20 Best Places for Vietnamese food in Santa Ana

Vietnamese food is one of the most famous comfort food. The fish’s saucy, sweet and salty, hot yet cold dishes full of aroma make them hard not to be loved. From funky Bun Mam to delicious Banh Mi, a quick Ba La Lot, or some fancy Bun Bo Hue, here is a list of all the places to get Vietnamese food in Santa Ana, California. For those who are looking for Mexican food options, be sure to check out our article on the BEST Mexican food in Santa Ana you should try.

20 Best Places for Vietnamese Food in Santa Ana

If you’re in Santa Ana looking for Vietnamese food, then continue reading ahead for some of the best suggestions. Here are some options for fine dining and some traditional experience in an Asian restaurant for Vietnamese food.

Favori Restaurant

Favori Restaurant is a modern French-Vietnamese cuisine restaurant. Serving the best-baked catfish since 1987, Favori has made its mark with its fusion of cuisines.

Although it is a little on the higher-priced side of the list of restaurants, it is worth every penny. The food is always delicious, with a burst of flavor in each bite.

Their banana flambe is an excellent choice to end the meal with a theatrical dessert.

Favori Restaurant Vietnamese Food in Santa Ana
Favori Restaurant

Address: 3502 W 1st St, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Contact: +1 714-531-6838

Thanh Noi Restaurant

Thanh Noi is super famous for its hearty yet delicious serving of Ban Bo Hue. Most of the Vietnamese dishes are inspired by the Hue region of Vietnam. Rice cakes in banana leaves are also a specialty in Thanh Noi.

Since the pandemic, they appear to be temporarily closed, but they have been available for take-out deliveries. If you are planning to taste some authentic Vietnamese food in Santa Ana, give them a call before visiting.

Thanh Noi Restaurant
Thanh Noi Restaurant

Address: 413 N Euclid St, Santa Ana, CA 92703, United States

Contact: +1 714-554-9900

Pho Tau Bay LLT Restaurant

This Vietnamese restaurant has been around for a very long time. Their main specialty is Pho and Banh Cuon, according to their customers. These famous items are available in a variety of variations.

The food is flavorful and the serving size is not too small. An additional $1 can upsize your small serving into a large one.

Pho Tau Bay serving Vietnamese food in Santa Ana
Pho Tau Bay

Also, a point to remember is that a 15% gratuity is to be paid if you’re planning to pay with a credit card. To avoid all the hassle and have a seamless authentic and delicious experience of Vietnamese food in Santa Ana, it would be better to pay by cash.

Address: 3610 W 1st St Ste C Santa Ana, CA 92703

Contact: +1 504-368-9846

828 Pho Restaurant

For anyone who will walk in, their first impression will be a very clean and open-spaced Vietnamese restaurant. The food at 828 Pho is as just beautiful with clear and vibrant flavors

People come back to 828 Pho because the food is so delicious. Their crispy rice noodles and egg rolls are a favorite among many as it is located in the heart of downtown Santa Ana, CA.

828 Pho serving Vietnamese food in Santa Ana
828 Pho

The menu offers a lot of options that would satisfy a lot of different palates. Moreover, the prices are reasonable and the portion size is quite generous.

This is one restaurant that you don’t want to miss while visiting Santa Ana.

Address: 220 W 1st St Ste 103 Santa Ana, CA 92701

Contact: +1 714-568-0338

Pho Cali Restaurant

Pho Cali Restaurant has been serving traditional Vietnamese food in Santa Ana for 25 years. A lot of their regular customers have been coming to them since their childhood.

Their menu has a variety of options. Hoagies, Soups, Pho, Rice Plates, and a Special Menu, then options that you will find at Pho Cali Restaurant.

Pho Cali pho
Pho Cali

In addition to the available choices, Pho Cali has great prices, which complement the serving size. Highly recommended for people who are in the mood to broaden their palate for Vietnamese food.

Address: 120 S Harbor Blvd Ste M Santa Ana, CA 92704

Contact: +1 714-531-4556

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Nguyen’s Kitchen

Nguyen’s Kitchen is a relatively newer restaurant in the Vietnamese food restaurant circuit. It first opened its doors in 2016. However, they have been consistent with the quality of food, and flavors well as their hospitable service

Nguyen’s Kitchen serves fresh piping hot food. Their famous garlic noodles and crawfish pasta are two items from their diverse menu that has always had excellent feedback.

Nguyen's Kitchen- Garlic Noodles and Crawfish Pasta
Nguyen’s Kitchen

So, if you’re in the mood for some fresh modern Vietnamese food, this is the place to be. Moreover, if you’re vacationing in Santa Ana, Nguyen’s Kitchen is open till late at night.

