Guide to Top 20 Steakhouses in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach can be considered the calmest city in the United States. Close to the beach and rushing waters, you can choose this place as your next travel destination. Here, you can relax your mind from the never-ending life hustles. And, it will be wrong not to eat steaks while you are in the city. Hence, this article will inform you about the best steakhouses in Laguna Beach that are hard to resist.

Steakhouses in Laguna Beach

These steakhouses have the juiciest and yummiest steaks you will ever lay your hands on. The serving size is ample and you will not be able to stop till the last bite. Let’s have a look at what these steak restaurants in Laguna Beach are all about.


This restaurant offers Orange County’s top-ranked wood-fired steaks that will be a delight for your palates. Mozambique serves flavorful steaks that are cooked to precise levels depending on your preference.


In addition, they also possess a scrumptious seafood collection. The staff makes sure only to present fresh catch in front of their customers. Hence, every plate is made fresh and hot to create wonderful memories for you.

Moreover, the chef season the steaks with Mozambique Spicy Company Steak Rub served with homemade sauces. Therefore, you will not get a taste like this anywhere else.

  • Address:130 Route 22, Pawling, NY 12564.
  • Specialties: Steaks, homemade sauces, peri-peri prawns. 

Del Frisco’s Grille

Del Frisco’s Grille deserves a top spot in our list of the best steakhouses in Laguna Beach. It is home to some of the most delicious steaks you will ever have in your life.

Del Frisco's Grille
Del Frisco’s Grille

Their Signature Steaks include Filet Mignon, Usda Prime Ribeye, New York Strip, and Filet Medallion Duo. Grilled to perfection, these steaks have the right balance of softness. An amazing part? You can top your steaks with goat cheese, blue cheese, butter, and truffle to make them even more delicious.

  • Address: 772 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618.
  • Specialties: Filet medallion duo, grille cheeseburger, and shrimp fettuccini.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

This place was made with one sole purpose, to become the best steak restaurant in Laguna Beach. And, their dream was rightly fulfilled because Ruth’s Chris Steak House quickly gained popularity for their flavorful steaks.

Ruth's Chris Steak House
Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Furthermore, they only pick the finest cuts of USDA Prime beef for their steaks. The steaks are cooked in an 1800-degree custom broiler to give them an accurate texture. Next, they are seasoned with butter, and fresh parsley to be served on a 500-degree sizzling plate. Consequently, you will drool as soon as you smell the deliciousness.

Pair your steak with hand-crafted cocktails to have the greatest dining experience in Laguna Beach.

  • Address:  2961 Michelson Dr. Suite A, Building 10, Irvine, CA 92612, United States.
  • Specialties: Hand-crafted cocktails, petite filet and shrimp, bone-in new york strips, and ribeye.

Maro Wood Grill

It has a nice outdoor seating where you can enjoy your steak serving. They only select grass-fed beef to give the steaks a natural and healthy flavor. Plus, they actually use Argentinian meat cuts cooked on a wood grill. As a result, the steaks are tender and full of native Argentinian flavors to win over your taste preferences.

Maro Wood Grill steakhouse in laguna beach
Maro Wood Grill

At Maro Wood Grill, you should try the Hanger Steak Tagliata, Rib Eye Cap, and Filet Mignon among other items from the menu. Also, they have a friendly staff and cozy outdoor seating to make your meal wonderful.

  • Address: 1915 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: Organic chicken breast, and ribeye center-cut.

Selanne Steak Tavern

If you are on the hunt for some brilliant steakhouses in Laguna Beach, this is your place to be. Selanne Steak Tavern is the favorite among locals, as well as tourists. Many people especially visit the area to try their steaks.

Selanne Steak Tavern
Selanne Steak Tavern

Here, you will encounter a helpful staff who will guide you through their menu. They will also precisely note down any instructions you may have for your order, and convey them to the chef. Therefore, you will get a plate of food made to your liking.

Moreover, the steaks are succulent and rich in flavors to leave a positive mark on your taste buds. No matter where you go, these steaks will always make you drool.

  • Address: 1464 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States.
  • Specialties: Skirt steak, dry-aged bone-in ribeye, and flash burger.


Located in The Ranch, this is a hidden place serving the tastiest steaks out there. Once you grab a bite, you will not be able to hold yourself back.

Harvest Restaurant
Harvest Restaurant

Harvest has a great atmosphere with a beautiful view of the outdoors. You can wander in the mesmerizing view while you wait for the food to be ready. Also, you won’t have to wait for too long because the staff will get it to your table within a few minutes.

