What To Do Easter 2024: A Definitive Guide

Easter is a time for bonding with family and kids, enjoying the great outdoors, and being creative with fun activities. However, too many people get stuck on what to do over the Easter weekend. Some spend it at church, others have a boring hangover while others simply do nothing at all.

But why make such an exciting holiday so boring? With the right mindset and proper planning, you can make the Easter of 2023 a time to remember.

Let’s explore the “traditional” and more fun activities to do that will make this occasion an unforgettable experience.

Easter 2023: Things to Do!

Are you tired of boring Easter weekends or are you out of ideas on what to do this year? There’s no need to kill your plans as we’ve got your back this year! Let’s explore a list of fun activities that you can plan for Easter Weekend this year.

Remember, you have 3-4 days to plan for, so you can cramp your schedule with more than one of these fun activities!

Here are some exciting things to do this Easter.

Go on a Camping Trip

Go on a camping trip. Creator: Fil.AI

While this one is only for those who have camping spots near them or if you have enough days off to go on a short holiday, there are ways to make the most of camping trips, even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Since Easter usually comes in the spring or fall, it’s the ideal time to go on a camping trip. Another advantage of planning your camping trips for Easter is that you’ll be missing the busy summer season and won’t have to deal with the same type of congestion as during Christmas.

So, if you put off camping in the summer for a quieter time to experience nature at its fullest, the Easter holiday is the ideal time to go on a camping trip. It’s also a great time to get away from the busy city life and clear your mind after months of work. While you can still make Easter a great time if you’re staying at home, nothing can compare to a trip to the wilderness.

Our team has been to several camping spots including Minnesota, Laguna Beach, and San Francisco. You can choose any of them for your next adventure.

But what if you can’t go camping because of budget or if you haven’t got enough time to go far from home? You can still experience camping in your backyard! All you need is a positive attitude and a little creativity.

With backyard camping, simply set up a tent in your garden and experience sleeping outside for a change. This experience is especially enjoyable for kids who love to make-believe and can make the most out of any situation.

You can make the experience more enjoyable by setting up a backyard bonfire, roasting marshmallows, and playing fun campsite games to make it a more realistic camping experience.

Organize an Egg Hunt

easter eggs on grass multiple colors
Organize an Egg Hunt

There’s nothing like an exciting egg hunt on Easter. While egg hunts are more attractive to kids, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy an egg hunt as an adult. With the right type of chocolate eggs, most adults will jump at the opportunity to add more chocolate to their baskets!

However, keep in mind that organizing an egg hunt involves more organization than simply placing eggs at random locations. There are so many ways you can turn an egg hunt into something special this Easter 2023.

A good egg hunt should have puzzles, clues, anticipation, and more. It’s also a great way to connect with family and friends and bring everyone together. And if chocolate eggs aren’t enough to motivate older kids and adults, you can include prizes for those that find the most eggs. The important thing is to be creative and get everyone together.

Ideally, you should organize an egg hunt outdoors. However, if the weather doesn’t allow for an outdoor egg hunt, you can always organize an indoor one. In the COVID era, some people got creative and even organized virtual egg hunts!

Do Arts and Crafts

Do Arts and Crafts
Do Arts and Crafts

Easter is a great time to put your creativity to work. You can make decorative pots and plates, pot plants, artwork, and other crafts. There are countless arts and crafts projects to keep you busy on Easter, and you’ll feel proud of your achievements when the artwork is completed. Besides, the experience of creating your own artwork is unmatched and stays with you for life.

While there’s no restriction on the type of artwork to create on Easter, it’s best to go with an Easter theme. Try decorating existing objects with bunnies, eggs, or other Easter symbols. If you run out of ideas, try one of these arts and crafts projects:

  • Make a decorative Easter Bunny.
  • Sewing bunny-themed socks and scarves.
  • Decorating Easter eggs with paint.
  • Making Easter egg-shaped vases and pot plants.

Many of these projects can be done with kids, so it’s best if you try to get your children involved. However, even solo art projects can be entertaining. The important thing is to maintain a positive attitude and try something new.

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Try Your Luck at Baking

Try Your Luck at Baking
Try Your Luck at Baking

Easter has always been synonymous with baking. Whether it’s freshly baked bread or Easter cakes, there is a range of Easter recipes you can try to stay busy this Easter Weekend. If you’re an experienced baker, Easter is the perfect time to put your skills to the test. And if you have zero experience with baking, there’s no better time to start.