Address: 3751 S Harbor Blvd # F, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States

Contact: +1 714-760-4612

Beyond The Baguette

The ambiance of Beyond the Baguette will set your expectations high from the minute you step in. As the name suggests, the sandwiches (Banh Mi) are their specialty.

The menu offers a wide selection for meat lovers and vegans. Moreover, the food is fresh and the prices match the surroundings and the high quality of the food. If you’re looking to try something different, be sure to check out our article on the Top Places for the BEST Hot Chicken in Santa Ana.

Beyond the Baguette
Beyond the Baguette

The service that is offered is beyond your expectations too, in a very positive manner. The staff is well-trained the owners interact and take feedback from the customers too.

Furthermore, this family-owned restaurant is also available for special private occasions.

Address: 3751 S Harbor Blvd suite c, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States

Contact: +1 714-549-2899

Simply Pho Noodle House

A great choice for Vietnamese food in Santa Ana, especially a day if you are super hungry.

There is swift service at the restaurant, with food that is bursting with flavors served super hot and fresh. Crispy egg rolls are a famous appetizer. Aside from that, rice, fried rice, noodle soup pho, pho house special, stir fry noodles, and so many more options to choose from.

Simply Pho Noodle House- Egg Rolls
Simply Pho Noodle House

The cherry on top is reasonable prices along with the hearty serving size which makes Simply Pho Noodle House a must-visit

Address: 424 S Main St # F, Orange, CA 92868, United States

Contact:+1 714-912-4020

Phở Crystal Noodle House

This authentic restaurant of Vietnamese food in Santa Ana is loved by all. The food carries an aromatic perfume that fills up the rustic, clean, well-lit restaurant.

Your mouth will start salivating if you happen to stop by and order food. The service is fast-paced the staff is very hospitable.

Phở Crystal Noodle House
Phở Crystal Noodle House

Their famous pho is ordered in almost all its variations and each one is supremely delicious. Moreover, the prices are a beat, especially considering the global inflation.

The serving size of the dish is generous as well; hence Pho Crystal is always a busy spot. Brimming with either people dining in at the restaurant or taking out their orders.

For all Vietnamese food lovers, Pho Crystal is a beautiful place to stop by.

Address: 3037 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States

Contact: +1 469-342-6606

Pho Asian Grill

This is a great restaurant to take out your loved one to for a date night or to grab some lunch and dinner with your friends or family.

There is ample choice of food on the menu to choose from. The service is apt, warm, and welcoming. Furthermore, the food tastes amazing here! Prawns would be the best choice on the menu, however, beef is a great choice too.

Pho Asian Grill exterior
Pho Asian Grill

There are sufficient condiments served on the side with a pho that lets you build the flavors per your own choice. Moreover, the protein quantity per food serving is generous which makes every penny worth it.

Address: 2110 N Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States

Contact: +1 714-569-1174

La Xanh Restaurant

It’s a small mom-and-pop Vietnamese restaurant in Santa Ana, which serves an amazing Canh Bun. The broth is great, full of flavor and the meat serving is generous.

La Xanh Restaurant- Bun Rieu
La Xanh Restaurant

Although this little restaurant is a little cramped sometimes it seems like there is poor ventilation, they make up for it with their amazing customer service. The staff is well trained and super attentive. Furthermore, the food rollout time is so short that they can cater to all their long queue of customers very well.

Address: 5425 W 1st St, Santa Ana, CA 92703, United States

Contact: +1 714-714-0442

Trieu Chau Restaurant

This restaurant got revamped a couple of years back, and it now looks like one of the modern Vietnamese restaurants in Santa Ana. They serve fresh and delicious food, and the highlight of their menu is Chao Chow with rice noodles/egg noodles.

Trieu Chau Restaurant
Trieu Chau Restaurant

Moreover, the restaurant may not be very clean, but the service is excellent. The food is served very fast after placing an order. Also, the serving size of the food is very generous, and its value for money is rated as good.

All in all, a good place to visit for Vietnamese food is Santa Ana.

Address: 4401 W 1st St #4016, Santa Ana, CA 92703, United States

Contact: +1 714-775-1536

OWA Mi Gia Ky

This restaurant recently had a change in ownership. However, the prices and quality of food are just as good, if not better since the change.

The serving size of the portion is generous with plenty of protein to accompany inch bite. Furthermore, the prices are not too high for what is being served, keeping in mind the global inflation as well. But it is not as cheap as some other competing restaurants.

Ha Mi Ka Gya by OWA- House Special Egg Noodles
Ha Mi Ka Gya by OWA

The service compliments the delicious food that is served, it is warm and welcoming.  Overall, a great place to stop by for food.

Address: 4504 W 1st St, Santa Ana, CA 92703, United States

Contact: +1 714-486-3332

Lava Kitchen And Bar

This spot is ideal to hang out with your girlfriends for a fun night out. However, they also serve amazing Instagram-worthy Vietnamese food in Santa Ana.

