Enchanting Waterfalls In Florida To Treat The Naturalist In You

Florida is a popular destination for travelers because of its pleasant climate and many attractions, including beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and restaurants, Walt Disney World, and the Kennedy Space Center. Nature enthusiasts from all over the world love coming here to engulf themselves in the crystal clear waters of the waterfalls and lush green forests and to enjoy other nautical recreations. Below is all you need to know about the enchanting waterfalls in Florida to treat the naturalist in you.

Florida has some of the most beautiful waterfalls that one must see. These waterfalls are not just a treat to the eyes, but one can enjoy hiking, boating, or fishing in some as well. Pick the one you wouldn’t want to miss out on from the list below.

Rejuvenate Yourself While Visiting These Alluring Waterfalls in Florida

There are so many captivating waterfalls in Florida that you can’t get over once you catch sight of them. Below is a list of all the waterfalls in Florida one must visit to appreciate their scenic beauty.

Waterfalls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

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PERFECT FOR: Picnicking in nature.
Waterfalls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park
Waterfalls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park – Photo by Katherine Hansen

Waterfalls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park is a stunning natural site everyone should visit at least once in their life. This natural landmark is located in the mid of the pine forests, where you get to see a bowl-shaped formation in the small rainforest about 120 feet deep down. If you are a nature enthusiast, it is absolute heaven for you, as it is filled with a ton of natural history, like the fossils of animals in the water bowl and shells and gorgeous lush greens all around you.

As you enter the park, there are signs everywhere that tell you about the history of the place and also guide you about the trail. There is a staircase that takes you straight down to the bowl of the waterfall. The path is very well maintained and is not difficult at all. Apart from the beautiful greenery that accompanies you throughout your way, the sound of the waterfalls is so soothing and tranquilizing that even after all the walking, you will feel refreshed.

There are wooden stairs at the end, providing you with a very beautiful and close view of the waterfalls. The blue waters of the waterfall with the greenish hues and the wooden staircase in the middle of the forest with greenery all around look too unreal to be true and appear rather like a Narnia. More specifically, if you are a fan of the dark naturalism aesthetic, this place is the one for you. If you like absorbing the refreshing nature you might also like to make a visit to these Mesmerising Waterfalls in Minnesota. There are also picnic places in the park where you can grab a bite with your friends and family and enjoy the enchanting sites.

The place was given the name Devil’s Millhopper, because, according to the legends, the animals used to go down the waterfalls to meet the devil, which is why there were fossils found in the bottom of the waters and hence the name. As the path is very well paved and pretty easy, even for kids and older people, it is a great choice to enjoy a picnic with your family and spend some quality time while hiking amidst the lush greens. This 1.1-mile hike is worth every single step as it will be taking you to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Florida.

Waterfall at Falling Waters State Park

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PERFECT FOR: Camping with your friends.
Waterfall at Falling Waters State Park
Falling Waters State Park

Falling Waters State Park is a go-to place for locals and tourists alike, mostly known for being the home of the Falling Waters Waterfall which is the highest waterfall in the state of Florida. The water from the top forms a sort of cascade that goes deep down into the falls and disappears into a sinkhole that is 73 feet deep. It also has a lot more to enjoy than solely the waterfall. It is a perfect place to revitalize your soul as the place is as beautiful as nature can get. It has huge pine tree forests with beautiful pathways for exploration.

As far as the tails to the waterfall is concerned, they are all very well paved. The moment you park your cars in the parking lot, there is a paved path that leads you toward the wooden staircase downwards. You can see the little streams of water flowing on the rocks while stepping down. The waters finally fall into a sinkhole to no one knows where, which also adds to the fascination of this nature-driven phenomenon.

There is a deck from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the waterfall. If the crystal clear waters are not magical enough, if you get lucky you can also see the beautiful rainbows down the waterfall and can get overwhelmed with all of the beauty. It is quite a remarkable sight, and migrating butterflies are also there to make you nail the last screw in the coffin of the thought that it is not a fantasy land.

There are also camping sites for people who want to spend the night near waterfalls. It is a very cozy area in the shade of pine trees. You can also enjoy yourself in the playground or take a swim in the lake to refresh yourself. There are picnic spots available for you to enjoy eating your favorite snacks after the hike. It is a perfect place to rekindle yourself with nature, and the hike is more like a walk in the woods, with the alluring sceneries all around, it is a perfect place to enjoy an off-day with your family.

