USA: Get Prepared For A High Impact Storm On Christmas

Midwestern and eastern Great Lakes and central Plains states will be hit by heavy snow and gusty winds on Thursday. There’s a good chance of a blizzard, with heavy snow and wind gusts of more than 50 mph.

Millions of people worldwide will feel the effects of a powerful storm system beginning this week, with the worst of it hitting from Thursday through early Saturday.

Concurrently, showers will move over the region, beginning in the Southeast and moving Northeast across the Middle Atlantic and into the Northeast. While snow is falling in the Midwest and Great Lakes, the I-95 corridor is going to be hit with a deluge of rain and severe winds.

On the verge of the weekend, and particularly on Friday, we’ve got some major problems, “Meteorologist Britta Merwin from FOX News Weather warned. “On Friday, one of the busiest travel days of the week, we may expect heavy snowfall, gusty winds, and plenty of rain throughout the East Coast.

In spite of the fact that rain is forecast to be the most common kind of precipitation from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast, the storm’s departure and the onslaught of cold air on Friday might turn the rain into a snowstorm.

Heavy snow, fed by precipitation from the Great Lakes, will thereafter be able to blanket large swaths of the Midwest. In the days leading up to Christmas weekend, severe gusts and accumulating snow may limit visibility to near zero, making driving almost difficult in certain sections of the region.

By the end of the week, a major winter storm will hit the country. Pay careful attention to the forecast during the next several days if you live in or plan to visit the eastern region of the United States.

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