend fleece-lined pieces while for All-weather climbing we recommend tops with zip off sleeves and convertible climbing pants.

Color: While not as critical as other factors, consider choosing clothing in brighter colors for visibility or camouflage patterns for blending into natural surroundings, depending on your climbing goals. 


Rock climbing offers an incredible blend of physical challenge and natural beauty, and the right attire can make your climbing experience even more enjoyable. By following these rock climbing clothing recommendations for men and women, you can climb confidently and comfortably, whether you’re scaling a challenging crag or bouldering at your local gym. So, gear up and conquer those peaks with style and performance in mind!

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