22 insanely beautiful Joshua Tree resorts to stay at

Do you believe Joshua Tree could make an excellent choice for your next vacation? Well, we agree. Located in the High Desert of California, the place is home to the most exotic national park in the United States. There are many resorts in this area that provide top-notch service for tourists. So, in this article, we will let you know about the worthy resorts in Joshua Tree so that you can pick the best one for your stay.

These resorts will make your trip a memorable one. Along with the adventures of the city, you will also enjoy time at the resort. Plus, you can return to a comfortable room after a long day of fun and exploring.

Starlight Boutique Hotel and Private Resort

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3569 Calmada Rd, Pioneertown, CA 92268, United States
PERFECT FOR: Beautiful Atmosphere

This is an excellent resort to book for your trip to Joshua Tree. Being in business for the past ten years, they have excelled in customer service and comfort.

Located only 6 miles from the highway, you would not have to travel for long hours before making it to the resort. The impressive part is that they provide high-speed internet access throughout your stay. Consequently, your work will not suffer, even when you are away from home.

They have spacious, elegant rooms that have a French vibe with the decor. The aesthetics are eye-pleasing, and the rooms are comfortable. Moreover, you can also relax at the Spa, in the hot tub, or at the swimming pool.

  • Specialties: Continental Breakfast, 24/7 access to the swimming pool, Spa, and hot tub.

The Good House

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12885 Eliseo Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Well-Equipped Rooms

Next up, we have the Good House. The interesting thing is that Good House and Palm Springs Airport only have a short distance of 11.5 miles between them. Thus, you can get to the resort quickly from the airport to unpack your stuff. 

In addition, you will love the rooms at this resort. All of them have private patios, kitchenettes, flat-screen TVs, iPod docks, and high-speed internet connections. Thus, you can make the best use of these entertainment tools to make your stay memorable. 

Besides, you can immerse yourself in the outdoor mineral-water pool or the hot tub to give your mind some relaxation. They also have BBQ grills if you want to make a delicious meaty meal.  

  • Specialties: Day Spa, BBQ Grills, Mineral-water pool, kitchenette, and WiFi.

The Castle House

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64278 E Broadway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States
PERFECT FOR: Sightseeing and Gorgeous Castle Towers

Castle House resides in the heart of Joshua Tree. It is very close to the Joshua Tree National Park; hence you can get there within a matter of a few minutes.

Furthermore, this resort is built on 12-acre land to give you the full resort experience. The place offers a natural atmosphere to freshen yourself up. And, it is tidy and clean as well. The bedrooms are comfortable and have all the basic entertainment facilities.

To keep you warm during the chilly winter nights, The Castle House has electric blankets for the customers. Hence, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Their room service is commendable. Also, you can stay in the Castle Towers and discover a wonderful view.

  • Specialties: Allergy-free room, coffee/ tea maker, and private balcony.

The Springs Resort

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12699 Reposo Way, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Multi-Purpose Boutiques

Try this resort if you are looking for the top places to stay in Joshua Tree. Offering complimentary breakfast and large rooms, The Spring Resort will make your stay luxurious.

They have a day spa, mineral-water swimming pool, and rooms equipped with all the basic facilities. You can also enjoy a fresh juice while sitting under the glorious palm trees. 

Another interesting part? The Spring Resort has its boutique in the lobby. You can get premium skin/hair care products from the shop and must-haves like jewelry, hats, and so much more.

  • Specialties: Day Spa, mineral water pool, boutique, and cozy fireplace.

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Mojave Sands

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62121 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States
PERFECT FOR: Convenient Location

The resort has an ultimately chic exterior that gives off hip vibes. The place is full of vintage decor, making the perfect background for your holiday pictures.

Moreover, the rooms have private patios, aesthetic typewriters, and vinyl libraries so you can go back to the old times. And there is a mini-fridge to store your perishable food items.

Mojave Sands provides more tourist amenities, such as a communal yard, BBQ area, and a reflecting pool to indulge in coolness during the summer heat. Like every other resort in Joshua Tree, CA, you get a high-speed WiFi connection throughout your time at the resort.

  • Specialties: Mini-Fridge in rooms, private patios, and vinyl library.

