The US Believes Iranian Support For The Russian Military Will Increase As Russia Seeks Defensive Back Up

The United States has said that Russia and Iran have moved toward a full defense partnership, with John Kirby, a spokesman for the US National Security Council, saying that Russia provides extraordinary military support. Considering co-production of drones.

It all started when Ukraine accused Iran of supplying Russia with the “kamikaze” drones used in the deadly October 17 attacks, which the Middle Eastern country initially denied. But to Russia, Iran later admitted that it had supplied some equipment “several months” before the attack on Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied Iran’s acknowledgment of weapons supplies to Russia, saying Iranian drones were being used “months before the attack.” Ukraine’s air force said it shot down 10 of 15 drones used to attack southern regions on Saturday morning. Due to the strike, electricity was cut off in most of its areas.

NSC Spokesperson Mr. John Kirby said a partnership between Iran and Russia to develop drones would harm Ukraine, Iran’s neighbors, and the international community. He further warned that Russia seeks to collaborate with Iran in weapons development and training. The US fears that Russia is planning to supply Iran with advanced military components, including helicopters and air defense systems. Undoubtedly, Iran has become Russia’s most prominent military supporter.

Mr. Kirby says Iran has become Russia’s most prominent military supporter. Credits – SF Chronicle

“Russia’s been using Iranian drones to strike energy infrastructure, depriving millions of Ukrainians of power, heat, critical services. People in Ukraine today are actually dying as a result of Iran’s actions.” Mr. Kirby said.

In response to John Kirby’s warning to the world about the involvement of Russia and Iran, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley backed up his comments. He said that now it is evident that Iran has become a military supporter of Russia; looking at the “serious agreements” between the two countries, Iran has sent hundreds of drones to Russia, so this partnership can potentially become the biggest for global security.

Explaining the reason behind the military partnership between Iran and Russia, Mr. James said, “In return, Russia is offering military and technical support to the Iranian regime, which will increase the risk it poses to our partners in the Middle East and to international security.”

According to James Cleverley, Britain also agreed with the US that Iranian support for the Russian military would increase in the coming months as Russia seeks to acquire more weapons, including hundreds of lethal missiles. However, despite the international ban, the International Olympic Committee says it will consider a proposal to allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete in the Asian Games.

In addition, Australia announced sanctions against three Iranians and an Iranian business for supplying drones to Russia for use against Ukraine, underscoring recent cooperation between Russia and Iran.

“The supply of drones to Russia is evidence of the role Iran plays in destabilizing global security. This listing highlights that those who provide material support to Russia will face consequences,” Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong said in a statement.

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