How to Keep AirPods From Falling Out When Traveling?

The AirPods seem to have a common issue with the vast majority of earbuds on the market: they often slip out of the ear. People constantly on the move should find this quite unsettling. You are traveling to work when suddenly one of your AirPods falls out of your ear. It is not pleasant to constantly fret that they will escape and have to coax them back inside.

Thankfully, easy issues have easy answers. Are your AirPods always disappearing? To what extent can you modify the fit to make it more comfortable? What do you use to keep your AirPods from escaping? Now is the time to find out the answers to these questions and more.

What Causes AirPods to fall out of your ear randomly?

  • Wrong fit
  • AirPods Pro is equipped with Silicone tips
  • Receiving a blow to the body

Following, let us examine each of these points in turn.

Wrong Fit

Airpod Tips. Image:

Your AirPods may be too big or too small for your ears, which is the most likely cause of their constant falling out. The earphones on your AirPods will not remain in your ears if they are too large or too tiny for your ears. The AirPods are often regarded as among the most comfortable options among available earbuds.

Since Apple aimed to please as many consumers as possible, the AirPods come in many sizes. Although this is a sizable percentage of satisfied users, it still leaves 10% who may have trouble keeping their AirPods in their ears.

Even while 10% may not seem like a lot, when you compare it to Apple’s massive user base throughout the world, you can see that there is still a good chance that many individuals will have problems with the way their AirPods fit. This is because the size and form of an individual’s ears vary greatly from person to person.

Researchers have found out that ear identification is both more reliable and more distinctive than fingerprinting. The fact that they are made to suit everyone’s ears but nobody is the primary cause of the poor fit of your AirPods.

Silicone Tips in AirPods Pro

Silicone Tips in AirPods Pro
Silicone Tips in AirPods Pro

Each set of AirPods, whether regular or pro, comes with its own set of ear tips. In all three generations of AirPods, the tips are fixed and made of plastic. Conversely, the AirPods Pro was designed to solve the problem of improper fit by introducing three sets of silicone ear tips in sizes small, medium, and large.

Asking specifically, which version of the AirPods has the best ear-staying ability? Many people, it seems, found that the silicone ear tips could be swapped out for a better fit. Hence, the silicone tips did help prevent AirPods from escaping from users’ ears.

However, there were some unintended consequences of using silicone tips, though. Users have also noted that the AirPods pro does not seem as secure while traveling or doing other physical activities.

Receiving a Physical Blow

Receiving a Physical Blow
Receiving a Physical Blow

External factors are another, maybe more visible, cause of AirPods loss. You can remove your gym attire and do your hair without worrying about knocking out your AirPods. These days, it is not uncommon to knock your AirPods off your ears while removing a face mask.

When worn correctly, Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro should stay put, but a severe blow might cause them to fall out. If you are worried about accidentally bumping or dropping them, you should either be very cautious or remove them.

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How To Keep AirPods From Falling Out When Traveling?

When your AirPods do not fit properly or keep falling out of your ears, it might be annoying to have to continually shove the stems back in. The following are some tried-and-true methods for dealing with this vexing issue, ranging from modifying your daily routine to investing in a few inexpensive online items.

  • Ensure that you are wearing them properly
  • The AirPods may be worn upside down if nothing else works
  • Replace your AirPods tips with memory foam tips (for AirPods Pro)
  • The use of waterproof tape is recommended
  • Add-ons from other companies can be used
  • Ensure That You Are Wearing Them Properly

Although it may seem silly to start with such a fundamental piece of advice, many users do not know the correct technique to insert their AirPods into their ears. Of course, it is always a good idea to keep your AirPods and AirPods Pro in the right case and wear them properly.

AirPods 1, 2, and 3 are, as you may already know, similar in size and form to Apple’s corded headphones, albeit they rest somewhat lower in the ear canal. The AirPods Pro, on the other hand, have silicone tips that allow them to fit considerably more snugly into the ears of their owners.

