The BEST Funeral Homes In Norfolk NE [2024]

Grief is an incredibly complex word to understand. Most of the time, when you are grieving, there are chances that you are unaware of the toll it is taking on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. This impact isn’t limited to you only but extends its radius to people connected with you. Death is one of the most brutal grief a person can experience. That is why funeral homes in Norfolk, NE, are here to help in every way possible.

Best Funeral Homes In Norfolk, NE

When you experience something such as losing a loved one, the process and experience can get very challenging because you cannot just grieve the loss. You must gather and get to work as it is time to depart the soul and say goodbye most respectfully. As the deceased person’s family, it is, unfortunately or fortunately, your responsibility to look after the endless list of things that need to be taken care of in such circumstances.

From informing all your near and dear to making multiple arrangements like shifting the body from the hospital (if it dies in a hospital) to your home, body prep, making funeral arrangements, etc. It is usually more accessible when you have another adult family member with you during this process. So that even if one of you is in emotional turmoil, at least the other one will be able to make better and swift decisions.

However, that is a luxury in such instances that not everyone has.

Sometimes, people have to deal with all of this without assistance from others. This is what makes the process even harder. You alone can rarely be in the right mind to execute all the necessary arrangements for your loved one’s funeral. And in case you are, then you are one strong-nerved person. But usually, that is not the case. Multiple funeral homes in Norfolk, NE, work tirelessly toward providing comfort and ease to grieving families. It is just the right place to share all that burden with.

Let us explain why!

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Home For Funerals

Home for funerals is one of the top leading funeral homes in the area that works to take away all your secondary worries when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. They provide a dependable source of support during this gruesome time. The organization guarantees a smooth and hassle-free process of arrangements; from the decision-making to the execution phase, everything is in the right place.

What’s unique about this place is that it provides an online memorial for the family, easily accessible to friends and family in far-flung areas, that consists of all the beautiful memories in the form of pictures and videos you would like to add to it. Moreover, they also offer to make a tribute video of the deceased’s life memories.

Home For Funerals exterior
Home For Funerals

You can also financially help the grieving family arrange the funeral by donating money to their website.

The journey with this organization doesn’t end at a funeral or memorial service. It is much more than that. They provide an annual benefit of daily grief support emails, which will help you cope with all the stress, anxiety, frustration, and sadness related to the death of your loved one. And all this is free of cost.

  • Contact: (402) 371-3330 and (402) 371-3331.
  • Office hours: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
  • Address: 1203 West Norfolk Ave. Norfolk, NE 68701.

Stonacek Funeral Chapel

This funeral home is a very promising chapel to which the people of Norfolk have complete access because of its location in the central area. Along with multiple funeral services, they also hold workshops and other events that help bring unity to the community.

Stonacek Funeral Chapel
Stonacek Funeral Chapel

Stonacek Funeral Chapel offers a very polished and standardized service to its families. It helps them celebrate the life of their loved ones in the best manner possible. Visit them or check their website; they even have a section dedicated to their monument selection. Overall, they are one of the best funeral homes in Norfolk, NE. 

  • Address: 1200 N.13th St. Norfolk, NE 68701.
  • Contact: (402) 371-7676.

They also have another branch that’s slightly outside of Norfolk, NE. You can find its details below.

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  • Address: 403 West Main Street Pierce, NE 68767.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 14.9 miles, 18mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 329-4270.

Brockhaus-Howser-Fillmer Funeral Home

The most established funeral home in Norfolk, NE, with over seven branches in Nebraska. This funeral home is the local’s most trusted place to turn to when losing a loved one. Brockhaus-Howser-Fillmer Funeral Home care for grieving family like one of their own and go above and beyond to provide them with the most comfortable experience while grieving their loss.

Brockhaus-Howser-Fillmer Funeral Home
Brockhaus-Howser-Fillmer Funeral Home
  • Address: 901 North 13th Street (U.S. Hwy 81) Norfolk, Nebraska.
  • Contact: (402) 371-2960.