You Will Also Like These Resorts near Joshua Tree

All the above-mentioned resorts are top-notch in their offerings. However, please keep your options open, so take a look at some more resorts in the city that you can book for your trip.

Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort

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67589 Hacienda Ave, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Large Spring Water Pool

It is a premium resort that will revamp your stay with its quick service and amazing facilities. You can dive into this resort’s mineral spring water pool to beat the heat. Moreover, the place lets you enjoy a starry night view at a peaceful spot. So, you can clear your mind after the day’s shenanigans.

Plus, Azure Palm offers an authentic Himalayan Salt Room where you can truly connect with your inner self while the toxins flush out from your body. You will also have one of the most luxurious spa experiences here.

  • Specialties: Spa, Himalayan Salt Room, and parking.

El Moroccan Inn and Spa Resort

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66810 4th St, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Relaxing Hot Springs

This Moroccan-themed resort is a fantastic pick for your stay in Joshua Tree. Besides, they serve a top-notch breakfast every morning, which is rich in taste. It will impress your tastebuds, as well as fulfill your appetite.

Additionally, you get access to Far Infra-Red Sauna, Movie Library, Natural Spring Water Swimming Pool, Hot Springs Spa, and much more during your stay. The place is spacious and designed well to leave a mark on anybody who stays here. Also, the internet services will stay the same no matter where you are within the resort.

  • Specialties: Movie library, Infra-Red Sauna, and Spa. 

The O Spa and Resort

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11740 Mesquite Ave, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Modern Amenities

It is a chic resort with many amenities to ease your visit. You will experience the best of everything, whether it is art, music, or a simple conversation. 

The days are full of excitement and activities that you will enjoy. They have skilled massage therapists and healers who will rejuvenate your body with soothing massages. And, you always have the natural mineral waters for a refreshing time.

  • Specialties: Body massage, Spa, and natural mineral water.

Sagewater Spa

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12689 Eliseo Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Flawless Spa

Sagewater Spa is a hidden gem, loved by everyone who chose this place for their stay. You will have a flawless stay, thanks to the healing spa experience.

The place has contemporary rooms with upscale kitchens to make your stay easier. Plus, you get a DVD library, a Beautiful mineral water pool with 24-hour access, Gourmet BBQ Grill, etc. All these amenities will make your trip to Joshua Tree a memorable one.

  • Specialties: Spa, coffee makers, and massage treatment. 

Miracle Springs Resort

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10625 Palm Dr, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Great Italian Food

The Miracle Springs Resort gives off a modern vibe to make your stay pleasurable. Besides, this resort provides a glorious view of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley. It is perfect for taking a few beautiful clicks to remember your trip.

In addition, Capri Restaurant serves delicious Italian food in Joshua Tree. Plus, the rooms are super comfortable with plush bedding and private balconies. Thus, you will feel right at home. The place also has a relaxing spa and nurturing mineral water pool.

  • Specialties: Plush Bedding, private balconies, and premium Italian food.

Caliente Springs Resort

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70200 Dillon Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241, United States
PERFECT FOR: Fantastic Golf Course

This is another of the top places to stay in Joshua Tree. Caliente Springs is a beautiful resort where you will have a luxurious stay. Plus, the place has a lovely staff who serve you throughout the visit.

Moreover, they offer exciting sports, like golf, and fitness classes where you can ease your body after a hectic day. On the other hand, you can also choose just to have a moment to yourself in the natural mineral water pool. The resort has an excellent spa facility to treat you to a great resort experience.

  • Specialties: Spa, fitness classes, mesmerizing view.

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Hope Springs Resort

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68075 Club Cir Dr, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Refreshing Pools

Hope Springs will give you a royal experience. It is the right pick for your getaway. Featuring rejuvenating Natural Hot Mineral Spring Water, you can soothe your soul with it.

Plus, you can have a relieving spa time at this resort to kick away all the physical tiredness from your trip. In addition, the rooms have comfortable king-size beds to give you a top-class hotel experience. 

  • Specialties: Spacious rooms, mineral spring water, and so on.

Two Bunch Palms

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67425 Two Bunch Palms Trail, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States
PERFECT FOR: Therapeutic Massage

This resort is only restricted to people 18 and above. Thus, the perfect place to relax from the daily hustle of life. In addition, do try the therapeutic massage.

