Get Ready To Be Welcomed By “IEC”, Canada’s Prestigious Immigrant Program For Young International Professionals

On December 2, 2022, at a press conference in Banff, Alberta, the Government of Canada announced a new immigrant program called the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, through which Canadian employers can hire more young workers and professionals starting from January 9, 2023.

The IEC program will offer young people aged 18 to 35 living in one of Canada’s 36 partner countries the opportunity to find a job and travel to that country for two years and vice versa. On January 9, 2023, its application scale will increase by approximately 15,000 additional positions.

They are making it possible for approximately 90,000 candidates to work and travel to Canada, including young talent in Francophones, to Help Canadian employers fill labor gaps in the tourism industry, including seasonal work. Opportunities.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser says, “Our government is helping more international youth to work and travel in Canada, effectively helping employers, most of those in the tourism industry, find the workers they need. By giving youth the opportunity of international travel and work experience, we are strengthening our economy and helping our businesses succeed, particularly in places like Banff that need seasonal help.”

Therefore, the federal government of Canada aims to benefit both the government and the skills of immigrants in Canada. Helping immigrants find jobs and allowing them to discover a new culture and language, which as a result, will ultimately improve their quality of life. And by calling international professionals to meet Canadian industrial employment needs.

There are three program categories under the IEC program that internationally talented and qualified youth can avail of:

Working Holiday

In this regard, IEC participants receive an open work permit to work anywhere in the host country.

International Cooperation (Internship)

Employer-specific work permits are provided to participants in this IEC stream. This targeted work permit enables students to gain focused work experience in their field of study.

Young Professionals

Like those involved in international cooperation, participants in this strand of the IEC program also receive an employer-specific work permit. However, in addition to allowing these students to gain professional work experience specific to their field of study, the knowledge they gain is intended to help them navigate their desired career path.

According to Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, “International youth bring so much to our country. From building people-to-people ties to helping our businesses succeed, international youth add value to communities right across Canada. Today’s announcement will benefit sectors like the tourism industry, to find the workers they need to fill labour gaps all while providing youth the opportunity to explore Canadian cultures, languages and societies.”

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