10 Best Western Hotels in Laguna Beach

When it comes to going on vacations or a holiday, one of the essential factors is the place where you’re staying. It plays a big role in the direction of your trip – whether it’s an enjoyable trip worth remembering or one that you’ll regret.

If Laguna Beach happens to be your next holiday spot or even a part of it, what do you think of staying at one of the best western hotels in Laguna Beach?

Best Western Laguna Beach

Our guide about the hotels will give you a nice scoop of inside information that you won’t generally find advertised openly on hotel websites. Phone numbers and addresses are also mentioned for each hotel in case you want to take a quick look at one of the options.

1. Best Western Plus Dana Point Inn-by-the-Sea

Calling all beach lovers. Guests can hop out of their beds and walk up to the beach; that’s how close it is. Since the beach is so nearby, bedrooms facing the ocean have an amazing view of the sunset and the ocean. The hotel doesn’t have a pool but instead has a hot tub available, and let’s be real, who doesn’t like a hot tub?

Best Western Plus Dana Point Inn-by-the-Sea exterior
Best Western Plus Dana Point Inn-by-the-Sea

The staff over here is super accommodating, any day, any time! If you are big on Mexican food, there is a restaurant nearby that has amazing Mexican food on its menu. Moreover, they also have a shuttle bus service and a bicycle rental service, among other amenities.

2. Best Western Plus Newport Mesa Inn

This lovely hotel is nothing short of the best western choice in Laguna Beach for your vacation. Starting from check-in to check-out, your entire stay will be as smooth and peaceful as it can get. Most importantly, their parking is free.

The breakfast is freshly made and warm whenever you visit the dining hall, of course during breakfast hours. Moreover, the staff there is very accommodating and prompt in dealing with guests’ concerns. Another plus point is that the hotel rests at a location where every site is accessible, for example, the airport, beach, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Best Western Plus Newport Mesa Inn
Best Western Plus Newport Mesa Inn

3. Best Western Capistrano Inn

2021 was a rough year for this hotel, but not anymore. They are back with a bang! The hotel has a delicious and, most importantly, hot, free breakfast where you can go creative with your waffles and make them on your own as per your liking.

Best Western Capistrano Inn
Best Western Capistrano Inn

The swimming pool is not an average pool, but a heated one! yes, you heard me right. A heated pool to ensure maximum relaxation.

The staff on the front desk and housekeeping are humble in their way of conversing with guests. The hotel is close to everything in town, so the commute won’t be one of your worries if you are staying here. The only downside is the $25 parking fee which is not usually advertised publicly.

4. Best Western Plus Irvine Spectrum Hotel

If you happen to be in the area and want to stay at one of the best Western hotels near Laguna Beach, I suggest you try out this hotel. Here’s why: What’s different about this hotel is that you will not find the typical odor around the hallways that all pet-friendly hotels usually do. It’s always pleasant and fragrant smelling.

The beds here are the comfiest, so if you require a good night’s sleep or you have a big day ahead with lots of activities planned, come stay here!

Best Western Plus Irvine Spectrum Hotel
Best Western Plus Irvine Spectrum Hotel

The breakfast here is not only delicious but also cooked right in front of you in the dining hall. Talk about ensuring hygiene? Another great feature is that they also offer transport to the airport, among other amenities, so that will save you from all the Uber hassle.

5. Best Western Plus Orange County Airport North

They have a huge variety of resources available for the guests like free transport to the airport, free breakfast, dry-cleaning, conference facilities for people traveling for business purposes, and a free shuttle or taxi service all under one roof!! what else does anyone want?

Best Western Plus Orange County Airport North
Best Western Plus Orange County Airport North

The bedrooms are always squeaky clean whenever you check in. Housekeeping stays on its toes to provide you with the most hygienic room conditions ever. The parking space is ample, and you will never find it hard to park, even coming back after midnight. 

6. Best Western Surf City

Please do not be deceived by the look of the building from the outside. Although the hotel looks a bit rusty and vintage from the outside, it is the total opposite on the inside. The furnishings and decor are all renovated and up to the mark.

Best Western Surf City
Best Western Surf City

Parking is free, unlike in other places, and since mid-week is less busy, you will be able to find a spot easily. The hotel has multiple little garden setups in the vicinity of the hotel, where one can sit and relax or read a book. If you’re a woman traveling alone, be sure to feel safe at this hotel. Additionally, the surrounding area of the hotel is known for its top seafood restaurants that offer a variety of dishes to choose from, making it a perfect location for seafood lovers.

  • Address: 19360 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States.
  • Contact: +1 714-962-4244.
  • Visit Best Western Surf City

7. Best Western Plus Meridian Inn & Suites – Anaheim Orange

This hotel is nothing like the other fancy hotels you see around or hear about but it definitely will qualify as a homely place when you are away from home. And who wouldn’t want that? You will find suites at this hotel at a price at which other hotels barely offer regular rooms.

Best Western Plus Meridian Inn & Suites - Anaheim Orange
Best Western Plus Meridian Inn & Suites – Anaheim Orange

The staff here is very professionally trained and has great manners. This hotel is a great choice for business travels, although family and friends will also enjoy their stay here.

8. Best Western Orange Plaza

This hotel has recently been refurbished, and everything looks as good and clean as new. However, if you are not a fan of hard mattresses, then try to avoid this place, as the new beds installed have mattresses that are not as soft as spring mattresses.

Best Western Orange Plaza
Best Western Orange Plaza

The housekeeping is very friendly. The breakfast has a wide variety of items to choose from, and it comes free with the room rate, which is pretty economical given the rates of this hotel. Overall it is a good deal in this budget.

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9. Best Western Plus Raffles Inn & Suites

This place is a pure family hotel. You will find lots of children and families staying at this location. The hotel overall gives a very safe and home-like vibe. A place where parents would feel safe with their kids roaming around. Surprisingly it is quiet at night.

Best Western Plus Raffles Inn and Suites
Best Western Plus Raffles Inn & Suites

The interior and furnishings are not very updated or modern, but it is a great deal for the price. Their staff is always very helpful with everything the guests need. 

10. Best Western Palm Garden Inn

This BW hotel has come a long way. It is a true depiction of taking criticism positively and making a conscious effort to better themselves. Starting with the front desk staff’s remarkable hospitality and concern regarding the needs of the guests to the spotless clean hallways. 

Best Western Palm Garden Inn
Best Western Palm Garden Inn

Places like Irvine, Knotts Berry Farm, LAX, and above all, Disneyland are all a few minutes’ drive away. Overall the hotel gives a very safe vibe where you don’t have to worry about your car being messed with at night or service being denied in case of an emergency.

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Whether it’s a best Western hotel chain or any other, always try to get maximum information before booking to get the top-notch experience at the hotels in Laguna Beach. This is because there are many features that hotels don’t advertise very openly.

It is written in fine print or on a handwritten note in the lobby. This will help you make the best hotel choice for you, your family & friends. In case you don’t like the breakfast at your hotel, hop on to our best breakfast in Laguna Beach guide to enjoy some divine breakfast options.

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