What is Legal Drinking Age in Bahamas – Know Before You Go

The Bahamas in the Caribbean is a famous and beloved tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors from all across the globe each year. But with so many people visiting this exciting place, there’s always a chance that the rules might get mixed up and forgotten during all the fun. 

Have you ever wondered what the legal drinking age is in the Bahamas? Let’s find out!

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What is Legal Drinking Age in the Bahamas

So, what’s the legal drinking age in the Bahamas? The short and snappy answer is: You must be 18 years old.

Bahamas Beach Drinks
Bahamas Beach Drinks

However, this information alone won’t bring you much benefit. It’s also very important to know when it’s okay to have alcohol and when it’s not. Here’s what you should know:

  • The legal drinking age in The Bahamas is the same on all islands; whether you’re in Nassau, Bimini, or Atlantis, the minimum legal drinking age is 18.
  • This means that only those above 18 are legally permitted to purchase, possess, and consume alcoholic drinks.
  • Some pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants may set their age limits that are tougher than the legal drinking age.
  • Some places might only allow guests who are 21 or older to enjoy, regardless of the legal drinking age.
  • To prevent any problems with the authorities, it’s usually a good idea to have some sort of identification with you, especially if you want to consume alcohol.

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The Exceptions to This Rule 

The laws regarding underage drinking in the Bahamas are quite strict, and the government works hard to ensure that they’re being enforced; however, in some special circumstances, minors may be able to get away with a drink before they reach 18 years of age.

The Exceptions to This Rule 
The Exceptions to This Rule

Sometimes, minors may be allowed to consume alcohol under adult supervision at special events. This can include certain religious ceremonies where drinking is an integral part of the gathering. In addition to this, minors may be allowed to have a drink in some cultural traditions. They must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, though.

Now that we know what the exceptions are, it’s important to remember that these are valid for particular circumstances. As a tourist, you’re very unlikely to find yourself in these situations, so you probably won’t be able to drink before turning 18 in the Bahamas.

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What ID Do You Need to Enjoy a Drink in The Bahamas?

In The Bahamas, having the right identification is key to enjoying a refreshing drink. But don’t worry; the rules are straightforward. The document should help the bartender verify your identity. 

What ID Do You Need to Enjoy a Drink in The Bahamas?
What ID Do You Need to Enjoy a Drink in The Bahamas?

Here are some forms of ID that can help you:

  • Passport: Your trusty passport is one of the go-to options. It’s like your global ID card, complete with your name, birth date, and a photo to confirm it’s really you.
  • Driver’s License: If you’re cruising around The Bahamas with your driver’s license, that works too. It’s got your name, date of birth, and a picture – all the essentials.
  • Government-Issued ID: Sometimes, a good old government-issued ID card is all you need. Like your passport and driver’s license, it should show your name, birthdate, and a photo of you.

Some bars, nightclubs, and restaurants might have their own ID preferences. So, for a smooth sipping experience, it’s smart to carry your passport or a government-issued ID whenever you’re enjoying a drink in The Bahamas. 

Why The Legal Drinking Age Exists in The First Place?

Drinking age limits have been created with the safety and well-being of visitors and citizens in mind. The age limit was first designed to promote responsible alcohol use and to reduce the harmful repercussions of excessive drinking. We all know how harmful it can be to consume alcohol at a young age.

Why The Legal Drinking Age Exists in The First Place?
Why The Legal Drinking Age Exists in The First Place?

By establishing a minimum age at which people can legally acquire and consume alcohol, the Bahamas government intends to limit the quantity of alcohol drunk by those still developing physically and mentally. This can buy their body some more time before their organs are exposed to the harmful effects of long-term liquor use.

Finally, raising the legal drinking age helps to prevent alcohol-related accidents, such as drunk driving, and alcohol-related crimes, such as irresponsible behavior, assault, and vandalism.

Through these steps, the government tries to lessen the harm that alcohol can do to both individuals and society as a whole by establishing a minimum drinking age.

