Amazing Restaurants In St. Michaels For A Fascinating Dining With Your Loved Ones

St. Michaels is recognized for its beautiful architecture, museums, astonishing boutiques, and boat and yacht tours. The town’s rich history and waterfront charm millions of artists and travelers worldwide to behold the stunning sites and enjoy dining at a great many restaurants this town has to offer. Below are the amazing restaurants in St. Michaels for fascinating dining with your loved ones.

The town of St. Michael offers you all sorts of restaurants; be it the casual, cozy, home-like vibe you want to go with, or a fancy night out with your family and friends, the restaurants here have got it all. Choose the one for you from the places mentioned below and enjoy!

Our Picks Of The Best Restaurants In St. Michaels

Numerous restaurants in St. Michaels offer great sceneries, five-star customer service, delightful food, and a nice ambiance. Pick the one for you from the listicle below.

Bistro St. Michaels

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PERFECT FOR: A family dinner.
bistro st michaels lake minnetonka
Bistro St. Michaels

The bistro is a restaurant in the St. Michel municipality known for its beautiful interiors and unique taste. This restaurant has been serving for quite some years, but the owner of this place has changed a couple of times which has resulted in many changes in the restaurant. All of these changes have added so much of an edge to this already good eatery. Recently the place has been renovated again; with hand-painted floors and beautiful paintings and plants around, it gives off a very refreshing vibe.

The vibe of this place is nice. There is outdoor seating where you can enjoy your food, and see the view of the street outside, and also indoor seating on both the ground floor and first floor. The ground floor also has a bar that offers the customers to see the chef’s cooking and enjoy their food, and the first-floor hall can be booked for family dinners or if you want to entertain a larger audience. Both of these places are equally pleasant, but if the weather is nice, get your food outside and enjoy the life happening around you.

Their ambiance and decors are great, but the star of this restaurant has to be their delightful food. They offer French, American, and local cuisine, seafood, and fusion. They also have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available and they have an extensive menu. The food that you have to try though is their chilled shrimp salad, oyster stew, and steak fries; they are out of this world. They also have a wine menu that offers some of the great wines you can have in this area and also have a good happy hour.

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Their service quality is great. Food is served right on time, so you don’t have to wait for long. The servers are very engaging and knowledgeable. Get their help with the food and wine pairings, they will not disappoint you. This place is perfect, so do try it if you want to have a wonderful dining experience.

Limoncello Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

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PERFECT FOR: Those who enjoy Italian cuisine.
Limoncello Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Limoncello Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar is a restaurant in St. Michel known for its authentic Italian taste and Wine bar. The owners had initially started their journey on the streets of Italy, which eventually took them to this town where they opened this one of its kind restaurants. Its décor is really beautiful with vibrant colors all around, making it perfect for a dinner with your friends. The colors and the typical Italian feel make up for a great combo and a nice ambiance.

This place has indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area is very casual with a typical Italian vibe and is perfect for an Italian culinary experience. It also has a bar, which is very flamboyant and perfect for a relaxed meet-up with friends. The outdoor seating area is also very nice where you can sit and enjoy your food along with the views of the outside sceneries.

Their food is also very tasty. They offer lunch, dinner, and drinks and have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available. They specialize in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. All of the food was good, but you can’t miss out on their homemade gnocchi, pizza, and salmon; they were too good. Their menu is also really nice and has something for literally everyone. Also, their deserts can’t be missed out on, more specifically their chocolate soufflé; which was a chef’s kiss.

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Their service quality is great. The staff is also very accommodating and nice. This place is perfect for a casual and modern dining experience. Before going there, it’s better to make a reservation as the place is always crowded, also don’t miss their wine collection; you will love it!


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PERFECT FOR: A fancy dinner.
theos steak house
Theo’s. Courtesy

Theo’s is another one of the amazing restaurants in the town of St. Michael. The restaurant is a steak house that also offers American classics. The interior of the restaurant is also an embodiment of its classic menu which is super chic. Its wooden floors with the funky paintings on the walls look well together and make for a relaxed and soothing environment. The best part about their interior is it is both fancy and casual, so you can dine here with friends and family as well as with your boss for a fancy dinner.

