The Etihad Residence: A Complete Guide

When the new Etihad A380 has introduced a few years ago, it completely revolutionized the airline business by outdoing even the most luxurious first-class suites offered by its competitors, such as the old Singaporean Suites and the Emirates first-class suites. Etihad did not choose cost-cutting measures and instead created the Etihad Apartment and Etihad Residence. Traveling from A to B is now a breeze with all the modern conveniences thanks to their meticulous planning in the air and on the ground.

Overview – Etihad Airways

Etihad, headquartered in Abu Dhabi and operating out of Abu Dhabi International Airport, is widely recognized as one of the world’s finest airlines. Etihad Airways is a Middle Eastern-based international airline focusing on first-class business travel. If you’re planning a trip to a major city like London, Paris, or Rome, you can now book flights on the more luxurious premium airlines that were previously unavailable to you. Etihad is a great example of a modern, luxurious, and safe airline.

Some of the most comfortable economy-class seats in the sky are found on their planes, and the level of luxury only increases from there. The concept of offering fully enclosed rooms to business and first-class passengers on airplanes was pioneered by Etihad and is now being adopted by other airlines, such as Delta, which just introduced the Delta One Suite. Since then, Etihad has upped its game even further with the introduction of “The Apartments (Etihad Residence)” keeping them at the forefront of in-flight innovation.

The Etihad Residence

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways Residence

The Etihad Residence concept features a studio apartment in the plane, particularly Airbus A380, that has total privacy, as it is a separate cabin with a locked door. A full-sized bed awaits you as you plan on having a relaxing sleep on the flight. Relax in your sleep, knowing that the flight attendants will care for your bedding needs. The suite’s oversized chair provides plenty of space for lounging, and the adjacent bench is perfect for hosting brief business meetings or casual get-togethers with loved ones. You may quickly convert the bench into a spacious bed at night.

In-flight service attendants will prepare your bed while you unwind in the roomy tub. Don’t worry if you’re feeling peckish; Champagne and caviar are always on hand to satisfy your cravings. The suite’s included remote has a button that allows you to quickly and easily place an order for room service. Etihad decided that its top 1% of customers deserved better treatment, so it introduced new perks. As a result, the Etihad Residence was presented.

Etihad Residence – The Amenities

Santoshi Shetty
Acqua Di Parma premium amenity kits. Photo by Santoshi Shetty

It’s important to note that this ticket is costly. The average ticket price on The Residence is around $15,000 – $48,000, though this can vary greatly depending on the specific route you take. Despite the hefty price, you will be satisfied by the quality of their work because they offer several perks along with their services which include the following:

  • If your flight originates or terminates in Abu Dhabi, the airline’s central hub, you’ll have access to the First-Class, Business-Class lounge, and VIP lounge during your trip.
  • You can relax before your flight since an Audi A8, Mercedes S400, or a BMW-Series 7 will pick you up from your hotel whenever you specify. Once you get to the airport, you’ll be whisked past the long lines at check-in and security and directed straight to the VIP waiting area.
  • Upon arrival, you are met by a magnificent entryway reserved only for first-class passengers. But you aren’t just any first-class passenger sitting among the other people in their apartments. You’re a flyer for the residence, aren’t you? You will have access to a private lounge.
  • If you are flying as a passenger in the Residence cabin, you can choose whether you would like to be among the first passengers on board the aircraft or among the last. After you have decided and enjoyed an extraordinary amount of time in the lounge, it is time to board the plane, and your butler will await you right beside the gate. Your bags will be taken care of by the porters who will transport them to your room directly.
  • You will have access to all the amenities offered in the apartment, such as the oversized recliner, the bench, the enormous television, and the in-flight entertainment options. You will also be provided with a personal butler who, previous to being hired on the plane, completed extensive training at the world-famous and opulent Savoy Hotel in London.
  • You have just been assigned the first available seat in the aircraft. This is because your apartment is connected to the other two rooms through a private walking path that you and your butler can only access.
  • You can enter your private space from the private walkway by opening the bedroom door. You get an actual bedroom, an enormous TV loaded with in-flight entertainment, and the continuation of that butler service, as opposed to the ordinary Apartment passenger who gets a bench converted into an undeniably comfortable bed.
  • You won’t have to use the restroom with anyone else because you’ll have your own. This residence, equipped with a sink, a bathroom, and a shower, is virtually on par with any one-bedroom apartment you might find in London or New York.

Etihad’s First-Rate Apartment Seats on the A380

etihad seats
Etihad’s First-Rate Apartment Seats on the A380. Credits: Immanuel Debeer

The First-Rate Apartment is exceptionally private, with large sliding doors that separate each passenger’s apartment from the rest of the cabin and place it over a meter from the passenger’s seat near the window. You can dine, get some work done, or relax while watching a movie on the big, 32″ in-flight entertainment screen that this seat faces. There’s a long bench directly across from you. There are many windows and a spacious console for each seat. The in-flight entertainment screen is too far away to be accessed without getting out of your seat, while the controller is on the other side. The company’s fleetwide first-class passengers have access to free 90 MB WI-FI.

Small bags and suitcases can be stored under the seat for easy access. Instead of a built-in mattress, the entire bench transforms into a bed that’s 6 feet and 10 inches when reclined. The numerous drawers and shelves allow you to easily organize your belongings. Controlling the apartment’s seats and other features is done via a separate touch screen and physical buttons. Another display is located at the head of the bed, allowing you to adjust the lights without even getting out of bed.

The Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks Etihad. Courtesy:

Everything from the extensive wine list to the many cuisines served, and the extensive dessert menu at the Etihad Residence is of the highest quality. They love what they do, which shows how they treat each guest with warmth and care. Bartenders are available to serve clients and answer any questions they may have. All of the appetizers on the A La’ Carte menu are top notch including Foie Gras, Gulf Mezze, Bissara Soup, Tomato and Red pepper soup, and more, so you can choose according to your preferences. The onboard chef will provide recommendations regarding the meals and beverages that should be served during the journey.

The menu at The Residence features a wide variety of alternatives, including grills (fish, chicken, and steak), vegetarian options, and Korean selections like bibimbap. After eating, you are welcome to go to the First Class Lounge’s Cigar Room to relax with a cigar and a cognac. The menu also features a selection of specialty cocktails, including the ubiquitous Courvoisier Collins. The Etihad Residence provides a wide variety of delicious meals. Shepherd’s pie and rack of lamb are both available, as are more exotic options like Indian and Chinese. The menu even includes a special section for vegans. What about if you’d rather have something sweet to finish off your meal? Don’t worry; there’s a dazzling assortment of desserts, from chocolates and cakes to ice cream and sorbets, available at the residence.

Shower on Board

etihad bathroom
Etihad Luxurious Bathroom. Courtesy: @etihad twitter

The Etihad Residence is a luxurious apartment you may find on board the airline’s Airbus A380s. It’s meant to be an all-encompassing luxury experience for its guests. One of the features of the Etihad Residence is an onboard shower. The opulent master suite includes a spa-like bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a rainfall shower. Etihad offers The Residence customers the option of reserving or requesting a single shower during the journey (water time). A hot shower is an incredible technique to reassert one’s comfort when in the air.

On Which Routes is Etihad Residence Available?

Etihad operates a fleet of ten Airbus A380s; thus, passengers flying in The Residence can choose to take off in any airline’s A380s. Etihad’s A380 service to Melbourne, Australia, and Mumbai, India, was discontinued before the airline’s closure. Etihad presently operates A380 (with The Residence) flights from Abu Dhabi to the following destinations:

  • London (LHR) (ETD11, ETD17, ETD19)
  • New York (JFK) – (ETD101, ETD103)
  • Paris (CDG) – (ETD131)
  • Sydney (SYD) – (ETD450, ETD454)

Price of The Etihad Residence

There is a price to be paid for the finest commercial airline service worldwide. The cost in dollars or miles to fly Etihad Residence one way between the following cities is detailed below:

Destination Price  Duration
London Heathrow Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport $12,000 7 hours, 15 minutes 
New York JFK to Abu Dhabi  $27,000 13 hours, 10 minutes
Paris CDG to Abu Dhabi $12,000 6 hours, 50 minutes
Sydney, Australia to Abu Dhabi $29,000 14 hours, 50 minutes

Things to Consider Before Traveling to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Residence

There are a few things to remember when making the trip to the Etihad residence.

  • Visitors from the United Arab Emirates who are also citizens of the United States or Canada will only need a visa to stay in the country for up to 90 days. Guests must carry a duplicate of their passport and visa at all times.
  • Staff at Etihad Residence adhere to rigorous sanitation and hygiene standards regularly inspected by management. It will require costly repairs for any breakage during your stay at Etihad Residence.
  • You should be prepared for the strict entry restrictions before considering a trip. Each tourist must produce documentation of a minimum of 250,000 Emirati riyals (EUR) in funds in addition to a valid visa or passport.
  • In the summer, Abu Dhabi can get very hot, but in the winter, it can be pleasantly cold. Packing for a trip in the summer or winter requires different considerations.
  • Guests in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate are prohibited from bringing or consuming alcoholic beverages. Tourists will only be able to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail during the evening while they are in town, at specifically designated areas.

Our Suggestion

The Etihad Residence is a completely unique concept targeted to a very small niche of the market. It is designed for the elite, and for them, convenience is what matters at every corner without the price of it. For this reason, we believe that The Etihad Residence is a great value for money for someone who can not compromise on convenience in any way. However, for the other 90% of people, we don’t think it would be wise to spend a lot of money even if you have them. The Etihad Residence is for those who are multi-millionaires. However, the price tag makes it impracticable for anyone who isn’t a multi-millionaire to consider taking a trip. And if you have a lot of money and want to fly in style, you can enjoy the finest in commercial aviation’s onboard services.

Wrapping It Up

Flying Etihad Residence is like taking a flight in the most luxurious first-class cabin in the world. The Residence is the world’s first and only three-room suite with a private lounge, butler, personal shower, onboard chef, and a real double bed at 40,000 feet. Even so, the Etihad Residence is reasonable, as it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


The Etihad Residence - FAQs

What is the price of Etihad Residence?

The price of Etihad Residence varies by destination and varies between $15,000 to $40,000.

Is Etihad Residence worth it?

To fans of luxury air travel, and for a one-of-a-kind experience, the specialized service offered by Etihad Residence is truly worth it.

Will I be picked up and dropped off if I choose Etihad Residence?

Yes, a personal chauffeur service is offered complimentary to customers of The Etihad Residence.

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