Due to this distinction, the two AirPods models constitute distinct product lines. The first, second, and third generations of AirPods are earbuds, whereas the current generation, AirPods Pro, are in-ear monitors. See here for the proper way to sport each variety:

  • Guide on the correct use of the standard AirPods
  • Guide on The Correct Use of AirPods Pro

Guide on The Correct Use of The Standard Airpods

Airpods pro and airpods 2 collage
Different Airpods

The correct way to wear AirPods 1, 2, and 3 is outlined here:

  1. A moist towel may be used to clean the speaker. If you have had grease, grime, or residue on the ear tips of your AirPods, you could find that they slide out of your ears more often than usual. The ear tips will provide a more secure fit if you give them a good “squeaky clean.” Water damage is possible if you clean your AirPods with a damp cloth, so avoid doing so.
  2. You should insert the AirPods carefully. Clean the AirPods and insert the stem so that it is vertically aligned with your head or parallel to your face when you put them in your ears. This congruence is necessary for the subsequent procedure. Do not force your ear into the AirPods if it hurts. You risk damaging your ear canal and getting an infection if you do this.
  3. To ensure a snug fit, rotate and push the AirPods into your ears. The next step is to turn the AirPods until they fit snugly and securely in your ears. When the AirPods’ neck cables are practically perpendicular to your jawline, you will experience the “locked” position. As soon as you have accomplished this, check how they seem in the mirror or snap a photo so you can go back to it later. In the long run, this will make it much simpler to replace the current occupant of the job.

Guide on The Correct Use of AirPods Pro

Ear Tip Fit Test
Ear Tip Fit Test

Since they have silicone ear tips, the AirPods Pro needs a bit more care than the original AirPods. Here is a detailed instruction on how to put them on correctly:

  1. Flip the silicone stubs over to measure their diameter. If you do not have the right-sized ear tips, the rest of this instruction will not be of any help. See the Apple size chart for help deciding what to buy. The default ear tips for the AirPods Pro are sized for a medium ear canal, although big and tiny ear tips are also supplied.
  2. Line up the black vent with the letter indicating the size. This is such a cryptic procedure that you might be forgiven for thinking it was a hack. Put the black vent in the same place as the size letter for the best fit. After a correct turn, you should hear a click.
  3. Try pressing in, turning, and wedging. AirPods Pro still needs the whole press-rotate-wedge action to be inserted into the ear properly. Simply insert the AirPods into your ears, and then twist the earphones until you feel them wedge into your ear canal.
  4. Carry out a Hearing Aid Fitting. Apple’s earphones have a better seal thanks to this useful function. To use your AirPods with your iPhone, you will need to do the following: while wearing them, go to your iPhone’s Settings menu, then tap Bluetooth. To try out different ear tips, just press the “Information” button on the gadget’s side. The “Ear Tip Fit Test” feature requires iOS 13.2 or later, so if you do not see it, you probably need an update.

Put AirPods upside down

If you are looking for a way to improve the comfort of your AirPods, here is a novel suggestion. If none of them work, try turning the AirPods around and wearing them that way. Runners have always made use of this strategy, but the advent of cordless earphones has made it less common. OK, so there is still time to pull it off! Even though it looks funny, there is no harm in giving it a go if it helps you get a snug enough fit to keep your AirPods in place.

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Replace Your AirPods Tips With Memory Foam Tips

memory foam tips airpods pro
Memory Foam Tips. r/eleker

Although Apple tried to fix the fit issues faced by AirPods customers when they created the silicone tips for the AirPods Pro, instead they just made the same ones all over again. Changing to a new kind of ear tip or one made out of a different material may help with this. If you are looking for a replacement for silicone tips, memory foam is your next best option.

While Apple’s silicone tips stay put in the ear canal regardless of how you move, memory foam ear tips conform effortlessly to the curve of your ear for a more secure fit. To switch from the standard silicone ear tips that come with your AirPods Pro to the more comfortable memory foam tips, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Cast aside the silicone ends. Simply tug on the wires until the earphones disconnect;
  2. Pick the correct memory foam ear tip. The general guideline is to use a memory foam tip of the same size as your silicone one. Choose manufacturers like Foam Masters that are true to Apple’s size recommendations. There should not be any compatibility difficulties, since these brands are designed to work with AirPods;
  3. Put the new tips in by squeezing and pushing them in. The memory foam tips should be applied with the same squeezing and pushing motions as silicone ones. There ought to be a click when the ear tip is properly inserted into the earphones.
  4. Squeeze the earbuds and insert them into your ears. Earbuds with silicone or memory foam ear tips may be attached in the same way, but they are worn in a slightly different way. Squeezing the ear tip before the push-rotate-wedge motion is required when using memory foam ear tips with the AirPods.

