10 Mouth-Watering South Indian Food Spots in Seattle

While there are many staples, fast foods, and cafes in Washington, one is often on the hunt to find food from the opposite side of the map that can take your tastebuds on a whole other journey, and discovering new cuisine is the best part of any travel. The exotic south Indian cuisine that originates from the 5 southern states of India includes a wide variety of delicacies suited for the likes of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. For those looking to experience more rich flavors of Indian cuisine, be sure to check out the best Anaheim Indian restaurants you must visit.

Must-Visit South Indian Food Spots In Seattle

Are you in Seattle and wondering where and if you could possibly find south Indian food? There’s no denying the cravings when we have a list of the best south Indian food places to satisfy those very cravings:

Naan n Curry - Issaquah

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PERFECT FOR: Large portion sizes for sharing
Naan and Curry Seattle.
Naan and Curry Seattle. Courtesy: ordernnc.com

This is a minority-owned and operated joint providing halal south Indian/Pakistani food located in Meadows Shopping Centre down NW Gillman Blvd.
They serve all the main south Indian dishes which are meticulously prepared using the freshest ingredients. Their classic dishes include tikka masala, korma and chana masala, haleem, and karahi amongst many more. A special mention to their biryani that will take up permanent residence in your heart and make you want to go back every time. A bonus is that they have gluten-free, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian options too

They are open Monday-Sunday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm serving you food made with love and care that is bound to leave you satisfied.

Chili’s South Indian Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying authentic coconut lamb curry
Chili's South Indian Cuisine
Chili’s South Indian Cuisine. Courtesy: chilissouthindianrestaurant.com

A cozy place located on University Way NE Seattle offering delivery, takeout as well as reservations. They specialize in south Indian dishes namely Dosa, idli, vada, uttapum, and much more. Alongside these vegetarian delicacies are also non-veg options like Chettinadu chicken, lamb, goat, shrimp, and fish curry.

They are open all week from lunchtime through dinner with varying timings. One of their most famous dishes is the fish curry which they serve piping hot and fresh and makes a great non-veg option, while for our vegetarian friends, the thali provides a wide variety of options because it includes many flavorful dishes all in one package like lentils, naan and a vegetable scramble which, although sounds simple but is just what you need when you want to have a light and healthy lunch.

They have an eclectic interior with food that will make you feel like you are on one of the noisy streets of India with all the hustle and bustle.

Samburna Indian Restaurant

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PERFECT FOR: Snacking on their gobi fritters
Samburna Indian Restaurant.
Samburna Indian Restaurant. Credits: samburna.com

A small place with few tables for more of a calm vibe and good food located in Bothell, Everett Hwy Ste 100. They offer takeout and reservations along with delivery. Being a relatively small-scale restaurant, they focus on quick and professional service. Some of their special dishes are chicken 65 biryani, uttapum, and masala dosa.

They also have a meticulous packaging system for the days ordering in seems like a better option. The fish fry and Malabar parotta are also their star dishes that keep people lined up outside. This place is definitely not the one to be slept on!

Taste of India

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PERFECT FOR: Sipping a hot cup of delicious tea with your food
Taste of India
Taste of India. Credits: tasteofindiaseattle.com

A foodies paradise is another name for this place, especially for a foodie with a taste for Indian cuisine, this is the place that will take you right back to a trip to India. Located on Roosevelt Way NE Seattle this place has a patio-style sitting arrangement that has a very homely outlook that most people come to enjoy, along with that they provide takeout and delivery as well.

Their menu is extensive and crowd-pleasing. Some of their special dishes include coconut curry, samosas, paneer tikka, and tikka masala. This place is truly a go-to for all spice lovers because they know how to pack in the heat for sure. The bonus for this place is that not only does it satisfy food cravings but also has some delicious desserts like baklava and ras malai which are the perfect end to this delectable meal.
They also allow pets in the outdoor seating area which most places are opposed to. Open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, 7 days a week, this place is an all-star for your Indian food cravings.