Moreover, the rooms are splendid and offer a nice view of the outdoors. The resort has three types of rooms; The Grove and Desert, The Springs, and Suites. Each of these is super comfortable.

  • Specialties: Luxurious rooms, Spa, and exotic views.

AutoCamp Joshua Tree

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62209 Verbena Rd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States
PERFECT FOR: Unique Camping Experience
Autocamp Joshua Tree
Autocamp Joshua Tree

For those seeking a unique and modern camping experience, AutoCamp Joshua Tree is an unmissable destination. This resort takes glamping to the next level, offering luxurious Airstream suites, X Suites, and accessible suites, each designed to offer the comforts of a boutique hotel while immersing you in the stunning desert landscape.

Situated just minutes away from the Joshua Tree National Park, AutoCamp provides the perfect balance of nature and comfort. The resort’s amenities include a mid-century modern clubhouse, a shop with local goods and snacks, a pond, and an outdoor bar. You can spend your days exploring the wonders of the national park and your evenings relaxing under the stars, perhaps by your suite’s own fire pit.

Specialties: Airstream Suites, X Suites, Accessible Suites, Outdoor Bar, and Clubhouse.

Joshua Tree Inn

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61259 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States
PERFECT FOR: Charming Roadside Stay
Joshua Tree Inn
Joshua Tree Inn

Located in the heart of the desert, the Joshua Tree Inn offers a charming and unique roadside motel experience, perfect for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the iconic scenery of Joshua Tree. This historic inn, with its distinctive ambiance and decor, provides a cozy stay close to the national park entrance.

The inn boasts of individually decorated rooms, each offering a unique blend of comfort and character. With amenities like a swimming pool and beautiful garden areas, guests can relax and soak in the desert sun. The location is ideal for those wanting to explore the national park or enjoy the local culture and dining options in the town of Joshua Tree.

Specialties: Individualized rooms, swimming pool, close proximity to Joshua Tree National Park, and a unique blend of history and comfort.

The Desert Lily Vacation Home

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8565 El Reposo St, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States
PERFECT FOR: Intimate Desert Experience
The Desert Lily Vacation Home
The Desert Lily Vacation Home

The Desert Lily Vacation Home, located a short distance from the Joshua Tree National Park, offers an intimate and personalized stay in the heart of the desert. This charming home is ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat with all the comforts of a fully equipped vacation rental.

Featuring beautifully decorated rooms that embody the spirit of the desert, The Desert Lily provides a serene atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests can enjoy the privacy of their own space, along with amenities such as a kitchen, cozy living areas, and outdoor spaces perfect for stargazing or enjoying the desert sunrise. The home’s location also offers easy access to the natural wonders of Joshua Tree and the eclectic local art scene.

  • Specialties: Private vacation home, fully equipped kitchen, close to Joshua Tree National Park, and serene outdoor spaces.

Mojave Sands

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62121 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States
PERFECT FOR: Stylish Desert Living
Mojave Sands
Mojave Sands

Mojave Sands stands out as an architectural and design marvel in Joshua Tree. This boutique motel, known for its stylish and unique decor, offers a memorable stay blending vintage charm with modern amenities.

Each room at Mojave Sands is thoughtfully designed to enhance the desert experience. They feature private patios, vintage typewriters, and vinyl record players, transporting guests to a bygone era while ensuring contemporary comfort. The motel also offers amenities such as a communal yard, BBQ area, and a serene reflecting pool, perfect for relaxation after a day of exploration. With its chic exterior and intimate setting, Mojave Sands is an ideal choice for travelers seeking a blend of nostalgia and modernity in Joshua Tree.

  • Specialties: Stylish rooms with private patios, vintage typewriters, vinyl libraries, and communal relaxation areas.

Desert Riviera Hotel

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610 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264, United States
PERFECT FOR: Luxurious Desert Retreat
Desert Riviera Hotel
Desert Riviera Hotel

Located in Palm Springs, Desert Riviera Hotel offers a luxurious retreat with an emphasis on comfort and impeccable service. This hotel is a gem for those who wish to indulge in a tranquil desert experience while being in close proximity to the Joshua Tree area.

The hotel is renowned for its exceptional cleanliness and array of health and hygiene measures. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms, a beautiful pool area, and a range of wellness amenities. The serene atmosphere of the Desert Riviera Hotel, combined with its elegant decor and attentive staff, ensures a stay that is both relaxing and memorable.

