What do Spanish people look like? How to recognize one?

When you’re traveling extensively and encounter people from all over the world, from different countries and ethnic backgrounds, it’s not unusual to develop certain stereotypes. While these stereotypes often seem quite accurate, there are times when you might need to think twice about assuming someone’s origin. Spanish people, in particular, raise a lot of interest in this matter.

What do Spanish People Look Like?

People from Spain have light or olive skin tones. Their hair is usually brown/light brown and most of them have amber hair with an average height. Plus, they prefer to dress well with fitted clothes.

What do Spanish people look like?
What do Spanish people look like?

Characteristics To Help You Recognize People From Spain

People from Spain, often referred to as Spaniards, are not easily recognized at first glance. Due to Spain’s long and complex history of colonialism, the country boasts a multicultural and diverse heritage. 

This diversity can make it challenging to pinpoint the appearance of a Spanish person among a diverse group. However, there are a few characteristics that, when recognized, can help you make a more accurate guess about the typical Spanish appearance

Light/Olive Tanned Skin Color

When it comes to skin color, Spanish people exhibit a range of tones, from fair to olive and light brown. However, regardless of the complexion, most locals have tanned skin due to prolonged sun exposure. The areas of the body exposed to the sun, like the back and lower arms and legs, tend to be darker than the rest of the body. 

Spanish People
Spanish People

Of course, this can also vary by region. For instance, Madrid, with its ample sunshine, has more residents with this characteristic than other regions of the country. Some people find tanned skin appealing and choose to maintain a tan even by choice. This is one reason why many people display uneven skin tones just before winter sets in.

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Amber Eye Color

Eye color is what sets Spanish people apart the most. Most of them have amber eyes, which are slightly darker than hazel but lighter than the typical dark brown. This eye color, unique to the Spanish population’s DNA, is actually quite rare, with only 5% of the world’s population possessing it.

However, like hair and skin, variations are also observed in eye color, with many people living in the Alicante region having green eyes.

Brown/Light Brown Hair

The predominant hair color among most Spanish people is brown, ranging from light brown to brunette and dark brown. The typical hair texture observed is wavy, as opposed to the straight, pitch-black hair stereotype.

Spanish Culture
Spanish Culture

While only a few individuals in the northern regions of the country seem to have this hair color, shades of blonde and burgundy, along with pitch black, have been mistakenly associated with natural Spanish traits for quite some time. This is mainly due to increased Romanian and American influence in the country in recent years.

Average Height

In terms of height, Spanish people do not share many similarities with other European groups. While most Europeans tend to be taller, Spanish people are generally shorter, with men averaging around 5 feet 8 inches. Women are also of shorter stature, with an average height of not more than 5 feet 4 inches.

Aquiline Nose

With much of the Spanish outlook known to be similar to that of the Mediterranean race, it is especially the similarity of nose structure that adds to this notion. A prominent bridge with a hooked end, like that of an eagle’s beak, is what gives it the name aquiline, meaning “eagle-like” in Latin. The Aquiline nose, also commonly called the roman nose is a common trait found in most Spaniards.

Clothing Style

Spanish people prioritize aesthetics and often choose fashion over comfort. If a Spanish person tells you they’ve just put together a quick look from their closet, it’s far from the truth. Efforts has been made! This may be one reason why the stereotype of arriving “fashionably late” to events has developed around Spanish people.

At least in most major cities, men are seen wearing well-fitted clothing instead of loose joggers and hoodies. Since summers in Spain can be scorching, men may be seen wearing knee-length shorts on occasion. Winter formals usually feature boots and trench coats for both men and women.

Spanish Clothing Style
Spanish Clothing Style

Spanish women are equally, if not more, concerned with presentation. Their long, loose dresses are a signature fashion statement worldwide. These dresses, paired with lightweight shoes or sandals, are the go-to choice for most Spanish women. When the weather gets colder, they might layer up, but their style is never compromised.

Personality Traits

In terms of personality, Spanish people appear to be natural extroverts. When surrounded by a diverse group of people, a Spaniard will stand out for being friendly or even a little too friendly at times. They are social butterflies and tend to engage in small talk, even with people they’ve just met. While this may come across as bothersome in other parts of the world, it’s a normalized trait among Spanish people.

Another controversial aspect of their personality is the concept of personal space. In many countries, physical contact or standing too close when speaking is seen as disrespectful. 

However, the concept is somewhat altered for Spaniards. It’s common for Spanish people to hug and kiss when meeting new people, and bumping into one another is not perceived as irritating or something requiring an apology. These gestures are considered part of normal human behavior and interaction.


Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find these traits in all the Spanish people you meet worldwide. Moreover, various external factors can impact how people look, think, and behave today. However, the mentioned traits do a fairly good job of portraying a typical image based on majority observations. So, the next time you meet a Spaniard, pay attention to any of these traits and see if your guess is right!

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