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Just Tiffin’s

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PERFECT FOR: Their delicious pineapple pudding
Just Tiffins. @Warren C.

You can never have enough places serving dosas, and if you are craving one then just tiffins should definitely be on your list. Located at the corner of 156th Avenue and NE 15th street (opposite Ivar’s), this place is good for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

They serve some of the most mouthwatering dosas, medu vadas, and idlis, and the best part is the heaps of chutneys and condiments they serve alongside because a good chutney can make or break a meal as far as south Indian cuisine is concerned. They also have a mini meal available that is a bit light on the pocket but heavy on the stomach when you want a small bite to eat and it has a lot of variety so you can switch up the options also.

There is live music available especially during the holiday season and although it seems like a strange combination many customers enjoy the filter coffee they serve called Kumbakonam as they say “it tastes just like the coffee they get in Chennai” so that is for sure worth a try.


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PERFECT FOR: Chowing down on their delicious malabar parotta
katakhali seattle
Kathakali. Courtesy: Facebook Page.

If you are in the mood for a dosa that tastes not only authentic but also delicious, you need to end up at 98th Avenue NE Kirkland in kathakali. They are closed on Mondays but on all other days, they serve quality and quantity along with having a takeout and delivery option.

They have a range of dosas including, basil spinach dosa, masala dosa, and as dangerous as it sounds, gunpowder dosa! There is a special “kick” that their gunpowder dosa delivers and that makes it one of the many dishes that everyone seems to go back for. They also serve idiyappam which is not commonly available at other restaurants. Along with that they also serve lavender-infused water which is a real crowd-pleaser. So the next time a good dosa craving hits you in the middle of the day, this is the place to go to.

Annapurna Café

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PERFECT FOR: Enjoying the atmosphere along with the food!
Annapurna Café
Annapurna Café. Courtesy: FB Page

For some of us, just food that we are craving may not cut it, and the dining ambiance must be palatable also, well if you are one of those people then this is going to be the star of your show! The dimly lit atmosphere and color scheme are inviting and calm.

Located at 1833 Broadway Seattle. But as they say “come for the décor, stay for the food” because the food will keep you wanting to come back. The garlic naan in particular is one thing that you cannot have enough of especially when its fresh off the tandoor shrimp korma is also amongst some of their best dishes along with lots of vegetarian options and their mango lassi is exactly what you need to beat the heat that is packed in all the flavorful food they provide!

Momos are another specialty on their menu which is not predominantly south Indian but a treat nonetheless and worth trying.

Madras Dosa Corner

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PERFECT FOR: A cold chikoo shake with your warm dosa
Madras Dosa Corner in seattle. fork and spoon on top right
Madras Dosa Corner. Credits: Viren N.

Another crowd-pleasing spot to grab authentic and delicious dosa is the Madras dosa corner, which is a small diner-style eatery situated on NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah.
As the name suggests and very well holds true to its name it serves a great variety of dosas if that is what you are particularly craving. Some of their specials include Rava onion dosa, Mysore plain dosa, Podi idli, Masala dosa, and chicken curry. They also have some desserts on the menu for those with a sweet tooth at the end of the meal.


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PERFECT FOR: Creative and tasty cocktails
Rasai. Credits: rasaiwa.com

Rasai is a rustic fine-dining restaurant located on Dayton Avenue in Freemont. While it is a small intimate place it does not compromise on the quality of food, is vegetarian friendly, has pescatarian and vegan options, has outdoor seating, and a bar and they take reservations as well. This woman-owned business is also environmentally friendly as they use plastic-free packaging (let’s save the turtles).

The hits at this eatery include the Fig kofta which has been rumored to be the best and the most unique item on their menu, Lamb biryani which has a great protein-to-rice ratio, and desserts like their broken matka kulfi and almond kulfi which pair perfectly with the food. The dishes are well thought out and the presentation of the dishes really takes them up a notch, because food that is pleasing to the eyes along with the mouth is hard to find.

