Is Mako Island Real – Let’s Uncover the Truth

Mako Island is a beautiful and mysterious place that has fascinated fans of the Australian TV show Mako: Island of Secrets. According to the show, Mako Island is a natural wonder with a magical pool of water that can turn people into mermaids or mermen. But is Mako Island real? Can you visit it and experience its magic? Well, the answer isn’t as clear-cut as you may anticipate. Let’s take a short trip to the background of Mako Island and pinpoint the answer accurately and determine if visiting this magical place in real life is feasible.

Is Mako Island Real?

When it comes to its actual existence, Mako Island is purely a product of fiction and does not exist in the real world. We’ve even tried searching for it on Google Maps, but the results came up empty. The creators of multiple shows have mentioned that they got their ideas from actual places in Queensland.

It is very obvious from our observations that Mako Island is a fictional setting. But as diverse viewpoints begin to surface, things start to become interesting. Some strongly argue that Mako Island is not just a product of imagination; it’s real. This starts a conversation in which participants contribute their arguments and supporting data. Let’s explore the differences of view and understand further the mystery surrounding the existence of Mako Island.

Myth About Mako Island’s Existence

Although Mako Island is a figment of fiction, its inspiration draws from an actual island near Port Stephens in New South Wales, Australia. It is composed of a big central island and six smaller ones nearby, all linked by bridges. The dense tropical jungle that blankets much of the island hides numerous ancient structures, including a temple that safeguards an old crystal with mysterious powers.

Mako island front view

The primary landmass (known as Mako Island) serves as the central setting for the unfolding events in every episode of Mako: Island of Secrets. This island hosts a bustling city and several quaint villages scattered throughout its expanse. On Mako Island, there exist six distinct tribes: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Dark. Each tribe possesses its own village for residence and a unique area within the city where they carry out their daily activities.

Beyond asserting the existence of Mako Island, some enthusiasts extend their claims to include aliens and mermaids as inhabitants. These beliefs contribute to the allure and mystique surrounding the fictional island. They have reported encountering various signs on the island:

  • Unusual voices or sounds coming from the cave or the ocean.
  • The emergence of bright hues or lights in the sky or the ocean.
  • The appearance of odd shapes or patterns on the rocks or in the sand.
  • Finding mysterious objects or symbols in the ocean or on the island.

Is It Possible to Visit Mako Island?

Due to its inspiration from an actual island, some of the settings in the show are actually explorable. These locations give fans an opportunity to experience the imaginary world on a more personal level. The following are a pair of prominent destinations you can explore:

Sea World

A notable place featured in the series was Sea World, which is a water-themed amusement park. The show transformed it into the Marine Park. When you visit Sea World, you have the chance to enjoy various exciting activities and displays that were seen in the series. These include thrilling dolphin and sea lion shows, the exciting shark bay presentation, and the fascinating polar bear habitat.

Mermaid Beach

Another captivating spot where filming took place in the show is the tranquil Mermaid Beach of Australia. This sandy shoreline served as the setting for many beach scenes throughout the series. As a guest, you can enjoy swimming, surfing, and relaxing in the sun right where the mermaids from the show used to have fun.

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No, Mako Island is Fictional

Not everyone thinks mermaids and Mako Island are real. Some individuals believe that they are merely the result of human invention and imagination. They contend that the urban stories and myths surrounding Mako Island and mermaids can be refuted by scientific accounts and logical viewpoints. 

Mako Island in Different TV Shows

If you enjoy watching TV shows about mermaids, it’s likely you’ve come across the name Mako Island. This made-up island has been featured in various television series like H2O: Just Add Water, Mako Mermaids, and Mako: Island of Secrets. Now, let’s explore how Mako Island has been represented in popular culture.

H2O: Just Add Water

H2O Just Add Water

H2O: Just Add Water is an Australian television series that aired from 2006 to 2010. The storyline revolves around three teenage girls who undergo a transformation into mermaids after an encounter at the Moon Pool on Mako Island during a full moon. The series explores their struggles in concealing their secret, mastering their newfound abilities, and confronting various challenges from both the aquatic and terrestrial realms.

Mako: Island of Secrets

Mako: Island of Secrets serves as a spin-off of the original series H2O: Just Add Water both crafted by Jonathan M. Shiff. Airing from 2013 to 2016, this spin-off shifts its focus to a fresh ensemble of mermaids residing on Mako Island and their encounters with Zac. Zac is a young man who undergoes a transformation into a merman following an accident in the Moon Pool. The series delves into the enigmas surrounding Mako Island and its intricate ties to the ancient mermaid realm.

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Mako Mermaids

“Mako Mermaids” is also a spin-off originating from “H2O: Just Add Water.” This series tracks the adventures of a fresh mermaid ensemble (featuring characters like Zac and Mimmi) who have the responsibility of safeguarding Mako Island. Within this show, Mako Island is depicted as an enchanting location by boasting pristine waters and breathtaking landscapes.

What About the Moon Pool On Mako Island?

The Moon Pool located on Mako Island is purely a product of fiction. It’s a constructed element made exclusively for the TV series and does not exist in reality. In the show, the Moon Pool is portrayed as a unique pool with the remarkable ability to turn humans into mermaids or mermen when it’s bathed in the light of a full moon. Moreover, it grants them extraordinary control over water and even influences the weather.

Moon Pool On Mako Island

However, it’s interesting to note that some locals on the island believe in the existence of this moon pool. According to their tales, this enigmatic pool was supposedly crafted by extraterrestrial beings (aliens) with a desire to visit Earth. While these stories lack solid proof, they add an element of intrigue to the island’s mystique.

There’s another tale told about the origin of this mysterious pool. It goes like this: during a powerful earthquake in the past, a piece of the island’s topsoil shifted and revealed a hidden cave. From that moment on, some folks have insisted that they’ve witnessed lights shining deep in the forest and heard eerie sounds echoing through the trees.

Final Words

 Mako Island, as depicted in the Australian TV series “Mako: Island of Secrets” and other related shows, is a captivating and purely fictional creation. This island won’t pop up on your GPS, no matter how deep you search. But fear not, landlubbers, for you can set sail to real-life locations where the magic was made, like Sea World, where you can flip for dolphin shows, or the beach at Mermaid Beach itself, where you can soak up some rays while daydreaming of mermaid tails. Be sure to not visit Australia during the worst times!

Is Mako Island Real? - FAQs

Is Mako Island a real place?

No, Mako Island is purely a fictional creation from the Australian TV show “Mako: Island of Secrets.” It does not exist in the real world.

Was Mako Island inspired by a real location?

Yes, the show’s creators drew inspiration from an actual island near Port Stephens in New South Wales, Australia. However, the magical elements of the island are entirely fictional.

Can you visit Mako Island in real life?

You cannot visit Mako Island as it is depicted in the TV series, but some locations where the show was filmed, like Sea World and Mermaid Beach, are real and can be visited by fans.

Is the Moon Pool on Mako Island real?

No, the Moon Pool featured in the TV series is a fictional element created exclusively for the show. It does not exist in reality.

Are there any claims of supernatural or alien activity around Mako Island?

Some locals on the island have stories about unusual occurrences, like lights in the forest or eerie sounds, but these claims lack solid proof and are often attributed to local folklore and myths.

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