The restaurant has two floors and can also be booked for dinners for larger audiences. This restaurant specializes in steaks and also serves stuff like burgers, sandwiches, etc. The whole of their menu is amazing, from the starters to the seafood, suppers, and sides for the table. Another good thing is this place is affordable, so you don’t have to pay a hand and a mouth for this incredible service.

Everything on their menu is delicious, but the must-haves include; baked oysters, tempuras, onion soup, stinky cheeseburger, shrimp, and of course, the rib eye, which was perfectly cooked. Also if you are confused about what to pick just pick anything from the chef’s selection, and you will be devouring it.

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Their service was five stars too. The staff was amazing and goes over and above to make you feel comfortable. This place is perfect for a celebration dinner. They also offer takeout and have vegan and gluten-free options. Overall the place is too good to miss!

Ava's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

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PERFECT FOR: Pizza lovers.
Ava's Pizzeria & Wine Bar
Ava’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Ava’s pizzeria and wine bar is a well-known place in St. Michael among pizza lovers and wine connoisseurs. Their pizzas are famous all over the world as they have various branches, however, Ava’s pizzeria in St. Michael is the place where it all started so, it is always really special dining in this restaurant. The interior of this place has a very low-key vibe as the sitting is not very fancy. Their seating arrangement and furniture complement the whole atmosphere and make it more like a go-to place for friends and families.

They have an indoor area as well as an outdoor patio. The indoor has a very nice, homey ambiance, and the outdoors are pretty. Its patio is open all four seasons, but it is perfect to dine outside in slightly warmer weather. The outdoors are also depicting the casual, cozy atmosphere of the insides.

Their food is divine. They specialize in American and Italian cuisine and also have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available on their menu. The must-haves from their menu are their pizzas and meatballs. I can assure you that you will never have had meatballs this good before. Also, their wine collection is really good. You can get a membership card and enjoy tasting their fine wines every few months too.

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Their service quality is satisfactory. The servers are good too as they are very attentive and are always there to check if you need something. You can book this place for some sort of event as well. It is a perfect place to dine in, especially if you are looking to have an incredible pizza.

Foxy's Harbor Grille

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PERFECT FOR: Lunch with a view.
Foxy's Harbor Grille
Foxy’s Harbor Grille

Foxy’s Harbor Grille is one of the restaurants in the town of St. Michaels that offer a stunning view of the waters from every corner. This restaurant is easily the local’s favorite spot to enjoy a relaxing lay-back lunch or drinks with friends. The interior of the restaurant also depicts its refreshing vibe, with whites and pastel tones that are so cool to the eyes. Its décor is seemed to be kept minimalistic on purpose; because of the natural beauty around.

This restaurant has indoor seating as well as an outdoor patio. The indoor has a very fun sort of vibe and a cool atmosphere which is perfect to enjoy a meal with a bunch of mates and the outdoors are just perfect for a romantic date as the water around and the stunning views of the harbor make the whole scenery straight out of a fairy tale.

Their food is also as good as their setup. There is so much to choose from as they have an amazingly put-together menu with many cuisines. They mainly offer local, American, seafood, vegan, vegetarian, and also gluten-free options. They also have a menu for drinks that you will love as they are amazing. Apart from the drinks they serve, the dishes that you have to try from their menu include; fish tacos, nachos, tuna steak, and crab cakes; they are all delightful.

Their service quality is pretty good, and the servers are nice as well. The best thing, however, has to be their management which is so friendly and makes sure you get to have the best experience here. Their happy hour is so fun and perfect to enjoy amazing drinks. They also have live music going on which makes everything even more perfect than it already is. The place offers you everything you expect from a fine restaurant and more, so definitely give it a go!

The Crab Claw

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PERFECT FOR: People who enjoy seafood.
The Crab Claw
The Crab Claw

The Crab Claw restaurant is famous in St. Michaels, specifically for its seafood and picturesque views. This place has a history of being a shucking place where various fishermen would gather. The owners purchased the land in 1965 and started this restaurant by the name of Crab Claw. The place, to this day, is still owned by the same family who has maintained the soul of the place very much alive, which is a major reason why even after so many years it is still a go-to place for many locals.

This restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoors are rather fancy; with black and rusty tones adding glamour to the place, making it perfect for a formal dinner. However, the outdoors are very casual and have a quite soothing vibe to them. You get to have a view of the river all around while having your meal outdoors, which is like a treat for both your taste buds; to eat such a hearty meal and eyes; to behold the breathtaking scenery.

The food is yummy. They offer American cuisine and also have seafood options on their menu. For people with dietary restrictions, they also have gluten-free options available. They have steamed and raw seafood options, but the best one that you must try is their fried hard crab, crab imperial, fried oysters, clam strips, and crab cakes. If you want to enjoy the best seafood in this town, go to their seafood buffet; it’s heaven for seafood lovers.

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Their service quality is five stars. The place is always crowded because of being a tourist attraction, but the staff deals with everything nicely and is very cooperative and helpful. They also have a space that you can book for your events; whether corporate or dinner rehearsals. If you are confused about what to order, order the chef’s best, and you will be delighted!


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PERFECT FOR: A lively meal.
Gina’s. Courtesy

Gina’s café is a sister to Gina’s Cantina in MD. Gina’s vision, which was to bring together a place filled with liveliness, is what Gina’s café is all about. From the interiors to the ambiance to the staff, everything here is so nice and welcoming that you will be filled with the feeling of wholesomeness to the core. The vibes of this place are so calming and welcoming that you will be coming here time and time again.

The interior of this place is funky, with exquisite paintings that have enhanced the beauty of the brightly colored walls. The vibrant colors add so much character and oomph to it. This place is open for lunch, dinner, and also late-night munching. This cafe is beautiful all the time, but specifically at night when the bright tones blend with the fairy lights; the shadows look more like an illusion than reality.

Their food is out of this world. They specialize in Southwestern and Mexican cuisine, and their chefs have mastered the art of blending the two cuisines, along with the local seafood, and have put together some of the most delicious dishes you would have ever tasted. Everything from their menu is great, but you can’t miss their quesadilla, guacamole, and tacos. Also, their nacho plate is the best thing ever. Another good thing about this restaurant is that it is super affordable.

Their service quality is satisfactory. The staff is attentive, friendly, and nice. They will always be on the lookout in case you need something. You can also get vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food if you have any dietary restrictions. They also have the best margaritas. This place will become your go-to place in no time!

Things To Consider Before Going To A Restaurant

  • Location — Before picking the restaurant, make sure you know the exact location of the place to avoid unnecessary traffic and to reach the place on time.
  • Reservation — Make a reservation before going to the restaurant. Most restaurants have pre-booked tables, and you might end up with no free table at the restaurant when you reach there. So it is better to make a booking beforehand.
  • Ambiance — The ambiance of a place is really important, so make sure it resonates with the occasion. Like; if you are supposed to arrange a corporate dinner, it should be at a fancy place with an elegant ambiance, and a dinner with friends can be at a place with a homely ambiance.
  • Food — Do confirm that the restaurant you will be dining at serves the cuisines that you like. Especially if you have dietary restrictions, make sure that the particular restaurant has the options for you.
  • Hygiene — The hygiene of a place is really important as it is directly related to one’s health, so don’t compromise on hygienic measures at all.

How Do We Pick Our Recommendations

St. Michaels has so much history and architecture to explore, and with the beautiful nature surrounding this town; it has been on our bucket list for quite a while. I, along with my team, got our luggage packed, and landed in this heaven of a place. While exploring this town, we also get to experience the five-star service and tasty food of the restaurants here, which lead us to compile this listicle for you guys. Every place in this list is the finest of the finest. These recommendations are based on the quality of service, the ambiance of the place, and the taste of the food, etc. We have also considered the experience of our fellow visitors as well as online ratings before compiling this list.

Amazing Restaurants In St. Michaels For A Fascinating Dining With Your Loved Ones - FAQs

What are the most popular restaurants in St. Michaels?

The most popular restaurants in St. Michaels include Bistro St. Michaels and Ava’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar.

What are the best restaurants for takeout in St. Michaels?

The best restaurants for takeout in St. Michaels include Bistro St. Michael, Ava’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar, and Limoncello Restaurant and Wine Bar.

What is the main street in St Michaels?

The main street in St Michaels is the Talbot Street.

What airport is best to fly into St. Michaels?

BWI (Baltimore Washington International) Airport is the best airport to fly into St. Michaels.

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