The BEST Bars To Visit In Norfolk VA

Norfolk may be known as a small rural city with a laid-back environment, but the nightlife in Norfolk is something worth experiencing. With its casinos, clubs, and bars, the city comes alive after the sun sets. Are you somebody in Norfolk wanting to hit some awesome bars in the area and have the time of your life? If so, you’re in the right place. Here are the best bars in Norfolk, VA.

Best Bars In Norfolk, VA

Norfolk is famous for its tourist attractions, but the bars in the city deserve some praise too. They are a fantastic place to socialize and have an environment that just begs you to loosen up. You should hit one of these bars if you’re in the area. On that note, here are some places that are worth visiting. 

Grace O Malley’s Irish Pub

Grace O Malley’s Pub aims to bring the warmth of Irish pubs and kitchens to America. If we’re telling the truth, they’ve succeeded. 

Their hospitality, food, and drinks are all top-notch. If you’re a beer lover, you’ll love their draft collection. They usually have six labels that they constantly switch, in addition to drafts they make by mixing two labels. 

  • Location: 211 Granby St, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: the Original Crush, Celtic, and Country Cork Apple
Grace O'Malley's Irish Pub
Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub

Luna Maya

Luna Maya has some amazing drinks that keep people coming back for more. According to loyal customers, they make some amazing skinny mojitos and other cocktails. 

They also have a special cocktail menu, as well as a collection of premium beers. Between their awesome drinks and their selection of appetizers, this place is must visit for sure. 

  • Location: 2010 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA   
  • Specialties: Premium Mojito, Homemade Sangria
luna maya interior
Luna Maya

The Birch

The Birch was the first bar that served craft beer in Norfolk. Although a lot of competition has popped up over the years, The Birch still holds its own. 

With a massive collection of craft beer, mead, and mixed drinks, it is heaven for anybody looking for a good drink. They also have their menu categorized by flavors which is a big help for new customers. 

  • Location:1231 W. Olney Road, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Blackberry Cider, and Oktoberfest brew
The Birch Bar
The Birch Bar Norfolk

Scotty Quixx

Scotty Quixx is a luxurious and elegant cocktail lounge and nightclub, and a place you should visit. Whether you’re wanting to drink and dance with friends, or enjoy a drink by yourself, Scotty Quixx is what you need. 

However, happy hour isn’t the only thing to enjoy about this place. They also have a large variety of appetizers and entrees that you’re bound to like. 

  • Location: 436 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Grey Goose, and Cointreau

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Scotty Quix
Scotty Quix

Tap It Local

Like the name suggest, Tap It Local brings you the best locally-made drinks in town. They specialize in craft beer, however, they also have a large variety of other drinks. 

People love how extensive their dinner and drink menu is, and how they have bars playing live music for the guests. Overall, it’s a nice place to have drinks with friends and family. 

  • Location: 244 Granby St Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Buffalo Chicken Nachos, Craft beer, and Blackened tuna tacos
Tap It Local
Tap It Local

Pixels Pints and Bytes

A lot of bars make good drinks, but none can match Pixel Pints and Bytes’ experience. The place is a retro arcade bar and restaurant. There is seating on the ground floor and arcade games on the first. 

There also have bars on both floors. So whether you’re there to dine or play, you have access to all the drinks you need. 

  • Location: 2117 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties:  House Gin and Sonic, Tempest, Oregon Trail, and Buzz Gagarin

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Pixels Pints and Bytes
Pixels Pints and Bytes

Thank You Thank You Bar

Thank you Thank you Bar is famous amongst patrons because of its strong and delicious drinks, and its pleasant environment. They have a DJ on the location that spins some amazing beats, but the music is never too loud. 

People also enjoy their collection of sides, soft serve, and other appetizers. All in all, it is a groovy place to come for drinks. 

  • Location: 4314 Colley Ave Norfolk, VA
  • Specialities: Paloma and Empinadas 
Thank You Thank You Bar
Thank you Thank you Bar. Courtesy: IG @popsurazi

The Veil Brewing

The Veil Brewery is a microbrewery that sells some amazing beers, food, and even merch. Their beers are delicious, and the ambiance of the place is out of the world. They also have outside and rooftop seating available, which adds to the magical touch. 

People love their food and beer and always come back for more. A place that serves excellent beer every time is a must-visit for sure. 

  • Location: 2314 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Crucial Taunt, and The Weapon
The Veil Brewing
The Veil Brewing

Brick Anchor Brewhouse

When you think brewhouse, you think good beer, and the Brick Anchor Brewhouse delivers. Their beers are specially brewed and chosen to give seasoned beer lovers the time of a lifetime. 

With over 60 beers on top, 40 choices of canned beer, and a world of food items, this brewhouse is perfect for beer enthusiasts. 

  • Location: 241 Granby St, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Strawberry Lemon-drop Martini
Brick Anchor Brew House
Brick Anchor Brew House

The Barrel Room

People that visit The Barrel Room love their collection of both beers and music. Their staff is also friendly, and people love how intimate and warm the environment is. 

With 24 beers on taps and 40 choices of canned beers, this is the kind of place to make friends or a date. Of course, you can always go by yourself. 

  • Location: 437 Granby St Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Hush Puppy shrimp, Music, and their collection of beer
The Barrel Room
The Barrel Room

Murphy’s Law Pub and Bar

This bar offers one thing that all alcohol lovers want: tasty drinks at cheap prices. Murphy’s Law Pub and Bar offer you drink and food options that aren’t heavy on the pocket. 

Add to that the fact that it has a welcoming atmosphere, and you’ve got yourself one of the best bars in Norfolk VA

  • Location: 3574 N Military Hwy Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: One pound shrimp and drinks
Murphy's Law Pub
Murphy’s Law Pub

Blue Moon Taphouse

Blue moon Taphouse has tried its best to be a trendy place to get some drinks with friends, and it has succeeded. With its pub, brews on tap, and rooftop seating, it certainly is a spot worth visiting. 

  • Location: 333 Waterside Dr. Ste 108 Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Blue Moon Beer
Blue Moon Taphouse
Blue Moon Taphouse

Kelly’s Tavern

Norfolk is one of the first locations of Kelly’s Tavern and has continuously remained a fan favorite. Not only do they have huge burgers, but during happy hour they have drinks that cost under $2. Overall, a good place for delicious food and cheap drinks. 

  • Location: 1408 Colley Ave Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Burgers and sweet potato fries 
Kelly's Tavern
Kelly’s Tavern

MJ’s Tavern

Once the sun sets, MJ’s Tavern brings out special drinks and fun activities. From unique and specially crafted drinks to Pool Tournaments, Karaoke, and bar trivia, MJ’s is never dull. 

You’ll also find a lot of costume parties and other events going on. MJ’s Tavern will never let you settle for boring. 

  • Location: 4019 Granby Street, Norfolk VA
  • Specialties: Tuna Bites, No Hate Chicken, and Beer
MJ's Tavern
MJ’s Tavern

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Circuit Social

Under one roof, Circuit Social offers you drinks, food, and games. It features 80 arcade games, as well as 40 drinks on taps. This makes it one of the best places to socialize in the area. 

  • Location: 258 Granby St Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Games, Drinks, and the Pretzels
the circuit social virigina
The Circuit Social. Courtesy: facebook page


We’ve compiled a list of the best bars in Norfolk VA here. However, the best bar for you will be the one that drinks suit your taste, and the atmosphere is to your liking. A drinking night experience is different for everybody, so it makes sense that everybody wouldn’t love the same bar. Ultimately, you need to try a bunch of bars to choose what’s best for you.

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