Best Breweries in Mackinaw City For Beer Lovers

Visitor-friendly Mackinaw City is near the Lower Peninsula’s northernmost point and makes for a great vacation spot. This location is right on the border between two of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Mackinaw Bridge is magnificently connecting Mackinaw City on the Lower Peninsula with St. Ignace on the Upper Peninsula. It is a sight to see for anybody passing across the Straits of Mackinaw. There are three ferry lines operating out of Mackinaw City that take passengers to Mackinaw Island.

Mackinaw City is packed with amazing attractions. The history of the area is extensive. The fort and fur trading post of Colonial Michilimackinac, which dates back to the 1770s and has been repaired and rebuilt, provides visitors with a look into life in the colonial period. There is also the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse and the historic Mill Creek Discovery Park in Mackinaw City. But the best of all? Mackinaw City is home to 4 fantastic breweries that give you a drinking experience you would miss back later!

Why Visit Mackinaw City Breweries?

Beer was invented in what is now Iraq at least 4,000 years ago, making it one of the world’s oldest beverages. However, Germany is home to the world’s oldest operating brewery, which dates back to 1040.

German Beer Historical
Germany Beer History

Breweries are a popular tourist attraction because of how ubiquitous they are nowadays. In reality, both the production of craft beer and beer tourism are multibillion-dollar businesses. But why exactly do so many people like going on beer-themed vacations? To what end do individuals take tours of breweries around them? We will go through a few of the many possible explanations that have been uncovered:

  • Brewery tours are a fun and rewarding way to show support for local companies. Since it is a neighborhood establishment, there is a good chance you will also come to know the proprietors and employees. Most local establishments are not franchises, so, they cannot afford to provide subpar goods to their clientele. As a result, you can anticipate superior flavor and service.
  • Breweries, and particularly craft breweries, excel because they put focus on offering a wide range of products to their customers. In contrast to the few tried-and-true varieties offered by bigger breweries, customers routinely come and inquire about new offerings at their favorite small bars and breweries. You can get some fantastic India Pale Ales (IPAs), a type of beer that originated in England and spread in the US in the twentieth century. Moreover, you can even have some created just for you. Even vegans can find something to have at breweries.
  • Beer, when consumed in moderation, does have some positive health effects. Having one or two beers daily has been shown to benefit heart health by raising “good” HDL cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is regarded as the ‘good’ kind of cholesterol since it removes the ‘bad’ type of cholesterol from the body and helps keep blood vessels in excellent condition. The risk of developing heart disease is reduced.

Breweries in Mackinaw City are worth a visit for more than simply the food and beer. The entire tour is fun, and you get to explore the inside culture of Mackinaw City. Following are the best of Mackinaw City’s breweries.

Bière de Mac Brewery

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying premium beer
Bière de Mac Brewery
Bière de Mac Brewery

Bière de Mac, opened in 2017 by George Ranville, president of the brewery, and Danny Ranville, manager and head brewer, his son, is a real homage to Mackinaw heritage, specializing in French- and Belgian-inspired ales with a broad flavor spectrum, from yeast-forward banana clove to sweet malts to acidic sour beers.

Michigan’s Best team has recognized one of its beers, Fleur de Mac, as “Beer of the Year“. This brewery is located at 14277 Mackinaw Hwy, Mackinaw City, MI 49701, United States. The price range is $5 to $23.

In addition to producing high-quality beer, this microbrewery in Mackinaw City also serves up delicious gastro-pub meals to locals and tourists alike. A shift in attitude, outlook, and taste has happened over the years at Bière de Mac.

Bière de Mac has the greatest and most complex beers in Michigan, but they shuttered their restaurant earlier this year. As a result of their experience, microbreweries now understand the importance of having a wide variety of beer varieties on tap and the unique characteristics of the geographic location in which they are situated.

Despite the brew house’s modest size, experimenting with beers, genres, and water qualities from across the world in small batches helps keep the brewery’s days exciting. To explore the finest of Mackinaw City, don’t miss out on this beer.

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Rusted Spoke Brewing Co.

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PERFECT FOR: Diverse range of beers
Rusted Spoke Brewing Co.
Rusted Spoke Brewing Co.

At the Southern end of Huron Avenue in the northern part of the city, you will find Rusted Spoke Brewing Co., where you can choose from twenty different taps pouring the brewery’s own wheat ales, cream ales, IPAs, and more, as well as some of the area’s best-known craft beers.

The exact address of the brewery is 810 South Huron Avenue, Mackinaw City, MI 49701. You should expect to pay anything from $20 to $30.

Every member of the family can find something to eat and drink at Rusted Spoke Brewery. It offers an extensive wine list and modernized food selections. If you are looking for a brewery that has an exciting and sensational menu, go no further than Rusted Spoke. Consider “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself“, one of its well-known New England IPAs.

Beyond that, the cuisine at Rusted Spoke is one of the best in Mackinaw City. You can get burgers, sandwiches, chicken pot pie, whitefish in a beer batter, and more at this restaurant. It is recommended that you have supper there.

Dixie Saloon Brewery

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PERFECT FOR: enjoying in a friendly environment
Dixie Saloon Brewery
Dixie Saloon Brewery

The Dixie Saloon has been a fixture at the terminus of the Old Dixie Highway since the latter part of the nineteenth century. Interstate 75 now runs in lieu of the Old Dixie Highway, which formerly connected all of the eastern states from Florida to Mackinaw City.

The Dixie Saloon, formerly known as the Dixie Tavern, was the birthplace of the practice of travelers gathering with friends and alcohol to toast the conclusion of a long trip. It is located at 401 E Central Ave, Mackinaw City, MI 49701. The price range is from $10 to $20.