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The Consequences of Underage Drinking

There are several important reasons why individuals should follow the legal drinking age, not just in The Bahamas but everywhere. These laws are designed to keep everyone safe. In fact, failure to comply with such saws can often result in severe repercussions and devastating consequences. Let’s take a look at the risks involved:

Legal Trouble

Underage drinking violates the law in many countries, including The Bahamas. Whenever young individuals engage in underage drinking, they expose themselves to legal trouble. Law enforcement agencies take underage drinking seriously, and if you get caught, you may face criminal charges. The last thing you want when visiting a country is legal troubles, so be mindful of the rules!

Underage Driving

Fines & Imprisonment

Since underage drinking is a serious violation of the law in the Bahamas, getting caught can also sometimes mean that you might face heavy fines and imprisonment. The fines for underage drinking can go up to $500, which can put a severe dent in your finances. 

Businesses that serve or sell alcohol to minors can face significant penalties. This is particularly true for the sale of alcohol to minors, which is strictly prohibited and can result in severe penalties. These may include fines, suspension or revocation of their liquor license, and even imprisonment in severe cases.

Fines & Imprisonment
Fines & Imprisonment

Law enforcement agencies often conduct random checks to ensure that establishments are following the law, and those who are caught violating it may face criminal charges.

Therefore, it is important for both establishments and individuals to take this law seriously and abide by it to avoid facing severe consequences.


The Bahamas is a famous tourist destination and is a very welcoming place – as long as you follow their laws. However, if you engage in underage drinking, which may lead to other serious issues such as irresponsible behavior and danger to others, then you might end up in serious trouble with the authorities. And if a foreigner gets caught while drinking underage, it might even lead to them getting deported, which is a terrible way to cut your vacation short!

Deportation: Legal Drinking Age in the Bahamas

Health Problems

Underage drinking poses some very serious risks to your health. Not only are you damaging your organs by consuming alcohol at such a young age, but it’s highly likely that your round of drinks in the Bahamas is your first-ever experience with alcohol. This means that you might feel very unwell and end up in the hospital. You’ll probably rack up tons of medical debt if you don’t have travel and health insurance. 

Health Problems
Health Problems

Social Troubles

Underage drinking might cause you to behave in way you normally wouldn’t. Since liquor lowers your inhibitions, there’s no telling what you might do or say to others. This can lead to serious problems within your social circles and family and might even get you in trouble with the authorities. Teenagers and young people are notorious for acting very aggressively and violently while they’re intoxicated, so it’s a good idea to stay away from liquor if you’re underage and don’t want to ruin your vacation.

Teenagers Drinking: What is Legal Drinking Age in Bahamas
Teenagers Drinking

Removal from establishments

Since the laws about underage driving are very strict, hotels, bars, and clubs have to abide by them at all times in order to avoid running into trouble with the authorities. The Bahamas is a popular holiday destination, so hotels and bars already have a lot of guests. Therefore, they don’t need to engage in the illegal practice of entertaining underage drinkers.

Oftentimes, if the staff at a bar or club suspects that you’re a minor who is engaged in underage drinking, they will ask you to leave their establishment. Sometimes, they will even cancel your reservation and report you to law enforcement in order to avoid assuming liability for any untoward incidents that might happen when youngsters are intoxicated.

Public Safety Problems

Drinking is fun, but knowing how to hold your liquor is an art that comes with age and wisdom. It is well known that alcohol dulls your senses and lowers your inhibitions, leaving you with impaired judgment. This problem gets even worse when teenagers are involved. 

Public Safety Problems
Public Safety Problems

In order to prevent serious accidents that can harm people, governments have enforced drinking age limits. Following the legal drinking age helps to maintain public safety. Out of all the controlled substances, alcohol causes the most incidents in the world.

In fact, it’s well known that deaths from alcohol annually outnumber deaths from all the other drugs combined.

By regulating access to alcohol, authorities try to reduce the incidents of drunk driving and other alcohol-related incidents, which can put the lives of others at risk.

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Final Thoughts

The Bahamas is a wonderful place to spend your vacation days in. The views are fantastic, the environment is lively, and the liquor is always flowing. However, if you’re less than 18 years old, you’ll have to stay away from alcohol and spend your time doing other things.

Minors aren’t usually convicted for underage drinking in the Bahamas; you can never be too careful. One night of drinking is not worth getting into legal trouble and ruining your vacation. Therefore, we advise you to steer clear of alcohol and enjoy the other excellent non-alcoholic drink options in the Bahamas if you haven’t turned 18 yet. Happy travels!

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