The Most Popular Sioux City Restaurants – Local Favorites

Sioux City boasts a vibrant food culture with an array of flavors to explore. Whether you’re looking for something romantic and intimate or an exciting night exploring the locals’ favorites, these popular Sioux City restaurants have it all. Explore an array of mouthwatering dishes crafted by renowned chefs and discover the hidden tastes of the restaurant’s best-kept secrets – you’re sure to find something extraordinary!

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10 Most Popular Sioux City Restaurants

Sioux City offers a multitude of delicious restaurants to cater to any craving. Here are the 10 most popular Sioux City restaurants where you can experience classic American fare, exotic cuisine, and everything in between:

Shahi Palace

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PERFECT FOR: An authentic Indian dining experience
Shahi Palace
Shahi Palace

Are you looking for some Indian cuisine in Sioux City? Then, Shahi Palace India Grill is the place to be. Located on Singing Hills Boulevard, this restaurant offers delicious Indian food and drinks that can satisfy any palate.

Shahi Palace has been known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Sioux City Iowa for many years now. Large groups can easily be accommodated in the restaurant’s spacious dining room. It also has a bar that serves a wide range of alcoholic drinks, perfect for people who like to have a drink with their meal.

If you’re in the mood for some garlic naans or butter chicken, Shahi Palace won’t let you down. They offer many vegetarian options as well, such as palak paneer, vegetable biryani, and mango lassi. Non-vegetarian dishes like chicken tikka masala and butter chicken are also available for those who prefer meat dishes. For people who love spicy Indian food, this is the place to go in Sioux City.

Not only can you enjoy some delicious food here, but you can also hold larger events in their spacious area. They also have a well-stocked bar that serves classic Indian beverages such as mango lassi. Shahi Palace India Grill serves the finest Indian cuisine in Sioux City and it is worth trying out for an authentic experience.

There is no better place to eat than Shahi Palace India Grill when you are with your family or friends. So, if you are in the mood for some Indian food, this is the place to be. With its great selection of dishes and drinks, it is certainly one of the best restaurants in Sioux City Iowa. Come check out Shahi Palace today and enjoy a delicious meal! If you’re in Anaheim and craving some Indian cuisine, check out our recommendations for the best Anaheim Indian restaurants you must visit.

Main + Abbey Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: A relaxed, casual dining experience with an extensive list of beer, wine, and cocktails to choose from
Main + Abbey Restaurant
Main + Abbey Restaurant

If you’re looking for a spot to sample delicious Sioux City food in a relaxed environment, then Main + Abbey is the place to go. Located on 3rd Street, this charming gastropub offers American fare with a slight London touch.

It isn’t fancy but it’s the perfect atmosphere for catching up with friends over drinks and a meal.

Main + Abbey has something for everyone; they even offer beer tastings with more than 30 craft beers available. If you’re not into beer, they also have an impressive selection of wines as well as other drinks.

As far as food goes, their rib-eye steak is always a big hit, and their fish and chips are also highly recommended. For dessert, try their German chocolate cake – it’s just as delicious as it sounds!

It is one of the top restaurants in Sioux City IA for a casual meal with friends. The restaurant has an inviting atmosphere that encourages you to stay and chat over drinks and food. Food quality is excellent, and prices are reasonable. Plus, they have great customer service and staff that are always friendly and helpful.

No matter what type of meal you’re in the mood for, Main + Abbey will be sure to please. Main + Abbey offers a casual dining experience and a delicious variety of Sioux City food that won’t leave you disappointed. Give this cozy gastropub a try and you won’t regret it!

Table 32

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PERFECT FOR: A romantic evening out, or special occasions
Table 32 ribeye steak
Table 32

Table 32 is a sophisticated and upscale restaurant in Sioux City IA, ideal for a night out with friends or a romantic evening. As soon as you enter, you are welcomed into an inviting atmosphere with vintage decor and a modern ambiance.

