Top Countries Opening Doors for Travelers by Offering Digital Nomad Visa

The Digital nomad visa program is now offered by numerous countries opening the doors for all the wanderlust to live their dream.

According to the New York Times, big tech giants like Spotify, Twitter, and Airbnb, have shifted their working policy to remote. Thus governments are coming up with innovative ways to accommodate the needs of the digital nomads.

Now governments around the world realize the fact that nomads significantly impact speedy economic recovery. As a result, more than 45+ countries get on the list offering digital nomad visas to travelers.
According to the IRIS FMP global, long-term travelers can expect to travel to the following top-scoring countries for a better quality of life.

  • Norway
  • Estonia
  • Iceland
  • Spain
  • Australia

For travelers looking for a high-quality life, well-developed infrastructures, and gorgeous scenery, consider going to Norway. Travelers can get a contractor visa based on their annual income and proof of work. It is required applicants follow the Norway embassy requirement before applying.

Estonia also opens its application for a digital nomad visa this year on 1st August. Travelers looking to get into Estonia must need to visit the Estonian ministry of foreign affairs to complete the visa application.

On the other hand, travelers planning to take off to Spain still need to wait till January 2023 to get a digital nomad visa. After getting the nomad visa, it is expected that visitors will be able to stay for more than 90 days.

To spend time in Iceland, travelers must earn $7000 per month to get their nomad visa. There is a list of the requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the applicant to get access successfully.

Australia ranked as the top 3 among the best places for digital nomads. Currently, it doesn’t offer any nomad visas. However, travelers can still enjoy a working holiday of a year or more by applying for 462 working holidays and 417 work and holiday visas.

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