8 Fine Dining Restaurants In Germantown You Must Dine At

Germantown, apart from its history and museums, is well known among travelers for its shopping malls, parks, farms, and visual arts. People across the globe come here to go pumpkin picking at Butler’s Orchard and enjoy a fine dining experience at the restaurants this county offers. If you find yourself in Germantown, you cannot lose the opportunity of dining at the following restaurants.

Some restaurants specialize in Mexican cuisine, some in Japanese, and many more. Some have an outdoor patio, and others have a very nostalgic vibe to their indoor dining. You can pick what resonates with you the most based on the descriptions below.

Fine dining restaurants in Germantown you must dine at

Following are the restaurants that are the best of the best in the county of Germantown, and you will have the best time ever with your loved ones.

Picca Pollo A La Brasa

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PERFECT FOR: A fancy dining experience.
steak Picca Pollo A La Brasa
Picca Pollo A La Brasa

If you are looking for a fine culinary experience, Picca Pollo A La Brasa is the place for you. This restaurant is easily the best in Germantown with its amazing food, service, and ambiance. The restaurant is located at a very convenient location so you can run your errands and enjoy a hearty meal afterward. They specialize in Peruvian and Latin cuisine and are also vegetarian-friendly.

They have a very well-put-together menu with a lot of meat options and vegetarian options. Their yucca and pork are great, but the thing you cannot miss out on is their salad. It was perfect with the sour dressing, and also their dipping sauces are the star of their food. The restaurant’s décor has a minimalist touch to it which is very aesthetic and calming for the eyes. Apart from the indoor sitting, they also have an outdoor space which is perfect for dining in beautiful sunny weather. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner, and they have got gluten-free options too for people with dietary restrictions.

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Their service quality is very nice. You don’t have to wait much after ordering your food and also if you didn’t make a booking beforehand, they can arrange a table for you on the spot. Their workers are very friendly and can help you in ordering food if you are confused. They also have some of the best home delivery services in Germantown and also offer take-outs.

Above all, you should visit this place if you are into Peruvian cuisine; they have mastered this cuisine and are not playing around when they tell you to give you the finest of experiences. The place has a very homely feel to it, and you will have a great time!

Mi Rancho

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PERFECT FOR: An authentic Mexican dinner.
steak Mi Rancho
Mi Rancho

Mi Rancho is a family-owned restaurant in the county of Germantown and has been serving its loyal customer since the late 90s. It has been a got to place for so many people from the town and even the travelers for their amazing service and very casual, homelike vibe. Their interior is also not glitzy as minimalism seems to be their theme throughout the restaurant. There is also a patio where you can enjoy your food if the weather is good enough.

They specialize in Mexican and South-Western cuisine and also have vegan-friendly options. The Mexican food served by them is not the most typical version as they always add a personal touch to everything they have on their menu. Their steak fajita, salsa, and margaritas are to die for. Also, from the vegan menu, you have to try veggie enchiladas which are out of this world.

The service quality is five stars too. Their workers make sure to give you a VIP experience with everything being served on time and being well presented. The ambiance of the place is very cozy as it makes you feel like eating homemade food away from home. They also have great options for drinks to pair up with your food which is a bonus with the delightful food.

This place also has a carryout service which is as good as the dine-in-one. The best part about this place is that their staff is going to accommodate you in every way possible, they give generous portions and last but not least they are very reasonable. This place is also family-friendly and you will keep coming back for an authentic Mexican food experience. And if you’re looking for an even more authentic Mexican food experience, check out the best Mexican food in Santa Ana you should try.

Dutch Family Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: Casual lunch with your family.
Dutch Family Restaurant
Dutch Family Restaurant

The Dutch Family Restaurant is in the Dutch market in Germantown. If you are running errands in the market and want to grab a tasty lunch or dinner, this is the perfect place for you. This family-owned restaurant serves authentic Dutch cuisine with some of the finest baked goods you will experience in the whole of Germantown. The Dutch Family Restaurant is another place for people who like to grab a bite at places that have an authentic warm feeling and are not so deluxe.

The place, as the name suggests, specializes in Dutch and European cuisine. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From the breakfast menu, everything is pretty good, but the best one is their whipped cream. It’s not like regular whipped cream as it has a different texture and is so good. Their turkey is good too, and they also have BBQ going on the side. The interiors are also not super fancy but basic and nice.

Their service quality is pretty good. There is always a huge row at the BBQ, and the restaurant is always filled, but they still have enough staff to accommodate everyone. You don’t have to wait much to get your order. The staff is friendly and nice and their recommendations will not disappoint.