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Use of Waterproof Tape

waterproof taped airpods
Airpods Waterproof Taped

Waterproofing tape is another common method. Since waterproof tape maintains its stickiness in the presence of wetness, it may be used to give your AirPods a greater hold and prevent them from slipping out. If you want to try out this technique, you will need Absolute Waterproof Tape and Hole Punch. Follow these easy steps to seal your AirPods with waterproof tape:

  1. Make a few tiny holes in the waterproof tape. If your first attempts at dot placement fail, feel free to punch as many as you want. You should also have a stockpile of waterproof tape dots on hand, since you may need to switch out the tapes on occasion.
  2. Put the tape in place both below and above the black sensor dot. Since everyone’s ear canals are somewhat different, this may need some experimentation. To get the perfect form for your ears, you may even test out a few alternative options. What matters most is that you find some level of ease with it.

Add-ons From Other Companies

If the above-mentioned tactics fail to make your AirPods more comfortable, you may always check third-party options. Some of these add-ons are tailored to fix particular problems, such as the AirPods not fitting properly or always slipping out of your ears. Nevertheless, as they are not official Apple accessories, they must be taken out before the AirPods’ charging case is closed. Some third-party add-ons available for Apple’s AirPods are listed below:

DamonLight AirPods Covers

Designed to fit snugly over the earbud portion of your AirPods, the DamonLight AirPods Covers are made of silicone to increase your comfort and stability. There are two versions: one for the original AirPods and one for the AirPods Pro. These silicone skins are slim enough to fit inside the charging case of your AirPods or AirPods Pro. As a result, you will not have to remove them each time you want to store them away. These coverings are thin and delicate, thus care must be used to avoid tearing them. This means you need to take your time and be careful while you put them on.

Ahastyle Silicone AirPods Ear Hooks

Ahastyle Silicone AirPods Ear Hooks
Ahastyle Silicone AirPods Ear Hooks

Similar to the aforementioned DamonLight alternative, Ahastyle offers silicone ear hooks for use with its AirPods. The Ahastyle cases vary from the Apple ones in that they have a silicone tip extension and a hook to attach to your ordinary AirPods. However, the AirPods Pro variant of these cases has no clasp and instead has a hook. Earbuds and headphones made specifically for sports frequently have a hook. Therefore, these AirPods are something to think about if you plan on using your headphones in a physically demanding activity like basketball.

GOGOSODU AirPods Strap

GOGOSODU AirPods Strap

A GOGOSODU AirPods strap has been long awaited. The in-ear fit is not specifically addressed in this item. In any event, it provides an additional safeguard in case your AirPods ever emerge from your ears. These AirPods straps are like insurance for folks who spend a lot of time outside yet are always anxious about losing their headphones.


While the AirPods are undoubtedly groundbreaking in their own right, some users may find that the gadget falls short due to fit difficulties. The preceding solutions, however, may effectively deal with this. Thanks to these fixes, you can take your AirPods while traveling without worrying about them coming loose. You should head over to our travel advisory section for more useful guides and tips!

How to Keep AirPods from Falling When Travelling? - FAQs

What are some common causes why AirPods keep falling out?

Wrong fit, Silicone tips of AirPods pro, and physical hit are some of the common causes for AirPods to fall out.

Why do some people find that their AirPods are too big, while others find that they are too little, for their ears?

This is because everybody’s ear size and shape are different.

Do the Silicone tips of AirPods pro has more ear-staying ability?

There are several cases when silicone tips are preferable. Unfortunately, it seems that AirPods pro is not as safe to use when traveling or engaging in other active pursuits.

Which third-party accessories are good for preventing AirPods to fall out?

Ahastyle Silicone AirPods Ear Hooks and GOGOSODU AirPods Strap are effective accessories for preventing AirPods to fall out.

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