  • Specialties: Impeccable cleanliness, wellness amenities, elegant decor, and a serene pool area.

La Serena Villas

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339 S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262, United States
PERFECT FOR: Exclusive Luxury Experience
La Serena Villas
La Serena Villas

La Serena Villas, situated in Palm Springs, is a beacon of luxury and exclusivity, perfect for those who seek a high-end desert experience in close reach of Joshua Tree. This boutique hotel, part of the prestigious Kirkwood Collection, is known for its elegant design and personalized service.

The hotel offers a tranquil and private environment with beautifully appointed villas, each featuring its unique character and amenities. Guests can indulge in the on-site spa, dine at the exquisite restaurant, or relax by the pool, surrounded by stunning desert landscapes. La Serena Villas is an ideal choice for those desiring a blend of sophistication, comfort, and proximity to the natural beauty of Joshua Tree.

Specialties: Elegant private villas, on-site spa, gourmet dining, and a serene pool setting.

Sacred Sands

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63155 Quail Springs Rd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States
PERFECT FOR: Architectural Elegance and Rustic Luxury
Sacred Sands
Sacred Sands

Sacred Sands offers a luxurious and unique stay just outside the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. This private residence is celebrated for its architectural beauty and provides an exceptional retreat for those seeking both luxury and intimacy with the desert.

This exquisite property features a limited number of suites, ensuring an exclusive and personal experience. Each suite boasts stunning desert views, private outdoor patios with mineral water hot tubs, and elegant indoor-outdoor living spaces. Guests can enjoy gourmet organic breakfasts, luxurious river rock-floor showers, and the tranquility of their own private outdoor space, complete with firepits and BBQ grills. Sacred Sands stands out as an ideal destination for those looking for rustic luxury in the heart of the Joshua Tree desert.

  • Specialties: Private suites with outdoor patios and hot tubs, organic gourmet breakfast, and close proximity to Joshua Tree National Park.

Pioneertown Motel

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53688 Pioneertown Rd, Pioneertown, CA 92268, United States
PERFECT FOR: Unique Historical Experience
Pioneertown Motel
Pioneertown Motel

Located in the historical Pioneertown, the Pioneertown Motel is a destination for those who appreciate the charm and history of the Wild West. This motel offers a unique blend of rustic ambiance and modern comfort, making it an excellent choice for visitors to the Joshua Tree area.

The motel is known for its authentically decorated rooms that transport guests to the era of Western movies, with a touch of contemporary amenities for comfort. The location is not just a place to stay but an experience in itself, being part of a town originally built as a movie set for Western films. Guests can explore the town, enjoy live music at the famous Pappy & Harriet’s, and easily access the nearby Joshua Tree National Park.

Specialties: Historically themed rooms, located in an original Western movie set town, close proximity to Joshua Tree.

WorldMark Indio

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42-151 WorldMark Way, Indio, CA 92203, United States
PERFECT FOR: Family-Friendly Resort Experience
WorldMark Indio
WorldMark Indio

WorldMark Indio, located in the Coachella Valley, offers a family-friendly resort experience with a range of amenities that cater to both relaxation and adventure. This resort is an excellent choice for those visiting the Joshua Tree area, especially for longer stays or family trips.

The resort boasts spacious accommodations, outdoor pools, and a full-service spa, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and entertainment. Guests can also enjoy fitness facilities, a game room, and activities tailored for all ages. With its luxurious amenities and comfortable setting, WorldMark Indio provides a perfect balance of leisure and excitement for visitors exploring the Joshua Tree region.

  • Specialties: Spacious accommodations, outdoor pools, full-service spa, and family-friendly activities.

How Did We Choose These Resorts?

A few team members from HopDes personally visited the resorts and inspected their quality standards and offerings. We placed each of these resorts on the list after they met our criteria for the best resorts. Thus, you can pick any of the resorts without any worries.

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Finally, this was all about high-class resorts in Joshua Tree you can pick for your stay. All of the above resorts are great and offer all the amenities a good resort should have. Moreover, most of them have spas, something that will improve your stay.

So, make sure you select the right resort that meets your demands well. Have a safe trip!

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