The Best Nail Salons in Norfolk VA

Finding a good nail tech can be extremely hard, and with how expensive manicures can be, you don’t have the option of trying out a lot of spots. If you’re somebody like us and need the best results on the first try, you’re going to want to keep reading. Here are all the best nail salons in Norfolk VA that are worth your time. In addition to getting a beautiful manicure, a relaxing massage is also a great way to unwind and take care of yourself. Norfolk, VA has many massage spots that are perfect for a much-needed break. Here are the must-visit massage spots in Norfolk, VA

Best Nail Salons in Norfolk, VA

You can find how good a nail salon is by the reviews left by customers that have gotten their nails done there. While results may vary depending on the types of manicures you decide on, you get a good idea of how skilled the nail techs are. Below we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best nail salons based on ratings. 

Chic Nails

Chic nails are on the top of our list because of their commitment to both their craft and their customers. They use only the best supplies to do their client’s nails and ensure the salon’s environment is always pleasant. Previous customers have also been pleased with their services. 

  • Address: 738 W 22nd St #3, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Acrylic nails, french manicures, and nail-strengthening treatments
Chic Nails
Chic Nails

Vy’s Nail Spa

Vy’s nail spa specializes in gel nails, and although they may be a little expensive, they are worth the cost. Their nails are done especially well, and their manicures last a long time. Add to that the fact that you’ll constantly get compliments on your nails, and you’ve got yourself the best nail tech in town. 

  • Address: 2000 Colonial Ave Ste 9 Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Acrylic nails and gel manicures
Vy's Nail Spa
Vy’s Nail Spa

Lotus Day Spa

Lotus Day Spa has experienced nail techs that make their customers keep coming back for more. They specialize in all sorts of fancy or plain manicures and can even do 3d designs on their hands. If you’re looking for an affordable and clean salon, this is it.

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  • Address: 1547 E Little Creek Rd Unit B Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Gel manicures, 3d nail art, and acrylic nails
lotus day spa in virgina
Lotus Day Spa. Courtesy: Alicia G.

Studio 21 Hair & Nail Salon

Studio 21 has been providing excellent nail services to clients for 17 years. All their nail techs have at least 20 years of experience doing manicures, which means you can expect top-notch quality from them. People love how informative the staff is, and how long the manicures last. 

  • Address: 955 W 21st St Ste A Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Dry manicures
Studio 21 Hair & Nail Salon
Studio 21 Hair & Nail Salon

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Forever Nail and Spa

From chrome nails to ombre, Forever Nail and Spa do it all. Happy patrons come back again and again, which shows you how good the techs are at their jobs. The best part about this salon is that they fit you on short notice, so you don’t have to wait long. 

  • Address: 329 W 21st Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Glitter nails, acrylics, and gel manicure
Forever Nail and Spa
Forever Nail and Spa

MK Nails and Spa

MK Nails and Spa has a lot of excellent reviews from customers because of how detailed their work is. Although they may make you wait for a little, they are always patient and do their best. People always love their beautiful nail art, as well as the color options they provide, especially at such a small price tag. 

  • Address: 2412 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties:  Gel manicures, acrylic nails, and pedicures
MK Nails and Spa
MK Nails and Spa

BN Nails And Spa

BN nails and Spa hire only the best nail techs, and it is obvious in the results they produce. The salon is very clean and the experience you have there will be nothing less than perfect. They can do anything from classic nails to more trendy bejeweled designs.

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  • Address: 3852 E Little Creek Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Classic Manicure, Acrylic Fill-in, Acrylic Nail Removal, and Acrylic Full Set
BN Nails and Spa
BN Nails and Spa

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Changes City Spa

Alongside haircuts and body treatments, changes city Spa offers classic gel manicures too. While they Don’t offer acrylics or dip powders, their gel manicures are nothing to scoff at.

They also do manicures for children, and their staff takes pride in being friendly. We recommend Debbie or Nadia for your nails.

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  • Address: 710 W 21st St Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Creative nail designs, nail extensions, acrylics
Changes City Spa
Changes City Spa


These are all the best nail salons Norfolk VA has to offer. Not only do these salons have awesome reviews, but they also have high ratings on Yelp. If you’re ever in the area, you can visit any of these to get your nails done to perfection. These salons will not disappoint. 

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