  • Address: 31106 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: Flank steak, Brussel sprouts, and bacon cinnamon roll.

Driftwood Kitchen

Do you know what is the best thing about this steakhouse, apart from their delicious steaks of course? The view is heavenly. At Driftwood Kitchen, you can appreciate the beauty of roaring waters as you munch on a mouthful of steaks.

Driftwood Kitchen
Driftwood Kitchen

You will have the finest of steaks with an array of options to choose from. For example, Kansas City New York Steak, Braised Prime Beef Short Rib, and much more. 

However, do try the Flat Iron Steak and Porkbelly served with roasted mushrooms, crispy red onions, and chimichurri sauce.

  • Address: 619 Sleepy Hollow Lane, Laguna Beach, CA 9265.
  • Specialties: Flat iron steak and pork belly, yellowfin tuna tartare, and grilled Spanish octopus.


This is one more place to consider when you are searching for a top-notch steakhouse in Laguna Beach. Lumberyard offers a huge portion size to fulfill all your steak cravings. Plus, the dining area is casual where you can enjoy a nice meal.

lumberyard laguna beach

They have excellent steaks in many varieties, such as Grilled Skirt Steak, Parmesan Crusted Sole Filet, Pan Seared Hawaiian Ahi, and BBQ Baby Back Ribs. You can choose anything from their options to satisfy your appetite with juicy, and luscious steaks.

  • Address: 384 Forest Ave #10 (Third Street), Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States.
  • Specialties: BBQ baby back ribs, fried fish sandwich, and the beyond burger.

Salt Creek Grille

Whenever you are in Laguna Beach, make sure to visit this restaurant at least once. The food and staff will impress you with their service.

Salt Creek Grille
Salt Creek Grille

And, they also have private rooms available for your special gatherings, such as corporate dinner or a friend’s birthday. At this steak restaurant in Laguna Beach, you will enjoy a variety of hand-cut steaks, made with the right seasonings and spices. The result? Perfect texture and color.

  • Address: 32802 Pacific Coast Hwy Dana Point, CA 92629.
  • Specialties: Double-cut pork chop, wood-fired filet mignon, and honeybird fried chicken sandwich.

The Drake

Offering an intimate fire-wall patio, this place is the perfect pick to make your meal special. You can visit with your partner or spouse and make the steak experience a memorable one for both of you, and within reasonable prices as well.

The Drake
The Drake

In addition, their tender and juicy steaks are the main attraction of this adorable eatery. They are luscious and will be a delight to your palate for sure.

Besides, The Drake has a helpful staff who will be there to assist you whenever you need them.

  • Address: Between Nyes Place and Hinkle Place on South Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach.
  • Specialties: Chicken stroganoff, filet mignon, and three chocolate parfait.

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Maestro’s Ocean Club

This upscale dine-in shop is one of the best steakhouses in Laguna Beach. You will want to eat more of the steaks even though your stomach feels full. All because the steaks are rich in flavors that will burst into your mouth as soon as you put the first bite in. Hence, Maestro’s Ocean Club is superb with this food dish.

Maestro's Ocean Club
Maestro’s Ocean Club

Moreover, the Bone-in Ribeye is among the most popular items at this restaurant. They only serve wet-aged USDA Prime steaks cooked in a 1500-degree broiler to keep the nutrients intact. 

The steaks are then placed on a 450-degree sizzling platter clarified with butter to enhance the taste.

  • Address: 8112 E Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92657.
  • Specialties: Bone-in Ribeye, rack of lamb, and porterhouse.

Royal Hawaiian Fire Grill

Run by internationally acclaimed chefs, Royal Hawaiian is a restaurant you will definitely love. They have a masterful menu that offers plenty of steak options for all the steak-lovers out there.

Royal Hawaiian Fire Grill
Royal Hawaiian Fire Grill

Plus, the restaurant has a calm and breezy vibe in a modern dine-in setting. Hence, you can take a breath of fresh air during your trip. The plates are served with a pleasing presentation and large portion size. Consequently, you can enjoy a satisfying meal at Royal Hawaiian.

  • Address: 331 N Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: Petite tender steak, grilled top sirloin cap steak, and mesquite-grilled sausage.

21 Oceanfront

It is located close to Laguna Beach. 21 Oceanfront has a cool atmosphere and a stunning view. The steakhouse is near the beach, hence you can watch over the sea as you dine on their delicious steaks.

21 Oceanfront
21 Oceanfront

Furthermore, they make sure that everything on your table is made fresh and with the finest ingredients. Even the meat is carefully selected by the experts to provide you with a tasty steak. 