After extensive renovations, the Dixie Saloon is once again a place where people can enjoy themselves in a welcoming environment. The new, all-cedar building is two floors tall, and its spacious, airy interior is exposed to the outside.

Floor-to-ceiling cedar columns provide support for the upper level, which has more seats and a vantage point overlooking the lower floor. Through the saloon’s numerous windows, visitors can take in the breathtaking views of the Mackinac Bridge and Straits of Mackinac any time of the year.

The Dixie Saloon, located in the middle of Mackinaw City’s commercial sector, has become the epicenter of the city’s nightlife because of its prime location and an extensive menu of Mackinaw’s finest steaks, ribs, and burgers, as well as its biggest bar. The Dixie often has live bands on the weekends and weekly karaoke sessions making it one of the best breweries in Mackinaw City.

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Keyhole Bar & Grill Brewery

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying beer and grill
Keyhole Bar & Grill Brewery
Keyhole Bar & Grill Brewery

The Keyhole Bar & Grill brewery is situated at 323 E Central Ave, Mackinaw City, MI 49701. The brewery was established almost 45 years ago. A simple sign above the entrance and some green neon in the form of a keyhole is the only outside clues to the establishment’s true nature. Keys are carved into the awning, and a keyhole is cleverly etched into the glass door.

Even though it seems like a substantial application of the bar’s motif, it is not. The Keyhole Bar & Grill in Mackinaw City has amassed a sizable collection of keys and locks, which are now prominently exhibited in a wide variety of imaginative ways. There are more than 25,000 keys scattered over the walls, bars, and tables.

Keyhole Bar & Grill Brewery has one of the largest menus in all of Mackinaw City, so it can accommodate the wide range of tastes that tourists bring with them. The average price of the brewery is $17.

In addition to its astounding collection of locks, keyholes, and keys, the Keyhole Bar and Grill also has an outstanding dive bar, providing a welcome relief from the overbearing commercialism just outside the door.

There is a Spuds Mackenzie statue proudly displayed on one of the bar’s walls, and the facility also provides lunch and dinner thanks to the presence of a fully equipped kitchen.

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Things to Consider While Visiting Mackinaw City and Breweries

Before visiting Mackinaw City and Breweries, consider the following:

  • The Busy Season: February, August, and March are the busiest months for tourists in Mackinaw City, Michigan, USA. During these months, hotel and airfare rates are at their highest, but you may save money by booking early. In December, Mackinaw City is not a popular destination for tourists. Those who are flexible enough to travel during these periods will likely find February to be the most affordable month;
  • Weather: Mackinaw City has widely varying average temperatures. Humidity makes temperatures seem chilly for roughly half the year, but otherwise, it is a pleasant place to live with almost little risk of precipitation. In terms of nice weather, this location ranks in the middle of the pack, at the 54th percentile of all possible vacation spots in the globe. The months of July, August, and June are the warmest if you are planning a trip to Mackinaw City. Early August is often the hottest period of the year, with highs around 75.4°F (24.1°C) and lows around 60.8°F (16°C). However, it is the hottest months that serve up the pleasure of drinking an ice-cold beer!
  • Budget Allocations: Above, we mentioned different types of breweries with some of them having a price range of $5 to $10 while others having a price range of $20 and above. In case 5-10 people are going, budget would actually become a concern so be sure to go to a spot that matches your budget. For your ease, we have mentioned the price range of each brewery.
  • The expense of Visiting Mackinaw City: A weeklong vacation for one to Mackinaw City will set you back an average of $1,702, while a trip for two will cost you $3,057, and a trip for four will set you back an average of $5,731. Mackinaw City hotels cost on average $70 per night, while you may rent a house for anything from $140 to $620 per night. The average cost of a ticket from anywhere in the globe to General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) is between $616 and $936 (in economy) and $1,933 and $2,937 (in first class). We advise setting up between $50 and $96 USD per person, each day, for travel and food expenses, depending on your itinerary. Here are the typical least expensive times to visit Mackinaw City and stay in a hotel:
    • Between January 8 and March 11
    • Date Range: April 23-May 6; August 13-November 18
    • Early to mid-September is often when visitors visiting Mackinaw City may enjoy the lowest hotel rates.

How Do We Pick Our Recommendations?

These recommendations have been chosen by our travel team experts after careful consideration of many different criteria. We did our research and spoke with locals too to find the best breweries in Mackinaw City. We try to provide you a wide range of options and listen to what our others have to say when making decisions about breweries. We have put together a varied collection of brewers to satisfy the tastes of our guests. Based on our experience, we think that visiting any of the breweries we have listed would be a fantastic way to spend a day, whether you are venturing out alone, with a partner, or a large group of friends and family.

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Final Word

Make the most of your time in Mackinaw City by following our recommended route to local breweries. Mackinaw City is full of amazing attractions and fun things to do all throughout, and the beers are one of the best parts of it. Come see for yourself what a wonderful place Mackinaw City is.


Breweries in Mackinaw City - FAQs

Which is the best brewery in Mackinaw City?

The Bière de Mac brewery is widely considered to be the best of the best in Mackinaw City. The Bière de Mac brewery in Mackinaw City is great for meeting both locals and other travelers.

In Mackinaw city, how many breweries can one find?

There are four breweries in Mackinaw City proper. However, neighboring communities like Traverse City, Mackinac Island, Petoskey, etc., are home to a number of breweries.

Which is the most affordable brewery in Mackinaw city?

The Dixie Saloon brewery is the most affordable brewery in Mackinaw city.

Which is the busiest and most visited brewery of Mackinaw City?

Bière de Mac brewery is the most visited and busiest brewery in Mackinaw City.

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