No matter what kind of setting you choose, the perfect dining experience awaits you. At the bar area, there’s even a big-screen TV to watch the games while enjoying drinks with friends.

The menu offers a diverse selection of everyday items such as sandwiches, soups, salads, pasta dishes, steaks, and bowls – but all prepared innovatively. You can’t go wrong when ordering risotto, steak sandwich, or lobster here – followed by crème Brulee for dessert.

For an experience like no other, Table 32 is one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Sioux City IA. There is no better place to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy some exceptional food and beverages than this restaurant.

The atmosphere will make you feel like royalty, and the food will tantalize your taste buds. You won’t be disappointed – it’s truly a unique and glamorous dining experience that is worth every penny.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable fine-dining experience in Sioux City IA, Table 32 is the place to go. With its classic decor, contemporary and sophisticated menu, and inviting atmosphere, this is one restaurant you won’t want to miss. So take your date, bring the family or gather a group of friends – no matter what the occasion, Table 32 promises an unforgettable experience!

Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: A cozy, family-friendly dining experience
Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant
Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant

Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant is a charming diner located on 5th Street in Sioux City, Iowa. The restaurant has been around since the late ’90s and offers delicious American and Greek cuisine. From classic fish & chips to kebabs and gyros, there is something for everyone at this family-run eatery.

Apart from the regular sit-in dinners, the restaurant also has a small deli area where visitors can create their sandwiches with an array of toppings to choose from. From the morning meal to a late-night bite, Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant is ready to please everyone’s taste buds. Not only do they serve generous portions at affordable prices but they also offer complimentary coffee refills.

Biscuits and gravy, bacon, and hashbrowns are some of the classic dishes served here that are sure to delight any palate. The menu might not be particularly extensive, but it’s full of tried-and-tested favorites. This charming restaurant is perfect for those who are looking for a comforting and hearty meal.

For those seeking to sample some delicious homemade Sioux City food, Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant is the place to go. It’s a homey atmosphere that will make you feel right at home and its friendly staff ensures that your dining experience is a pleasant one.

So, if you’re ever in the area, don’t forget to stop by this iconic restaurant and sample some of the delicious cuisines that it has to offer.

Overall, Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant is a great place to visit when you’re in Sioux City. From classic American dishes to delicious Greek favorites, they have something for everyone at an affordable price.

It doesn’t matter what you’re craving – breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner – their home-cooked meals are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. So don’t forget to visit this classic diner the next time you’re in Sioux City!

Kahill’s Chophouse

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PERFECT FOR: Those looking for an upscale dining experience
Kahill’s Chophouse
Kahill’s Chophouse

Kahill’s Chophouse is a premier Sioux City restaurant that serves gourmet American fares and cocktails. This establishment features a contemporary design, with beautiful views of the River Missouri for customers to enjoy.

To get the most out of your experience here, make sure you visit during daylight hours and reserve a table closest to the water.

The menu at Kahill’s Chophouse offers something for everyone. Steaks, chops, seafood, and pasta dishes are all prepared with the finest ingredients available. Additionally, they serve up some of the best salads in town and have a top-notch bar to boot.

For those with dietary restrictions, there is also an extensive selection of gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly options.

Kahill’s Chophouse is a great place to go if you’re looking for an elegant evening with friends or just a place to socialize with coworkers. They even offer special packages for business meetings and celebrations. Along with the food and drinks, the gorgeous views of the River Missouri make this one an experience you won’t forget.

If you’re staying at the Marriott or want to brighten up your Sunday, Kahill’s Chophouse is a must-visit Sioux City restaurant. They offer a unique dining experience with outstanding service and delicious menu items.

Whether you try the steak, seafood, or pasta, you’re sure to be impressed. With its impressive atmosphere and wide selection of quality dishes, Kahill’s Chophouse is a top fine-dining destination in Sioux City. So don’t miss out on this incredible restaurant experience!