The food is fresh, delicious, and appetizing to look at. Beef shaken noodles are very popular at Lava Kitchen and Bar. In addition to the food, they have serval spots to dine at. An outdoor seating area, an outdoor bonfire area, and indoor dining. After a satisfying meal, why not complete the experience with one of the 15 Unmissable Massage experiences in Santa Ana that we’ve listed.

Lava Kitchen and Bar
Lava Kitchen and Bar

This is a great place to hang out for almost everyone.

Address: 416 W 4th St Santa Ana, CA 92701

Contact: +1 714-858-6600

Vietnamese Restaurants near Santa Ana

Dinh Theing Restaurant

A cozy, rustic, old restaurant that is a hub for many regular customers. They’d stop by to grab a beer, especially during their happy hour. If you’re looking for more great places to grab a drink in Santa Ana, be sure to check out our article on the Top 33 BEST Bars in the area.

Dinh Theing Restaurant
Dinh Theing Restaurant. @Jessi M.

In addition to that, they also serve some delicious Vietnamese food. The pho packs a punch of flavor, which is why customers love to order it repeatedly. Despite the restaurant’s look, their hospitable customer service and great prices keep them coming in.

Address: 5126 Westminster Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92703, United States

Contact: +1 714-636-3508

Pho Nam Dinh Restaurant

This is an excellent restaurant for Vietnamese food near Santa Ana. The food serving size is quite brilliant for the price.

Their pho is a little on the greasier side. However, most people love that as a roller coaster of different flavors. Furthermore, it is one of the most ordered items on the menu.

Phở Nam Định Restaurant
Phở Nam Định Restaurant

Apart from the food, they also have a vegetarian menu, boba teas, and smoothies. These points make it a versatile and family-friendly restaurant.

Address: 13032 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92843, United States

Contact: +1 714-539-0186

Com Tam Tran Quy Cap

Com Tam Tran Quy Cap - Eggs Rolls
Com Tam Tran Quy Cap

If you love broken rice aka ‘com tam’ this is where you need to be. This Vietnamese food restaurant near Santa Ana serves top-notch food.

Each bowl of food is a little valley of fresh greens, juicy protein, and crystal-clear broth. The rice that is served alongside is traditional Vietnamese style.

Economical prices make it a favorite spot for many locals and visitors. Furthermore, the restaurant looks rustic from the outside, however, it has a very contemporary vibe inside the restaurant making it very modern.

Overall it is a place worth visiting.

Address: 16175 Harbor Blvd, Fountain Valley, CA 92708, United States

Contact: +1 714-418-1333

Banh Cuon Luu Luyen

It’s a relatively newer restaurant serving Vietnamese food near Santa Ana. That is why it looks modern and has plenty of parking space available.

As the name suggests, Banh Cuon is the best dish on the menu. Everything on the plate from the rice rolls to the protein hums in harmony.

Bánh Cuốn Lưu Luyến
Bánh Cuốn Lưu Luyến

The food is fairly priced, moreover, the iced coffee is quite popular among women because of all the flavor choices they serve.

So, ladies, this is an amazing spot to try out some new food.

Address: 14351 N Euclid St #1J, Garden Grove, CA 92843, United States

Contact: +1 714-554-0212

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Happy Pho Restaurant

A very classic restaurant with a neat and clean dining area to enjoy your Vietnamese food. Happy Pho has an average-speed service; however, the food is fresh and full of flavor.

Happy Pho Restaurant
Happy Pho Restaurant

They lack pristine presentation of food which any new person would question. However, once you take a bite of their special chicken pho, which is the most popular item on the menu, you’ll automatically finish the whole bowl within minutes.

Overall, a decent place to visit for Vietnamese food around Santa Ana.

Address: 13518 Harbor Blvd A6, Garden Grove, CA 92843, United States

Contact: +1 657-218-9778

Thein An Restaurant

The famous 7-course beef meal is a favorite among many for a reason. And that reason is their delicious and appetizing food.

Thien An Restaurant - Charbroiled Ground Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaf
Thien An Restaurant

Open space and a clean restaurant make it an inviting space for diners. In addition to their famous 7-course beef meal, they also have other Vietnamese food options and a very trendy hotpot.

In short, there are amazing food options at Thein An Restaurant to choose from.

Address: 13518 Harbor Blvd A6, Garden Grove, CA 92843, United States

Contact: +1 714-530-4955


If you live in Santa Ana or you’re a visitor here, this comprehensive list will be the best guide for you. Vietnamese cuisine has been around for a very long time and is loved by a lot of people these days. This list also highlights the famous dish of each restaurant. If you have some additions to this list, drop a comment below!

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