6 Buzz-Worthy Breweries in Denver (Local’s Guide)

The beautiful state of Colorado is a paradise for anyone who enjoys craft drinks. Imagine attending a party with over 3,000 different kinds of beers—that’s the experience at the Great American Beer Festival. Colorado ranks among the top places globally for craft beer sales, boasting more than 400 breweries. These breweries offer an endless variety from classic favorites to novel flavors.

Visiting a brewery in Colorado is not just about sampling beer—it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal with friends. Many breweries feature tasty menus and food pairings. Each brewery is distinct, with its own style that you won’t find anywhere else. That means each visit to a new brewery in Denver is a unique adventure.

Having a liquor store nearby is convenient for a quick drink. However, it’s advisable not to consume more than one beer if you don’t have a designated driver.

List Of Must-Visit Breweries In Denver To Taste Revolutionary Beer

Here is a curated list of incredible breweries in Denver for beer enthusiasts who seek some of the finest brews the city has to offer.

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Great Divide Brewing Company

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PERFECT FOR: High quality and pleasant-tasting ales
Great Divide Brewing Company beer cans
Great Divide Brewing Company

Founder Brian Dunn established Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver in 1994, creating award-winning beers ever since. Brian’s vision was to craft beers that everyone could love, not just to turn a profit. At Great Divide, the Yeti beer is a must-try, recognized for its bold flavors of roasted malts, caramel, and toffee, and well-decorated with numerous awards.

Great Divide Brewing Co. also offers other exemplary selections, such as the Titan IPA and Colette Farmhouse Ale. They are continually innovating, with creations like the Roadie Grapefruit Radler and the 2021 GABF Silver Medalist Wild Raspberry Ale.

The brewery can be easily accessed in Denver International Airport, at their Castle Rock taproom, and the Barrel Bar and Packaging Hall in the RiNo District. The airport location is incredibly convenient for travelers looking to experience the brewery before embarking on their Denver adventure.

Bruz Beers

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PERFECT FOR: Tasting traditional Belgian-style beers
Bruz Beers
Bruz Beers

Friends Charlie and Ryan, who both share an affinity for Belgian beer, founded Bruz Beers, a brewery committed to the tradition of authentic Belgian beer styles. They prioritize sustainable practices, minimizing waste of water and ingredients.

Bruz Beers boasts two Denver locations where patrons can savor their brews. The midtown location features food options such as pizza and snacks, along with a daily food truck, making it an excellent location for dining and enjoying superb beers.

Do not miss out on trying their Hellraiser Golden Strong Ale and the Puppy Dog Session IPA. The latter, known for its delightful tropical flavors, is a favorite among customers.

Tivoli Brewing Company

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying an innovative range of beers with American-inspired meals and snacks
Tivoli Brewing Company factory from above drone view
Tivoli Brewing Company

Tivoli Brewing Company owns a significant chapter in Denver’s beer history as Colorado’s first brewery, founded in 1864. Their Helles Lager dates back to 1859 and is an exceptional choice, especially when paired with the Traffic Jam Sandwich.

A devastating flood in 1965 forced the original brewery to close, but it triumphantly reopened in 2012 with modern brewing equipment. Now, patrons can enjoy classic American meals alongside exquisite beers, perfect for unwinding with friends or relaxing after a day’s work.

Dos Luces Brewery

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying unique corn-brewed gluten-free beers
Dos Luces Brewery exterior
Dos Luces Brewery

Dos Luces stands out by crafting beers with corn as the primary ingredient, instead of the traditional barley. Their portfolio includes unique flavors from Peruvian chicha and Mexican pulque, to a pineapple and cinnamon beverage called Tepache.

Impressively, all of their beers are gluten-free, positioning them as innovators in the craft beer space. They offer specials on their unique beers nearly every day. The taproom on South Broadway is not only welcoming but also provides non-alcoholic beer options and fosters engaging conversations about their brews.