This place is family-friendly too, and the best part is they don’t cost you a hand and mouth for the amazing food and service they provide. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are generous so you can get the leftovers packed and enjoy the food at your residency. This place will surely give you enough reasons after your first visit to come back every chance you get!

Senor Tequila's Fine Mexican Grill & Bar

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PERFECT FOR: Catching up at drinks with friends.
Senor Tequila's Fine Mexican Grill & Bar
Senor Tequila’s Fine Mexican Grill & Bar

Senor Tequila’s Fine Mexican Grill & Bar is another one of the restaurants in Germantown that serves Mexican food. This place has an extensive menu and serves lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s vibe is super chill, with informal interiors and urban seating arrangements. They also have a patio which has a nice view. You can grab a table outside if the weather is in your favor. They also have a bar which is pretty fun with multiple screens around where you can enjoy a soccer match with your friends and drink your favorite drinks.

They serve Mexican food at its finest. The tortilla soup and burritos of this place are amazing, but the one thing that you can just not pass out on is the queso dip with the tortilla chips, it tastes heavenly. Overall their food is delicious. They also serve large portions, and the pricing is reasonable too. The bar is good however; the happy hour is the best time to enjoy your drinks. From the drinks, try the jalapeno margarita, if you are a fan of spice, it is definitely for you.

Their service quality is good. The staff is nice and friendly. This place is always crowded, but they still serve you on time and make sure to provide you with a five-star service and provide the re-fillings quickly too. You can also get your food packed and take it away with you.

This place is perfect for catching up with your friends and for enjoying a delicious meal. It is also located at a quite convenient location. This is a very reasonable place for the high-quality service they provide and you will for sure return in the future!

Sabai Sabai Simply Thai

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PERFECT FOR: A calming lunch with your family and friends.
Sabai Sabai Simply Thai
Sabai Sabai Simply Thai

Sabai Sabai Simply Thai is a Thai restaurant located in the heart of Germantown. It was previously co-owned by a family and their close friends, and recently they have given the management to new people. They have renewed the menu by keeping the actuality of the previous space alive. As the name suggests, the place specializes in Thai cuisine, and the interiors are refreshing. This place is decorated with cool-toned colors that have a very calming effect on the eyes.

The food served by them will be the yummiest Thai food you will have for a while, especially the items from their specialty menu to die for. Their pork dumplings and shrimps are good too. The food has a nice kick to it. Also, their fried rice is amazing too. This place has a Zen-like calm to it which makes it perfect for meeting up with your family or family friends to catch up and have some healing time.

The service quality is top-notch. Their workers are nice and friendly. If you are not familiar with the dishes on the menu, you can always ask for help, and they will accommodate you above and beyond. Food is served hot, and they don’t take time for refills. The popularity of the place is still the same as the new owners have maintained the fine service quality hence, this place is always crowded and filled.

You can have your lunch or dinner at this restaurant. They also offer take-out and home delivery services. This place is also reasonable, and if you are into Thai cuisine, you will surely have a really good time here. Also check out the best Thai food you must try at Virginia Beach.

India Palace

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying a wide variety of Indian cuisine.
India Palace
India Palace

India palace is the perfect place in Germantown to enjoy a number of Indian cuisines. The palace offers a buffet, lunch, and dinner and also provides catering services. This is located at a very convenient location, and the interiors of the place are very beautifully decorated with old-school Indian goods. Their dining room is spacious and clean, and the buffet menu also has a lot of options to enjoy from.

The place offers several Indian cuisines including; South Indian, Punjabi, Vegetarian-friendly, and Vegetarian options. They also have the best sweet dishes that go well with the other food on their menu. The buffet includes foods like; pakoras, samosas, mango lassi, coffee, and many more. Their lunch and dinner menu is so good, with the perfectly baked garlic bread, chicken tandoori, and butter chicken. The best thing about the food is that the chutneys it is served with are a chef’s kiss. They complement the food perfectly. All in all, the food is delicious.

Their service quality is good. The food is served hot and fresh despite the place being filled, most of the time, the staff is very efficient and makes sure to get everyone everything they need. Their servers are nice and friendly. The buffet is refilled quickly too. If you have to urgently entertain a group of people, this is the place for you. This place also offers catering services on the spot, and its spacious dining hall can accommodate a lot of people.

They do serve lunch and dinner but the best time to enjoy their food is by enjoying the buffet. You can also opt for home delivery services and they have a variety of options for people who have gluten allergies. If you want to enjoy Indian cuisine in Germantown, this place should be your first stop! And if you happen to be in Anaheim and looking for Indian food, check out the best Anaheim Indian restaurants you must visit.

