BEST Western In Norfolk VA [Top 5]

Looking for an accommodating place to stay in Norfolk, Virginia? What is a better choice there other than the brands owned by Best Western? These hotels set the standard for luxury living and only add to your overall stay experience.

The presence of Best Western In Norfolk, VA, is loved by tourists and locals alike. Since Individual businessmen and regional families often own the best Western hotels, each hotel hosts a unique identity. Fortunately, for those planning a trip to Norfolk, VA, we’ve narrowed down your hotel choice to the 5 Best Western hotels below.

Best Western In Norfolk

There are 5 Best Western hotels available to stay in or near Norfolk, VA, each with a separate goal and essence. Whether it’s a budget hotel you want or the best Norfolk offers, Best Western has you covered.

Best Western Plus Holiday Sands Inn

The first Best Western hotel in Norfolk, VA, we’re looking at is also arguably the finest, in our opinion. Holiday Sands Inn is a Best Western Plus hotel aiming to provide guests with a premium experience. Holiday Sands Inns promises a fun-filled, family-friendly stay near the beach with minimum compromises.

Best Western Plus Holiday Sands Inn
Best Western Plus Holiday Sands Inn

Despite delivering high-quality services, Holiday Sands Inn is charged relatively reasonably. If that wasn’t enough to tip you over, did we mention the Free Parking, High-Speed Wifi, and Breakfast? This Best Western hotel gives you extra bang for your buck and ensures the experience is worth it.

The prices seem even more valid when considering the closeness to nearby restaurants and attractions. Just a few miles away are restaurants like Sandfiddler Cafe and Razoo. Interests nearby include the Ocean View Fishing Pier and the Botanical Garden. There is a lot to do and much to explore nearby Holiday Sands.

Rooms at the Holiday Sands Inn are spacious and packed with amenities. These rooms are clean and include a Work Desk and Mini Fridge for your needs. Best Western Plus hotels offer a superior standard of services, and this hotel lives up to that standard. For a great hotel experience, visit Best Western Plus Holiday Sands In Norfolk, VA.

Best Western Centre Inn

Out of the four hotels operated by Best Western In Norfolk, VA, Centre Inn impresses us the most. The highlight of Center Inn is its ability to punch above its weight and offer quality services unheard of at these rates. Center Inn aims to provide a satisfactory experience without straining your wallet too much.

Best Western Centre Inn
Best Western Centre Inn

Room rates are priced low to mid-range, and complimentary Breakfast, Parking, and Wifi are present. The staff at Center inn is known to be comforting and available 24/7. Guests love the breakfast at Centre Inn because of the large variety of foods on offer. Picky eaters will appreciate the extra choice and feel right at home here.

After exploring the hotel, you are treated to a plethora of restaurants and attractions to visit nearby. Restaurants like Rooster’s Cafe and Krispy Kreme are within walking distance of Centre Inn. Also within walking distance is the Hampton Roads Agricultural Research Centre. Catching a flight is super easy, too, since the airport is only around 1 mile from Centre Inn.

Rooms are adequately sized and include all the necessities plus extras. Included in rooms are Safes, Microwaves, Micro-Fridges, and a Flat Screen TV. The overall package on offer at this hotel is one that’s priced affordably yet delivers great quality. For a reasonably priced hotel, visit Best Western Centre Inn in Norfolk, VA.

  • Address: 5718 Northampton Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA, 23455
  • Website: Centre Inn

Sure Stay Hotel By Best Western

Sure Stay Hotel targets guests looking for a budget hotel or wanting a quick stay. This hotel promises to provide satisfactory services at low prices. For the most part, Sure Stay hotel delivers on that promise. However, there are some areas where it falls short.


Rooms are priced attractively and compete with one of the lowest available rates in Norfolk. Like other Best Western Hotels, Free Breakfast, Parking, and Wifi are supplied to guests. Sure Stay Hotel is perfect for those who want a hotel that ticks the necessities at meager prices.