Cerebral Brewing

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying fantastic IPAs in an outdoor LGBTQ+ friendly space
Cerebral Brewing
Cerebral Brewing

Cerebral Brewing is renowned for its incredible selection of beers and inviting outdoor area that celebrates inclusivity. They focus on pioneering and crafting distinctive new beers.

One highlight is their porter, “Work From Home,” with its unique maple syrup and coffee flavors, offering a hint of sweetness suitable even for a breakfast treat.

Cerebral Brewing employs a scientific approach to perfect their beer creations. While they do not serve food, visitors can find a variety of satisfying local restaurants and food trucks in the vicinity.

Don’t miss their IPA, “Bird of War,” which comes in three enticing flavors and showcases their brewing prowess.

Odell Brewing

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PERFECT FOR: Light, smooth, and rich tropical-flavored beers suitable for beginners
Odell Brewing beer can
Odell Brewing

Odell Brewing places quality and flavor at the forefront. This well-known Fort Collins brewery has expanded to Denver’s RiNo District. Founded by Doug Odell, his wife Wynne, and sister Corkie, Odell Brewing is celebrated for its innovative brewing techniques.

Their RiNo location features an inviting outdoor patio with live music. Notable selections include Easy Street Wheat and the Pulp Theory Haze IPA. There’s a broad spectrum of beers catering to diverse palates, from delicate lagers to tropical-inspired ales.

The much-acclaimed Mercenary Double IPA is a standout beer known for its robust flavor. Additionally, Odell Brewing regularly has food trucks on-site to satisfy any culinary cravings.

Things To Consider Before You Visit The Artisanal Breweries In Denver

Before embarking on your brewery experience in Denver, keep these tips in mind:

Buying Alcohol
Full-strength beer, wine, and spirits are sold at liquor stores and retail outlets. Light beers are typically available at grocery and convenience stores. Bars close at 2 a.m., and alcohol sales are prohibited between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. Package stores are open until midnight but are closed on Sundays.

Consumption and Service
You must be 21 or older to consume alcohol or work in a liquor establishment. For serving alcohol in a restaurant, the minimum age is 18, provided there is oversight by someone over 21

Open Container Laws
Open alcoholic beverage containers, such as a re-corked wine bottle, are prohibited unless in the trunk of a car.

Stay Within BAC Limits:
Colorado’s legal blood alcohol limit is .08 percent. Driving above this limit can result in severe consequences.
– For drivers under 21, a BAC of .02 percent or higher can lead to penalties due to “Zero Tolerance Laws.”
– Refusing a breath or blood test can result in a license suspension for up to one year.

How We Pick Our Recommendations

Our experts and seasoned travelers scrutinize every detail when selecting recommendations to ensure you receive top-notch advice. With over 150 breweries in Denver, they evaluate based on popularity, beer variety, atmosphere, views, and pricing. Our team conducts first-hand trials and takes customer feedback into account to curate a list of top-notch yet affordable breweries. This thorough process ensures that our information is reliable, clear, and useful.

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Final Word

Denver buzzes with innovative breweries cherished by both locals and tourists. These venues actively seek out feedback and engage with the community to enhance their brewing crafts. With so many great options in Denver, a memorable beer experience is always within reach. If you’re searching for the finest brews Denver has to offer, look no further—I’ve already handled the groundwork, so you’re all set to embark on your exploration.

Let's Take A Look At Some Of The Artisanal Breweries In Denver - FAQs

Does Denver Have Good Breweries?

Denver is renowned for its craft beer scene, competing with West Coast cities like Portland, Seattle, and San Diego.

Can You Walk Around Denver With A Beer?

While open alcohol containers are generally prohibited in vehicles in Colorado, local ordinances may permit drinking in certain public areas. However, it remains illegal to drive with an open container of marijuana.

Can You Drink Beer As A Passenger In Colorado?

In Colorado, open alcohol or marijuana containers in a vehicle are illegal. A fine of $50 plus a surcharge may be imposed if you’re caught.

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