You don’t have to try baking fancy Easter cakes if you’re just getting started. Try baking your first loaf of bread or try beginner-friendly cookies. There’s an endless list of things to bake on Easter!

Here are a few things to try baking on Easter if you don’t have much experience:

  • Simple bread
  • Bunny-shaped cookies
  • Easter-themed simple pastry
  • Chocolate-coated donuts

Here are a few things to try baking if you’re more experienced:

  • Chocolate-coated bunny cake
  • Bunny bread or garlic bread
  • Bunny-shaped chocolate treats
  • Hot-cross buns (This is an Easter favorite)

Remember, Easter is a great time to spend with friends and family, so try getting your kids and family to help you make Easter dishes and it will turn into a wonderful experience for everyone.

Spend Time in the Garden

japanese garden lake pretty sky usa
Spend Time in the Garden. @Chris Weber

Since Easter usually falls in spring or the fall season, it’s the ideal time to spend in the garden. This doesn’t mean you have to do your own gardening on Easter! You can try fun activities like planting trees or flowers, building a rock garden, building bird nests, and more.

While most people see gardening as a chore, you can make it fun with the right attitude. The best way to spend time outdoors over Easter is by planting flowers. Try planting flowers of different varieties. If you’re an experienced gardener, you can even try creating Easter-themed flower patterns. If not, there’s always the thrill of adding a splash of color to your garden.

If you have bushes in your garden, you can try trimming them into the shapes of eggs or Easter bunnies. However, this requires considerable skill, so don’t attempt it if you aren’t experienced with gardening.

As with baking or arts and crafts, it’s more exciting when there’s someone to help you out. Call friends and family to work on a specific gardening project or have your kids chip in to help you with the work. The important thing is to stay active and experience the best of nature during this time.

After all, the main concept of Easter is rebirth!

Play Outdoor Games

Play Outdoor Games
Play Outdoor Games

If you’re feeling bored this Easter 2023, what better way to stay active and enjoy the holiday than to play outdoor games? And no, outdoor games aren’t just for kids. There is a range of outdoor games that you will enjoy, even as an adult, and the experience is worth remembering.

When designing outdoor games for Easter 2023, make something that suits everyone’s skill level. Remember, everyone loves to be competitive and the most fun games are those that anyone can win.

Here are a few outdoor games to keep you busy this Easter:

  • Egg balancing races: You can play the traditional egg and spoon race or change the concept to an obstacle course with an egg.
  • Easter egg toss: Take turns tossing hard-boiled eggs to see who lands them closer to the box or target.
  • Pinata with eggs: Make a pinata with a twist and add different types of chocolate and marshmallow eggs instead of regular candy.
  • Backyard bowling: Make a bowling course with tin cans, plastic boxes, or tissue rolls and take turns seeing who can knock the most objects with eggs.

Watch Movies

Watch Movies
Watch Movies

Having a long weekend is a great time to binge-watch your favorite shows or movies. You can choose a series that you’ve always wanted to watch but never had the time for it. Or you can binge-watch a popular movie series with friends and family.

However, you’ll have to be careful not to overdo movie watching as it’s an unproductive way to spend the Easter weekend. Set a night or a few hours for movies and make sure to incorporate other activities into your schedule.

You can organize a supper for friends and family and accompany it with a movie night, games, and other fun activities. The important thing is to get friends and family together and have a good time.

Go for a Picnic

Go for a Picnic
Go for a Picnic

Easter is the perfect time to go outdoors and the best way to do so is to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. Picnics are quite fun and you can accompany them with a barbeque, especially if you’re with family. To make your picnics more enjoyable, prepare them in advance. You’ll also have to keep a backup plan in case the weather turns bad.

While you can choose from a range of foodstuffs for outdoor picnics, the best food is easy to carry, doesn’t go bad easily, and can be eaten without creating a mess. Think of making sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, salad, and other easy-to-eat dishes.

If you’re organizing a barbeque, make sure you do so in an area that allows for outdoor fires. Also, ensure you follow the proper safety procedures when doing barbeques in a park or other outdoor area.