You will want to come back for more once you have tried the steaks at 21 Oceanfront near Laguna Beach.

  • Address: 2100 West Oceanfront Newport Beach, CA 92663.
  • Specialties: Baseball-cut swordfish, and lobster bisque.


EnoSteak is another steak restaurant in Laguna Niguel, which is pretty near to Laguna Beach. It serves some of the greatest pieces of steaks you will ever have. Made from grass-fed, pasture-raised prime beef,  their steaks have everything you could ask for.


A few of the options you can try are Coffee-rubbed Wagyu NY Steak, Wanderer Filet, Eno Slow Roasted Prime Rib, and more. All of these steaks are garnished and seasoned with fresh ingredients to intensify the flavors.

  • Address: 1 Ritz Carlton Drive Dana Point, CA 92629.
  • Specialties: Eno slow-roasted prime rib, and Eno signature cheese and meat board.

Brussels Bistro

This steakhouse has been satisfying the steak cravings of its customers since 2004. It is a popular joint in Laguna Beach, having a large collection of tender steaks. They know how to have their steak game, thus the staff only presents excellence to their diners.

Brussels Bistro
Brussels Bistro

At Brussels Bistro, you will have a fine dining experience. The food, staff, and the overall environment are all superb. 

Also, this place has an exquisite collection of Belgium wines that will be a nice addition to your meal.

  • Address: 222 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: Mussels, hangar steak, and wines.


You can visit this steak restaurant in Laguna Beach to enjoy steaks that taste and look awesome. On their ample steak menu, you can find Thai Spicy Beef with Basil, Mongolian Beef, Cantonese Coastal Baby Back Ribs, and much more. All these dishes have a natural aura that will appeal to you instantly.

Starfish laguna beach

Plus, Starfish will give you a royal food experience, thanks to their brilliant environment and dine-in setting. You will remember this eatery for a long time.

  • Address: 30832 S. Coast HWY, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: Shrimp tempura roll, Korean tacos, and Thai crab fried rice. 


This Mexican restaurant in Laguna Beach specializes in serving mouth-watering steaks. Carmelita’s is a popular eatery where you can get a wide variety of food options.

Carmelita's Laguna Beach

They source their ingredients from local vendors to ensure freshness and the right crisp. Hence, every plate of food is prepared with maximum care and effort to give you authentic dishes. For steaks, you may have Oaxacan Steak Tacos, Skirt Steak Fajitas, and more.

  • Address: 217 Broadway St., Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: Chicken taquitos, crispy chimichanga, and tampiquena.

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Sapphire Laguna

Sapphire Laguna has a beautiful patio, tasteful food, quick service, and a lovely ambiance. You can dine on the patio and enjoy their delicious array of steaks. The meat is chosen cautiously to meet high-quality standards.

Sapphire laguna beach

Therefore, the steaks are super fresh and tasty. The menu includes 45-Day aged Bone-in Ribeye Steak, Pacific Northwest Filet Mignon, and Prime Short Rib Stroganoff.

  • Address: 1200 S Coast Hwy Ste 101 (at Brooks St), Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: American wagyu beef burger, signature crispy Meyer lemon, and honey duck wings.

The Cliff

Apart from tasty seafood, it also serves tempting steaks that will leave you craving for more.

The Cliff Restaurant
The Cliff Restaurant

The Cliff’s mesmerizing view of the whitewater will keep you hooked to the restaurant. Experience the rush of cold sea breeze while dining on your plate of steak. Here, the world-class menu consists of Ribeye Steak, Filet Mignon, and so on.

  • Address: 577 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA.
  • Specialties: Lobster bisque, fish tacos, and ribeye steak.

Nick’s Laguna Beach

Lastly, this is the steakhouse we will introduce here. Nick’s Laguna Beach is a cozy restaurant with a great atmosphere and luscious food.

Nick's Laguna Beach
Nick’s Laguna Beach

The staff is very humble and kind. Thus you will be highly satisfied with their service. Furthermore, it is an open eatery where you can overlook the hustle-bustle of the city as you dine. The steaks are made from the best quality meat and cooked to optimum temperatures. Thus, you will only receive the best food at Nick’s.

  • Address: 440 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Specialties: The prime rib dip, center-cut filet, and maple-glazed meatloaf.


To wrap it all up, we have brought all of the best steakhouses in Laguna Beach in one place. This is all the information you need to know before picking the restaurant for good steaks. 

There are several hidden gems in Laguna Beach that you can find on our list. So, try as many as you can if you are a steak-lover.

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