Epcot’s International Arts Festival: Walt Disney World Event

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has many parks named Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom that has successfully managed to give its customers an unforgettable experience with their fun-filled rides for ages of all kinds. But the resort’s Epcot has only few rides for its guests.

Epcot is well known for various attractions like international pavilions, dining, exhibitions, and a selected number of rides. Even though it has a few rides, Epcot continued to thrive soon after replacing the Maelstrom attraction in the Norway pavilion with the well-known Frozen Ever After ride in 2016. It added Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in May 2022 and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in October 2021. Whereas, a popular ride known as a test track has been open since 1999.

Tourists that visit Epcot aren’t implemented with the need to wait in long lines to get to their desired rides; instead, it was made easier for them through the park’s international pavilions where they could rest and vibe along with their mates. Guests can experience various monuments from different countries, like the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Epcot gives the experience of England, Canada, France, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Germany, China, the U.S., Norway, Mexico, and more.

Walt Disney was designed in such a way that the people visiting get something to remember and look forward to again once they leave. It is an insight into the best way to celebrate cultures and places all around the globe.

Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts becomes the reason for different cultures of the world to come together in a single space. This festival has been hosted each year since 2017, from Jan 13 to Feb 20. In these 28 days, guests are given the opportunity to experience visual arts, smell, and taste some of the beautiful things from around the world. This festival solely highlights the outside culture to the visitors.

The same festival with Food studios brings some of the world’s most-known meals, food combos, snacks, eateries, and more from places around the world. It combines culture and ethnicities through the flavor and beauty of serving representation. As food appeals to all ages and kinds of people, this festival becomes popular and attracts a large number of visitors. It comes along with the advantage of entering the festival with no tickets required outside of Epcot. Starts at 11 AM and until the park closes as a whole.

The festival is so wide-ranged and heavy in amounts that a person would hardly be able to explore all of it in a single day. It also supports people dieting, people in sickness or any kinds of medical allergies, and kids of ages that cannot eat everything.

It ranges from L’Arte di Mangiare, a Mozzarella Fritta with different sauces to represent Italy. Different toppings on basic sushi add that spice for Japanese food lovers. To go over the edge, Donut-shaped Sushi is topped with Salmon, Tuna, and Shrimp as well as Wasabi and Sriracha.

Added just recently, the 2023 food festival line-up includes rainbow cakes, fruit pizza, fun sugar cookies, and more foods along with surprising and eye-appealing twists.

Before the invasion of Covid-19, these festivals gained much light from many people. In 2020, the first year of covid, the festival was called off and in 2021, the festival was planned with rules to stay safe where people used masks and maintained their distance from others.

Walt Disney World gives its guests more than a single chance to visit because there is so much you can miss out on. The Walt Disney World Marathon is a famous event that includes RunDisney kids races, Walt Disney 5K and 10K, headlining race, the Dopey Challenge, a half challenge, and more. Disney races bring in some of the heaviest crowds from various places as it is a very widely liked event. The area of the resort is also affected by this marathon with bulks of traffic.

There are gallery exhibitions, circus shows, living statues, and the very popular Disney on Broadway Concert Series. It brings EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival each spring with tons of flowers decorated around the park. It runs from March 2nd to July 4th. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Park opens from May 28th to August 27th.

The list just goes on. The park continues to add events and festivals with time to be able to give its customers an exceptional experience and loads of core memories.

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