While there’s nothing wrong with a regular picnic (as long as the food is homemade), try making Easter-specific foods. You can add bunny-shaped patties, egg-shaped sandwiches, and other Easter-themed dishes. You don’t need to go out of your way to make picnic foods- simple foods that are easy to eat are enough for a picnic.

As with other Easter activities, it’s all about the experience. The more friends and family that participate in your picnic, the better. And if the weather disturbs your outdoor picnic plans, you can always shift it indoors.

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Get Dressed Up

Get Dressed Up
Get Dressed Up. @CharlotWest

Are you a fan of drama or getting dressed up? Easter is the perfect time for creating a play or dressing up as one of your favorite characters. Yes, it’s not the same as Halloween, but dressing up for Easter can still be fun. If you have kids, you can always organize an Easter play in the neighborhood or dress your kids up for an egg hunt.

Even as an adult, you can get dressed up for fun. Keep your surroundings and personal preference in mind when dressing up for Easter, so you don’t overdo it. Simple bunny lashes are enough for some women while others wouldn’t mind dressing up as a complete bunny.

If you want to be really simple, you can simply wear an Easter-themed t-shirt. Dressing up for the occasion will make you feel like it’s Easter and you may change your plans if you decide not to do anything over the weekend.

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Go to Church

open Bible inside church
Go to Church

If you’re a religious person, Easter is the best time to go to church. But even if you’re not too religious you can still visit the church during Easter 2023, even if it’s just for a few hours on Easter Sunday.

Most people will go to church to connect with their communities and friends. You may even make new friends and connect with like-minded people at church.

What’s the Weather Like on Easter 2023?

Too often, many people make the mistake of letting the weather dictate their plans and mood. While there’s no denying that bad weather can affect your plans for Easter 2023, there are many activities that don’t rely on good weather to be exciting.

As any enthusiastic child will show you, it’s all about mindset. Therefore, while it’s ok to keep a tab on the expected weather conditions for this Easter, don’t let it dictate your mood!

Easter usually falls near the end of March or in the first 2 weeks of April every year. In most of the northern hemisphere, Easter will fall in the spring, which is the ideal time for outdoor activities. Consequently, Easter will fall in the fall season in the southern hemisphere, when the weather is moderate and outdoor activities are enjoyable.

For this reason, in most countries, you can expect moderate weather on Easter, which is perfect for exploring the great outdoors, and barbecues are our other fun outdoor activities. Many people love to go on camping trips and short holidays during the Easter weekend since many get off from work on Good Friday and Easter Monday as well.

However, even if the weather is dark and gloomy on Easter in your area, you shouldn’t let it spoil your plans- or mood. There are plenty of indoor activities that you can use to brighten up your Easter weekend, even if the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor activities.

Remember, you should always have a backup plan for the weather!

Final Words!

Easter is one event where you should indulge in a variety of activities for a fun time with everybody. Based on our guide to Easter 2023, you can shortlist a few of these activities and pick out the ones most people like. If you plan on traveling, be sure to check out our exclusive guides on travel to different parts of the USA, UK, Europe, and UAE. This way, you can spend Easter 2023 in an amazing manner. Have Fun!

Easter 2023: Things to Do - FAQs

When is Easter in 2023?

Easter Sunday falls on 9 April 2023 and Good Friday is on the 7th of April. Most places will have public holidays from 7-10 April until the Monday after Easter Sunday. The dates for Easter change each year and Easter has come a week earlier in 2023.

What is the Best Way to Celebrate Easter in 2023?

The best way to spend Easter 2023 is to go out with friends and family. Easter is a time to enjoy good and rich foods, get together with friends and family, and share gifts. You can go on a holiday, organize a brunch, go on a picnic, or organize an outdoor egg hunt. The important thing is to bond with friends and family and have a memorable time.

What Should You Eat on Easter?

Traditional Easter meals include roast lamb, boiled eggs, chocolate Easter eggs, Easter cakes, and hot-cross buns. You can also try Simnel cake and Easter biscuits which are a little spicy and contain currants and a touch of lemon. The traditional Easter cuisine will vary depending on your culture and where you live, but most people eat foods rich in sugar and chocolate.

Is Kite Flying an Easter Tradition?

Kite flying is an Easter tradition in some places, but it’s not something that’s popular in every culture. If you choose to go kite-flying on Easter 2023, make sure to check whether it’s allowed in your area and try to visit an open field for safety.

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