The Government Of Qatar Issues Codes Of Conduct For FIFA World Cup 2022 Fans In The Country

Qatar’s government has issued rules for expatriates coming to the country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to monitor their behavior during matches and inside stadiums. Given the code of conduct, Qatar apparently does not only want international and local FIFA fans to follow the rules inside the stadium but also in the state.

The Consumption Of Alcohol And Drugs Before Or During The Match Is Illegal

Visitors should not be under the influence of any drug, including marijuana/THC, CBD and vape products, or alcohol consumption. And if found drunk or drugged in public, the UK government has declared the offender liable to a statutory fine of up to $824 or six months in prison due to his actions.

According to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, fans can only drink alcoholic beverages in licensed areas around Doha. “There will be over 200 places where you can buy alcohol in Qatar and over ten fan zones, where over 100,000 people can simultaneously drink alcohol,” he said on Saturday, November 19, 2022. “I think personally if for three hours a day, you cannot drink a beer, you will survive.” He added.

If some fans still want alcoholic beverages. They will be able to take advantage of a range of amenities in the match hospitality package, including alcohol at a price range of $950 to $4950.

Dress Modestly

Fans are prohibited from wearing body paint, revealing their tattoos, or appearing shirtless in the stadium. Despite the country’s temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, visitors are urged to respect local culture and not wear clothing that exposes their knees and shoulders.

Apart From Baby Food And Medications, Everything Is Banned

Food and non-alcoholic beverage facilities will be available at the stadium. Fans are prohibited from bringing any canned food, cups, jars, bottles, or any closed or boxed items that could be thrown and cause injury. Fans can also take advantage of the match hospitality package but cannot bring anything other than baby food or medically prescribed medication.

Placards And Musical Instruments Are Prohibited

Fans are prohibited from bringing placards into football stadiums because the words written on them may be discriminatory, politically, or racially offensive and cause public anger.

Secondly, during the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa, there were constant complaints about the use of musical instruments, complaints of large stadium crowds, and TV viewing spoiling the match experience.

Unless permitted by event organizers, spectators should refrain from bringing any musical instruments, regardless of size.

As per the rule, “The applicable event organizer may require ticket holders to stop using musical instruments if the sound emitting from the respective device interferes with event operations or the enjoyment of other ticket holders.”

Large Bags Are Banned In the Stadium

Heavy bags above 75cm in dimension are prohibited, as there is no space for large loads to fit under the stadium seats.

It is now up to fans traveling to Qatar to assess their position according to the country’s laws and customs and precisely determine what needs to be corrected.

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