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Waterfalls at Big Shoals State Park

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PERFECT FOR: Kayaking.
Waterfalls at Big Shoals State Park
Waterfalls at Big Shoals State Park

Waterfalls at Big Shoals State Park is home to the largest white rapids in Florida. It is a phenomenal natural site to see, especially if you are into water sports; it has a lot to offer you. This park is known for its unique geological formations of shoals as well as the many waterfalls and rapids. It is also home to a lot of wildlife because of its amazing ecosystem. There are two entrances to this state park. You can either enter through the little shoals entrance or the big shoals entrance.

If you want to see the big shoals, it is more convenient to make an entrance through the big shoals gateway. After driving for a few minutes, you will see a trail named Yellow Blaze Trail that takes you straight to the big shoals. The trail is a moderately tough one, and with the views of the wilderness, it makes up for quite an experience. This area tends to produce the largest white rapids and is perfect for kayaking, but is only recommended to people who are experienced in this field.

If you want to enjoy the little shoals, you should make your entrance from the little shoals gate which will take you to the hiking trail of the little shoals known as the Blue Blaze Trail. It is also moderately tough, and like the big shoal trail, it is also located along the bank of the Suwannee River. The hike takes you to the water body that further divides into many tiny waterfalls, which are so refreshing and soothing to watch and hear. If you like spending your free time exploring nature you would love to explore these Stunning Waterfalls In Wisconsin in Your Leisure.

There are also a dozen picnic tables where you can enjoy your food. One can also enjoy fishing and boating and watch the wildlife, especially the birds, which will leave you awe-stricken. You cannot access the shoals through vehicles, so you have to hike the trail, and you also can bring your pets with you, but they have to be on a leash, making it perfect to take your dogs with you on a picnic. This place is worth coming to again and again as there is so much to enjoy!

Waterfalls at Morikami Japanese Gardens

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PERFECT FOR: People who are into history and nature alike.
Waterfalls at Morikami Japanese Gardens
Waterfalls at Morikami Japanese Gardens

The Morikami Japanese Gardens are home to a museum as well as six gardens that are a depiction of six landscapes inspired by the six gardens in Japan. These gardens are also home to waterfalls and lakes that provide such oomph to an already breathtakingly beautiful place. The gardens are inspired by the history and culture of the Japanese and serve as a great source of reminiscence for the Japanese community in Florida.

The first garden is called a Paradise Garden, which takes you back to the times of the Samurais when there was a civil war. It is a place where the Samurais would like to take a walk and relax. There are flowing waters and a lake, taking a walk in this garden is just so refreshing. The second one is an Early Rock Garden which is made of rocks that are arranged in such a way that they look like a waterfall without the water. It is a symbol of the patience, sacrifice, and Zen of the religion of Buddhism. There is also a Karesansui Late Rock Garden that is very similar to the early rock garden depicting the calm of the temples where Buddhists used to meditate back in the day.

There are also other gardens like Shinden Garden, which is like the gardens you would find 1000 years ago right outside your houses in Japan. The garden is full of beautiful greens, and flowers and also, a lake where you can enjoy boating, and listen to the sound of water or the poems and music being played, this place is quite a vibe. There is a Hiraniwa Flat Garden which is like any other garden in a metropolitan city, where you can sit between the beautiful natures, take a deep breath, and get away from the rowdiness of city life for a moment.

There is also a Modern Romantic Garden which is so beautiful. As you walk through this garden, amazed by its alluring beauty, you come across this waterfall which is not as big as one might think of when imagining a waterfall but rightly matches the whole ambiance of the garden. These Japanese gardens are not a typical nature getaway where you have to hike and walk through forests to enjoy nature. This place is more like a natural therapy session where you can come and relax while allowing your eyes to rejuvenate by looking at the gorgeous flowers and sceneries and can let your looks see the calm of the place while hearing the birds singing and water flowing. You will surely love this place!

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Waterfalls at Rainbow Springs State Park

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PERFECT FOR: A nature retreat.
Waterfalls at Rainbow Springs State Park
Waterfalls at Rainbow Springs State Park

Waterfalls at Rainbow Springs State Park, which is also known as the natural paradise in Florida are home to waterfalls, wildflowers, rainbow springs, wildlife, and a lot more. The place is best known for looking straight out of a dream beautiful as the scenery here is too pretty to fathom. It is quite easily the best recreational place to immerse in the beauty of nature, starting straight from a dip into the blue waters of springs to enjoying the hike on the trails in the wilderness and enjoying not one not or two but three waterfalls within just a two-mile hike.