La Juanita

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PERFECT FOR: Those who appreciate Mexican-style cuisine
La Juanita
La Juanita

Located on Pierce Street, La Juanita is the perfect spot to enjoy a tasty yet affordable meal. From their cozy atmosphere to their delicious cuisine, you’ll surely have a wonderful dining experience every time you visit.

So if you’re ever in Sioux City, Iowa, don’t forget to drop by this fantastic restaurant and take in the full flavor of Mexican food. Indulge in a delicious meal without breaking the bank – either by dining in or take-out!

At La Juanita, you can be sure that you’ll savor freshly-prepared dishes without any additional fillers except for the high-quality meat included in every meal. All of their food is guaranteed to be flavorful and will simply melt in your mouth. For those in a hurry, they even provide drive-through delivery services.

For an unforgettable taste of Mexican cuisine, you should try their steak burrito, steak tacos, and carne asada burrito. Be sure to also check out their other menu items such as the quesadillas, tamales, and enchiladas. Also don’t forget to check out the best Mexican restaurants at Laguna Beach.

Horizon Family Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: Friends and family looking to enjoy a delicious, budget-friendly meal
Horizon Family Restaurant
Horizon Family Restaurant

Horizon Family Restaurant is one of the most beloved eateries in Sioux City, Iowa, and offers customers a nostalgic diner vibe. It has become one of the top places to eat out with your family or friends in the area and is particularly renowned for its breakfast dishes. From fluffy pancakes and waffles to French toast and omelets, the menu is diverse and offers something for everyone.

Vegans or vegetarians will find a wide selection of dishes to choose from that include the Hungry Man and Polar Bear waffles, as well as chocolate chip pancakes. However, those who have a sweet tooth will truly be in their element here: Horizon Family Restaurant serves up homemade pies, cakes, and other desserts that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for a place to dine with your family or friends in Sioux City, Horizon Family Restaurant should be at the top of your list. They offer generous portions for reasonable prices, as well as a friendly atmosphere which makes it a great place to catch up and chat.

Furthermore, there is free WiFi available for guests, which makes it the perfect spot for a business lunch or breakfast.

The staff are always extremely friendly and welcoming to each guest and make sure everyone feels at ease.


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PERFECT FOR: Those in search of a unique dining experience with signature drinks to pair with your meal
Jitters sioux city

Jitters, a popular breakfast spot in Sioux City IA, is one of the top places to eat during your visit. This cozy coffee shop provides just the right atmosphere for catching up with friends while starting your day.

While they do offer an array of breakfast wraps, salads, soups, and other food items, the main attraction here are the Jitters donuts.

The donuts are so highly sought after that there’s usually a line out the door on Sunday mornings. The unique recipes of these freshly-made sweet treats will have your taste buds jumping for joy with every bite.

Jitters has the classic glazed cake as well as something more unique like the blueberry crumb cake.

SoHo Kitchen & Bar

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PERFECT FOR: An upscale dinner or night out

soho kitchen and bar

SoHo Kitchen & Bar is an exceptional restaurant located in Sioux City IA and owned by a family. This New York-themed establishment offers the most delicious homemade American fares and a wide selection of crafted tap beers.

It’s the perfect place for families to get together and enjoy a culinary experience, as well as an ideal spot for vegetarians and those with gluten allergies.

Their menu is vast and consists of everything from classic burgers to sweet potato fries. Guests can always expect top-quality food no matter what they order, so everyone is sure to find something that tantalizes their taste buds.

Popular dishes include Jalapeno Popper Burgers, Turkey Burgers, Baked Potatoes, and Sweet Potato Fries – items that you must try when visiting SoHo Kitchen and Bar.

In addition to the restaurant, this place also features a bar where people can socialize with friends over drinks in the evening. However, that’s not all; it is one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Sioux City as well. Kids’ meals are available for picky eaters and the atmosphere is always relaxed.

