Power outage disrupts flights, opens doors to travel insurance

After the flights got canceled in the U.S. due to the power outage on Wednesday, the aftermath continues to stay. According to a report by ABC News 5 Cleveland, passengers at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport told that their flights got delayed for a few hours but many others did not have the same fortune as them. And it was believed that airlines will take a day or two to get back on their flying schedule thus, ending up in extreme delays for some passengers.

Not only did the system outage result in chaos, but along with it, reduced flight bookings and fewer staff members resulted in a much bigger series of troubles for both, the airline and the passengers.

Suzanne Morrow, senior vice president of InsureMyTrip says that the repetitive air travel disturbances in the U.S. should be a valid sign for the citizens to get a grip on a secure travel plan. She believes it to be very helpful to frequent travelers as well as seasoned travelers because situations like these are very unexpected for a place as crowded as the U.S.

Though it will add up to the total costs, it helps the sufferers to find out better solutions and routes to their destination.

Morrow says: “Some of it comes down to, of course, fine print. So, know what you’re buying and what you’re worried about being covered for”.

Southwest Airlines canceled flights in thousands last month after the Christmas holidays. That scenario caused many people to suffer in different types. According to the Department of Transportation, the agency is dealing with complaints against them and further taking into notice acts of improvement. Though, much of the deserved light isn’t given to the complaints that requested the refunds.

According to InsureMyTrip, if a passenger faces a flight delay or cancellation, or/and causes one to miss out on their schedule or planned accommodations at a high loss, they’re urged to ask the flight insurance to fill out on their prepaid plans of the whole trip along with the recovery of plane travel. Morrow said, “Unfortunately, the folks that are already on their trip, are kind of at mercy of whatever the airlines are going to do based on these delays”.

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