Do you think your city is cold? Probably you have not heard about Yakutsk, Russia.

The temperature in Yakutsk, the capital of Russia’s Sakha Republic in the eastern part of Siberia, plunges to a new low of minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 62.7 degree Celsius on the 19th of January. According to the experts, this city is regarded as one of the coldest regions of the planet Earth, but never has it experienced this low in the last twenty years.

While many parts of Russia are undergoing a low-temperature snag, Yakutsk is quite a special case in this regard because the temperament in this city is incredibly low relative to the other regions of Russia. Recently, just a few days back, it hit a record minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit, which posed various problems for the indigenous people, including transportation constraints and food availability.

While speculations are being stated that this low temperature might be a consequence of climate change, no evidence-based study has been carried out yet to prove that because it is just recently happening. But, last year, in July 2022, it was the epicenter of attention for meteorologists all around the globe when a fire ignited in a forest in the city, which was declared as an attack of climate change by the concerned authorities. With this event still running in the back of the minds of Yakutsk citizens, they are also relating this low-temperature event to climate change.

Even though the city’s residents are used to the cold temperature, this year, they are facing difficulties handling this extremely low temperature in Yakutsk and are implementing further measures to combat the harsh climate. According to a CNN travel news source, a resident coated in various layers of warm clothes said, “You can’t fight cold, you either adjust and dress accordingly, or you suffer.”

Yakutsk: A city with a Rich History and Climate Challenges, located approximately 3100 miles East of the capital, is one of the fastest growing cities in Russia with a history of mining industry, and diamond is a major export as well. These intense temperature effects bring various physical challenges and often damage, like frostbite, hypothermia, and vigorous shivering. But, these intense conditions can not stop the adventure-driven tourists who visit Yakutsk despite the climate-imposed hazards.

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