All in all, SoHo Kitchen & Bar has something for every taste and dietary requirement. They pride themselves on providing great customer service, delicious dishes, and a comfortable ambiance that’s perfect for spending time with your loved ones.

If you’re in search of an exquisite dining experience or just a casual meal with your friends, SoHo Kitchen & Bar is the ideal destination. Visit today and check out why people keep returning for more!

Diamond Thai Cuisine

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PERFECT FOR: Those looking to experience authentic Thai flavors
Diamond Thai Cuisine
Diamond Thai Cuisine

Located on West 7th Street, Diamond Thai Cuisine is a great spot for Thai food lovers. It has a cozy atmosphere perfect for casual dates or gathering with friends. This modest restaurant serves up traditional Thai dishes such as BBQ, pad thai, curries, and more that will surely satisfy your cravings. It also comes with an array of vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. If you are looking for more options for vegan restaurants, check out our guide for the best Vegan Restaurants at Laguna Beach.

One thing to note is that Thai cuisine tends to be spicy, so if you don’t prefer the extra heat, let your server know and they’ll help adjust the dish accordingly. Moreover, Diamond Thai Cuisine has reasonably priced meals, making it a great spot for a weekday dinner or catching up with friends.

If you’re looking for something to try, the veggie spring rolls and fried tofu come highly recommended. Pad thai is another classic dish on the menu that will give you an authentic taste of Thai cuisine. All in all, Diamond Thai Cuisine is a great vegan-friendly restaurant in Sioux City that offers excellent value and quality food.

Craving some delectable Thai cuisine? Diamond Thai Cuisine is your ideal destination for a laid-back lunch or dinner! Indulge in the genuine flavors of Thai cuisine without overspending; it’s perfect for a cozy dinner or gathering with friends. So make sure to stop by next time you’re in the area! You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Sioux City Restaurants

When deciding which Sioux City restaurants to visit, there are a few things to consider:

  • Type of Cuisine — When deciding which restaurant to visit, the type of cuisine should be the first consideration. Do you prefer Italian or Mexican? Are you looking for something more exotic, such as Thai or Indian? Depending on the type of food desired, certain restaurants will be better suited.
  • Price — Price is an important factor when deciding which Sioux City restaurants to visit. Some restaurants offer very expensive meals, while others are much more affordable options. It is important to consider your budget and determine which restaurants offer the best value for money.
  • Ambiance — The atmosphere of a restaurant should also be taken into account before visiting. Do you want a relaxed and casual environment, or would you prefer something more upscale?
  • Reputation — Finally, consider the reputation of a restaurant before visiting. Read reviews online to get an idea of what other people thought of their experience.
  • By considering these four factors, choosing the right restaurant in Sioux City will be easy and stress-free.

How Do We Pick Our Recommendations?

We use a combination of user reviews, ratings from food critics, health and safety inspections, local restaurant guidebooks, and many other factors to determine our recommendations. We also take into consideration the neighborhood and cuisine type. Our goal is to provide an unbiased list of restaurants that are representative of Sioux City’s diverse culinary culture. Additionally, we prioritize restaurants that offer an excellent ambiance and customer service. Our recommendations are not just based on the user reviews and ratings but our food bloggers personally visit each restaurant to get an accurate assessment of the food, service, and atmosphere. We also take into consideration any awards or accolades that restaurants have received. Finally, we carefully analyze customer feedback and make sure that our recommendations are updated accordingly. We strive to bring you the best Sioux City has to offer!

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The Most Popular Sioux City Restaurants-Local Favorites - FAQs

What type of cuisine do the popular Sioux City restaurants serve?

The most popular Sioux City restaurants serve a variety of cuisines including American, Italian, Mexican, and Barbecue.

Are there vegetarian options at the popular Sioux City restaurants?

Yes, most of the popular Sioux City restaurants offer vegetarian options on their menus.

Is there outdoor seating available at the popular Sioux City restaurants?

Yes, many of the popular Sioux City restaurants offer outdoor seating for enjoying the warm summer weather.

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