Florida Golfers Move Plane off Green by Pushing It to Complete their Hole

You might have confronted or heard about various interesting hazards concerning the playing fields, but not more hilarious than the one that happened recently. Perhaps the word ‘interesting’ may seem unfit, but it is not!

A golf playing field is expected to have some players with their kits, spectators, and ground staff facilitating the players. What happened on Thursday was an unprecedented event on the ninth green. As per the news agency golfDigest, a group of Florida golfers was caught by an unusual event on Thursday in the form of an airplane on the golf course. But they didn’t let it ruin their round—and even wound up getting in an extra workout. This hazardous situation happened at Del Tura Golf & Country Club in North Fort Myers. Here a small plane, after the pilot had sensed some issues in its machinery, had to make an emergency landing on the ground; although the players did not love the discourse of this event, thankfully, no serious issue was reported.

A tweet was made by the Lee County Sheriff’s official Twitter feed: 


Fortunately, the pilot was the only person flying the plane and had no severe injuries or other issues. The players saw no smoke; the pilot revealed that he had an issue with the engines, therefore, had to make an emergency landing. The incident could have much worse implications, but the dedication to this game was also unprecedented, just like the unexpected event itself. The golfers wanted to finish the game no matter what, but the plane on their playing field was an obstacle. The golf lovers had other plans; they moved the aircraft off the green to finish the game. It might be a surprise, as pushing a plane is challenging, and you do not get to hear about it too often, but the golfers were determined. 

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