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Best Funeral Homes Near Norfolk, NE

There are a couple of funeral homes near Norfolk, NE. You can also rely on these.

Kuzelka Minnick Funeral Homes

A reputable funeral home in Nebraska that firmly believes that life’s true essence remains in being useful to others and making the world a better place. For this purpose, they offer detailed information regarding organ donation if any family is willing to do so. You can also find a link to the foundation that deals with such cases on the Kuzelka Minnick Funeral Homes website.

Kuzelka Minnick Funeral Homes
Kuzelka Minnick Funeral Homes

Moreover, a unique feature of this funeral home is its service of green burial and green cremation. Other than that, their staff is as professional and experienced in what they do as any standardized funeral home and ensures a smooth experience for the grieving families.

  • Address: 115 North Main Street Pilger, NE 68768.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 19 miles, 20mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 396-3531.

Johnson Funeral Home

This funeral home has a comprehensive website to give the family a detailed understanding of how things work at the Johnson Funeral Home. Besides the regular services that all funeral homes in Norfolk, NE offer, this place alone with all that goes one step ahead by offering a 365-day healing plan. They have a section dedicated to grief support that you can reach on their website and access multiple kinds of support groups.

Johnson Funeral Home Exterior
Johnson Funeral Home

You can also avail of the option of pre-planning some things if you are going through an expected loss in the near future.

  • Address: 111 E Broadway Randolph, NE 68771.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 27 miles, 29mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 337-0711.

They have another branch that’s also nearby Norfolk, NE.

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  • Address: 804 Jackpine Street Stanton, NE 68779.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 12.8 miles, 16mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 439-2109.

Home For Funerals Near Norfolk, NE

This established organization has tried to go far & beyond for its families to provide ease and comfort as nearest to them as possible. Because in times of loss and death of a loved one, it is usually very inconvenient to travel long distances and make arrangements.

All their branches are as well-reputed as their main branch and their staff is trained similarly for all the branches.

For this purpose, they have multiple locations, but only two falls near Norfolk, NE.

Steffen Mortuary

  • Address: 110 W Main St, Battle Creek, NE 68715.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 11.7 miles, 15mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 371-3330.

Resseguie Funeral Home

  • Address: 108 West 5th Street Madison, NE 68748.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 15.8 miles, 19mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 454-2641.

Brockhaus Funeral Homes

For people who don’t live nearby their funeral homes in Norfolk, NE, they have other locations in nearby areas that can also be considered an option if it happens to be closer to you. These funeral homes ensure that all the ethical standards are equally met in all their branches. The rules applied and the quality of service provided are sure to remain precisely the same throughout each branch.

Although they have seven other branches, only a few of them are conveniently accessible to the residents of Norfolk, NE:

Brockhaus-Harlan Funeral Home

  • Address: 303 East 2nd Street, Tilden, Nebraska.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 21 miles, 22mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 368-5300.

Brockhaus Funeral Home – Wausa

  • Address: 606 East Norris Street, Wausa, Nebraska.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 39 miles, 42mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402) 586-2778.

Brockhaus Funeral Home – Creighton

  • Address: 824 Main Street (State Hwy 59) Creighton, Nebraska.
  • Distance & Travel Time: 44 miles, 46mins from Norfolk, NE.
  • Contact: (402)358-3236.


A funeral isn’t just an event that has to occur to proceed with the formalities associated with death. Instead, it is a way of paying tribute and respect to the life that was lived and a life that had ended. It significantly impacts the deceased’s family, how the proceedings are taken care of and how much empathy is given to the family throughout the process.

That is why it is of utmost importance that the service is held by an organization ready to go above and beyond to make sure you come out of it all with a light heart, just like it is done at funeral homes in Norfolk, NE. To help lighten the mood and provide some comfort, why not take a break from the somber occasion and try one of the most popular Sioux City restaurants – local favorites?

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