They have a well-rounded menu with spice levels that don’t send you shooting through the roof! Another interesting element incorporated into their food is the fusion of American- Indian cuisine in some dishes namely their bao buns and crab aam papad. The prices are a little onto the premium side but according to the customers the prices meet the quality of the food, and it makes a good place for a special occasion.

Taste of Mumbai

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PERFECT FOR: Having the most flavorful curries
Taste of Mumbai seattle restaurant best
Taste of Mumbai. Courtesy: Joy P.

This locally owned and operated eatery in Seattle has been in the business for the past 8 years serving nothing but the best. Precisely, 36th Avenue SW Seattle, Fairmount Park. The star dishes include Mysore dosa, chicken 65, gobi Manchurian, and ras malai as the perfect dessert. The portion sizes are more than generous, and the spices are well-balanced.

Their packaging is meticulous to make sure to prevent spillages because there are a lot of sauces and liquids that go along with south Indian food, but this is a plus point for those who are looking to get takeout. At the moment they only provide delivery and takeout options.

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Things to consider before going out for south Indian food in Seattle:

  • Browse the menu beforehand – All the websites of the above-mentioned places have a menu attached to them, and going over it gives you a feel of the variety and the type of food they are serving, especially if you are a vegetarian, then this can inform you if the place has options available for you. Similarly, if halal food is a requirement then most places mention that on their websites.
  • Discuss with the waiting staff – Make sure you ask your servers any specifics about the food that is of concern and they will be more than happy to help you out. Not only can they guide you about the specials but you can also give them instructions if you want your food prepared a little differently, especially if there is a component of the dish you are allergic to.
  • Book your table – Everyone prefers to go out on the weekends and these food spots are bound to get rushy, so to prevent that, you can call them beforehand and book a table so you don’t have to wait too long.
  • Time and schedule – Some places may be close while some may be a longer drive, be sure to map it on your phones to get an estimate of travel time because waiting on an empty stomach can be a mood killer!
  • Payment methods – Not all places accept alternate payments to cash, while we have mentioned the places that accept cards and other forms of payment like apple pay too, it’s better to make sure beforehand if they do, at that time.
  • Seating and parking – This seems like a small thing but is an important thing to consider before you are going out, luckily enough, most spots mentioned above do offer private lot parking and the seating arrangements are convenient too. If it’s a hot day and the place only offers outdoor seating, that may be a little uncomfortable, double check!

How Do We Pick Our Recommendations

Food is an important part of any travel, and good food always equals a good mood, so we make sure that all the recommendations we provide are top-notch and are exactly what you are looking for. There are certain things that we focus on to make sure that we recommend the best, namely, the quality of ingredients, the cleanliness, the ambiance, and our own personal experiences because our team is full of foodies who love to travel and explore. We make sure to suggest nothing but the best and these are our top picks when it comes to enjoying the delicious south Indian cuisine in Seattle. But if you’re looking for something more than just food, we highly recommend checking out the fun activities on Bainbridge Island. 

Final Words

South Indian culture is beautiful and just like that their food reflects it, made with a lot of love and care, this cuisine will definitely leave your mind blown. So, next time you have a craving of a dosa, or idli, while you are in Seattle, be sure to hit one of these spots and you will not regret it.

Indulgent South Indian Food Spots in Seattle - FAQs

Where can I find cheap south Indian food delivery in Seattle?

You can find the cheapest south Indian food at chilis south Indian restaurant in Seattle.

What are the basic ingredients of south Indian cuisine?

Tamarind, curry leaves, and chilies are some of the basic ingredients of south Indian cuisine.

What is the nicest Indian dish?

Masala dosa and biryani are among the best Indian dishes.

What Indian food do Americans like the most?

Tandoori chicken is the most liked Indian dish, for Americans.

What Indian food should I try first?

Dosas, idli, and vada are the Indian foods that should be tried first.

What is the tastiest Indian curry?

Butter chicken is the tastiest Indian curry.

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