Nearby restaurants include Regino’s Italian Restaurant and Sandfiddler Cafe, which you may prefer over the included breakfast. A car is recommended for further exploring as there aren’t many places to visit nearby. The rooms are satisfactory. However, there are complaints about cleanliness and the limited availability of towels and soaps.

We recommend Sure Stay Hotel if you want an extremely budget-friendly hotel that does the job. Those who plan longer stays or expect premium services should look elsewhere. For a relatively cheap hotel, visit Sure Stay Hotel By Best Western In Norfolk, VA.

  • Address: 7940 Shore Drive, Norfolk, VA 23518
  • Website: Sure Stay

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Best Western Hotels Near Norfolk, VA

If you’re hoping to stay at locations closer to Norfolk, here are a few Best Western Hotels nearby. Fortunately, Best Western is found almost everywhere at prime locations.

Best Western Plus Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel

The final hotel by Best Western near Norfolk, VA, is the Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel. The Sandcastle hotel is yet another Best Western Plus hotel and, as such, boasts exceptional quality. The Sandfront Hotel is arguably one of the best hotels near Norfolk, albeit with a hefty price tag.

Best Western Plus Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel
Best Western Plus Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel

Room rates are relatively high due to the proximity to the beach. Thankfully, Free Breakfast and Wifi are provided. However, Parking is not accessible at this hotel. The Sandcastle hotel is of outstanding quality, with no cutbacks in any aspect of the hotel.

Within walking distance from Sandcastle Hotel are various restaurants and attractions. Side Street Cantina and Calypso Bar, alongside many other restaurants, will keep you well-fed. The Fishing Pier and Xperience Theatre will offer plenty of family fun for guests. Simply put, Sandcastle Hotel is in the perfect location with much to do nearby.

Rooms at Sandcastle are of the highest quality, with unmatched cleanliness and comfort. Sandcastle also offers Ocean View rooms which are well worth the price. Staying at Sandcastle will be a prominent experience in your trip and guarantees security in hotel choice. For an action-filled stay, visit Best Western Plus Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel near Norfolk, VA. the Sandcastle Hotel is also conveniently located near some of the top 12 best beaches in Norfolk, VA.

  • Address: 1307 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Website: Sandcastle Hotel

Best Western Coliseum Inn

The Coliseum Inn maintains the exceptional quality that Best Western is known for and even builds upon it at times. Best Western promises safety and comfort at the Coliseum Inn and makes sure to keep it in most areas of the hotel.

Best Western Coliseum Inn
Best Western Coliseum Inn

Rates at the Coliseum Inn are reasonable and there’s little room for improvement in the prices offered. Parking and High-Speed Wifi are also complimentary which is always a welcome addition to our books. The average consumer will be more than happy with the value offered.

The Rooms themselves are properly furnished and contain all the necessities needed by guests. Microwaves, Fridges, and Coffeemakers are present in every room. Reviews state the beds are also comfortable and cleanliness isn’t an issue either. The Coliseum Inn is a great choice for those wanting to stay near Norfolk.

  • Address: 1916 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666
  • Website: Coliseum Inn

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Why Choose Best Western?

Best Western not only supplies a high standard of services and quality but is known for being consistent among its hotels. The most premium hotels owned by Best Western are the Plus Hotels which present excellent living standards.

Besides the obvious, Best Western is known to be a family-oriented brand, with most hotels being pet friendly. This makes Best Western the perfect fit for families with kids or pets that aren’t afraid of making a little noise.

Perhaps, the most inviting quality of Best Western hotels is that they are well worth the money. Whether staying at a budget hotel or a Plus one, you won’t ever feel like the price is too high. You’re getting what your money’s worth and sometimes even more than that.

Final Words

Now that you know why Best Western Hotels are highly rated, you can choose from the four hotels above. Best Western has catered to all price ranges in Norfolk, Virginia, and offered something for everyone. Our favorite is Holiday Sands Inn for its unrivaled value for money and experience. Also, check out the best Western Hotels in Laguna Beach if you happen to be there!

You can’t go wrong with any of the four choices, provided you’ve kept your expectations in check. For an all-around pleasing experience, look for hotels by Best Western In Norfolk, VA. 

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