These U.S. Airports Might Not Be Best For Traveling During Holidays

While many environmental variables, notably the weather, may influence how smoothly those peak travel days go, historical patterns suggest that certain regions do better than others year-over-year. Winter break is typically one of the busiest times for U.S. airports.

Stay away from New York City if you’re concerned about making your flight. According to AirHelp, a service that assists passengers in filing claims for airline delays. The business investigates the U.S. airports with the highest rate of flight cancellations.

For its rankings, AirHelp looked at data from May 27 to July 15, which the business claims capture the busiest travel period of the summer. The data included 37,000 cancellations at 400 airports throughout the United States. New York’s recently remodeled LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey experienced nearly three times as many cancellations as the average American airport, with 7.7% and 7.6%, respectively.

If flight cancellations are an issue, consider considering booking with certain airlines. Depending on the airline’s track record, it could be worthwhile to fork over a few additional bucks to go with an alternative.

With its strong demand for plane tickets, this year’s Christmas season may feel more like the ones before the epidemic. If you’re flying in the next few weeks, experts advise keeping cool and remembering that the airline staff wants to help you reach your destination.

Despite widespread fears of a travel breakdown over Thanksgiving, minimal delays or cancellations were encountered by airlines due to the relatively mild weather throughout most of the nation. More than 2.5 million people went through TSA screenings the Sunday following Thanksgiving, yet just a tiny percentage of flights were delayed or canceled.

Indeed, the day of the week also makes a difference. At least according to this measure, Tuesday is the day to airborne, while Thursday is the worst. However, Tuesdays again topped the charts as the best day to fly, with 78% of flights arriving on time.

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