The hike starts with a path that takes you forward along the river and through the trees. You will be intrigued to take your phone out and capture the stunning sights around you. After some time, a paved path will lead you toward a forest. You will see signs that there might be wild animals ahead. During your hike here, you will see different sorts of birds, deer, and some black beers too. It is a perfect place to take in the calm and serenity as the lush green, and the sounds of the singing birds will be doing a great job at calming the nerves.

While doing the hike, you will come across waterfalls that are not too big or deep but are good enough to make you stand and stare at their absurd beauty. These waterfalls are not naturally developed but are still so captivating and tranquilizing. The falls can be very crowded, especially on the weekends, so it is better to visit them during the weekdays to enjoy the serenity of the environment better.

Apart from the waterfalls, you can also enjoy camping, fishing, snorkeling, tubing, or picnicking here, with your friends and family. Losing oneself in nature is a source of therapy for so many people and if you tend to be one of those you might want to consider visiting these 8 Most Gorgeous Waterfalls Of Indiana. If you are looking for a calm and balmy atmosphere to enliven your soul after the hurly and burly of daily life, then this place is a perfect getaway from the usual grind.

Falling Creek Falls

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PERFECT FOR: A relaxing time with your kids.
Falling Creek Waterfalls
Falling Creek Falls – Photo by On The Move

Falling Creek Falls is among the few amazing natural waterfalls located in Florida. If you are looking for a waterfall with a hike that does not require one to put their toughest boots on, this is the one for you. These waterfalls offer a hike of almost 10 to 20 minutes, and the whole hike will be filled with gorgeous scenery and an excellent environment. The trail of the hike is well paved and easy, so feel free to bring your family and kids along to engulf themselves in this altruistic environment.

As soon as you park the car, there is a marked vast path that guides you toward the forest. From the forest, the path turns slightly narrow but is still very well maintained, making it possible for individuals of all ages to enjoy this hike. This walk in the forest is another one of the things that makes this waterfall special. The greenery and nature around on both sides of the path are perfect for a natural therapy session.

This path further takes you to the main part of the trail which is the wooden trail that takes you toward the falls. From this point, you can hear the water falling which is so soothing. The moment you see the river waters, know you have almost made it to the destination. Along the way, you can also see some of the remains of the old settlements, which are truly fascinating.

These falls are one of its kinds of falls that offer a great 12-foot drop. The falls are breathtaking, from the deck you can get a very close view of them, and the nature and scenery around, make it a perfect location to click some Instagram-worthy pictures. After enjoying the scenic view of the falls, the trail leads you toward a playground for kids which is quite fun. It is a rather short hike but certainly a mighty one, with its tannic waters which are quite a rare sight, and beautiful birds and butterflies around making it absolutely magical and quite spell-bounding!

Things To Consider Before Going To A Waterfall

  • Location — If visiting for the first time, it is preferable to take someone who knows the locations and paths well, or if you’re on a solo visit, take a map and make sure you follow it, or else you will get lost in the wilderness.
  • Wear the right shoes — You will be hiking to get the closest look at the waterfalls, and it is important to wear some hiking shoes or boots, or you might end up hurting your feet.
  • Stay hydrated — Do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you as you will be walking a lot, and staying hydrated is essential when you are doing a physical excursion.
  • Warning signs — Pay attention to the warning signs and do not take them lightly as there might be animals around, or the water body might be too deep, and you might end up in a miss-hap.

How Do We Pick Our Recommendations?

Florida is known for its pleasant weather conditions, beautiful forests and beaches, and diverse culture and hospitality. As it was our next spot to visit, we researched and were made aware of its stunning waterfalls and state parks that are not only home to this magical geological phenomenon but also to wildlife and so much more. We visited all the waterfalls and compiled a list of these cascades that are as pretty as pictures and are perfect for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of life to revitalize oneself in nature. While developing this list, we have kept the accessibility to the waterfalls, the scenic views, and the availability of the basic amenities under consideration. The list is not just based on our personal experience but also the experience of other travelers. We have also taken into consideration the information and ratings provided online to develop this listicle for you guys!

Enchanting Waterfalls In Florida to treat the naturalist in you - FAQs

Are dogs allowed onto the boardwalk into the sinkhole at Waterfalls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park?

Yes, dogs are allowed onto the boardwalk into the sinkhole at Waterfalls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park.

Can one enjoy fishing in the Falling Waters State Park?

Yes, one can enjoy fishing in the Falling Waters State Park.

Is there any campsite at Big Shoals State Park?

No, there is no camping site at Big Shoals State Park.

Can you get married at the Japanese Garden?

Yes, you can get married at Japanese Gardens by paying a rental fee.

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