Pho 81

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PERFECT FOR: A quick lunch in cold.
Pho 81
Pho 81

This restaurant is located at an appropriate location and serves authentic pho in Germantown. The restaurant is not too formal; when it comes to the interiors and the spaces, but it is perfect for a soothing and warming pho in cold weather. It is a perfect place for a quick and tasty lunch with friends or with family if they enjoy this cuisine.

The place serves various kinds of pho; some with meat or chicken or a vegetarian version of the same dish. There are also options for the typical Asian side dishes like spring rolls that go well with the main dish. They also have a different menu for vegetarians. The best one though has to be the typical pho with meat and eggs and green onions with broth. Their noodles are cooked perfectly and are chewy and nice. The meat is also cooked nicely, and the broth is not bland and is seasoned perfectly.

Their customer service is good too. The place is not crowded, so you can go there anytime and enjoy the food. Their servers are nice too and can help you with the menu and options. The place is neat and clean, and the overall vibe is very soothing and calm. Most of the people around are Asians, so you know that they serve good authentic food.

The place is very cost-efficient and is near an Asian grocery store, so you can do the groceries and grab a bite of this warm and tangy soup. It will not disappoint you!


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PERFECT FOR: A delightful sushi buffet.
fried steak chicken Yuraku

Yuraku is a restaurant located in the plaza mall in Germantown. It is a small Japanese restaurant that has a very pleasant and authentic vibe to it. As soon as you enter the space, you can see the dining area along with the chefs preparing the food on the other side of the counter. It is a perfect place to enjoy eating at after shopping at the mall.

This restaurant serves lunch and dinner and also has vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options for people with dietary restrictions. They also have a sushi buffet around lunchtime which is amazing. Their menu is extensive with appetizers like tempuras, and soft shell crabs, and also main dishes options like Salmon Teriyaki, Shrimp Teriyaki, Beef Negimayaki, and Chicken Scallop. They also have various salad and soup options and a menu for desserts. The things that you have to try when you visit this restaurant include chicken tempuras, miso soup, salmon teriyaki, and mocha ice cream. They are just perfect.

The service quality is good. You can see from first glance that the place is super hygienic, and the staff is very attentive and quick. The food is served quickly and is fresh and hot. This place is like any other Japanese eatery but better. Their food quality and customer service are something that makes them stand out.

You can enjoy your food here with friends and family, especially if they love sushi; you have to give the sushi buffet a shot as it is the best sushi buffet ever. The place is worth a visit to enjoy the amazing mixes of spices and, of course, their salmon teriyaki! And if you happen to be in Norfolk VA and are craving some sushi, check out the 23 Best Sushi Places In Norfolk VA.

Things To Consider Before Going To A Restaurant

  • Location — Choose a restaurant that is closer to your residency unless you want to pay a hefty amount to an Uber. Also if you are taking someone out for dinner or lunch, know the location beforehand so that you don’t seem to be lost.
  • Cost — Check their ratings and prices. You need to know their prices so that you can enjoy a hearty meal without thinking much about how much you might have to pay for it also check the ratings as you don’t want to pay a handful amount and get poor service and no value for your money.
  • Ambiance — Go to a restaurant that matches your taste when it comes to its décor, music, and general atmosphere. A very delightful meal might get ruined because the place is too loud for your taste and vice versa.
  • Cleanliness — Hygiene is critical when it comes to dining out. Be very sure about their hygiene policies as you don’t want to be sick afterward.

How Do We Pick Our Recommendations

Germantown, Maryland is known for its amazing malls and restaurants so we had to give this place a shot. I have to say this place was better than we anticipated. While visiting all the tourist attractions we enjoy dining at the mentioned restaurants and made this guide for you guys, so that you get to experience your visit to the fullest. We visited all of these restaurants and had a great time. We have based our recommendations on the quality of the food, service, behavior of the staff, and overall atmosphere of the place. We developed this list based not only on our personal experience but also the experience of those around us and online ratings.

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Fine Dining Restaurants In Germantown You Must Dine At - FAQs

What are the most popular restaurants in Germantown?

The most popular restaurants in Germantown are Picca Pollo A La Brasa and Sabai Sabai Simply Thai.

What are the best restaurants in Germantown that provide takeout?

The best restaurants in Germantown that provide takeout are Picca Pollo A La Brasa and Sabai Sabai Simply Thai.

Which restaurant in Germantown has the yummiest healthy food options?

The Picca Pollo A La Brasa has a lot of healthy food options with various chicken and vegetarian food choices on its menu.

Which restaurants provide the best home delivery food in Germantown?

The restaurants that provide the best home delivery services include; Picca Pollo A La Brasa and India Palace.

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