Five World Attractions Closed To Tourists In 2023, So Here Are Destinations To Explore Instead

It’s no news that the pandemic has locked us all in our homes, so now, when COVID-19 isn’t as big a threat as it used to be and much of the world and tourism is back on track. Unfortunately, not every attraction has been immune to the pandemic. Some have taken advantage of the pandemic to upgrade infrastructure, while other attractions have closed permanently for various reasons.

So, in 2023, you might want to cross off some beautiful spots with your travel planner. But don’t worry, as the list of backup destinations below will satisfy your love for travel.

The Underground Museum, Los Angeles

Opened by artist couple Noah and Karon Davis, this museum is also a bookstore, organizing space, and community center, in the storefront of the obscure neighborhood of Bernal Heights. These attractions were preserved until the death of Noah Davis in 2015.

However, the COVID-19 outbreak proved brutal on the underground museum, resulting in the museum closing in 2022 for unknown reasons, despite the museum being visited by high-profile fans and supporters such as Beyonce, Tracee Ellis Ross, and John Legend.

Owner Karon Davis said in a statement on the museum’s website. “We simply do not have any answers right now. So, we will also be closing the museum until further notice. During this period, we encourage you to engage with the incredible art spaces all over our beloved Los Angeles.”

Destinations To Explore Instead

The California African American Museum Exposition Park features works by black artists, and the museum does not charge an admission fee. According to Kieron Davies, institutions like The Broad and LACMA can be viable alternatives for art appreciators.

Train Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

“Train Street” in Vietnam’s capital has always been a favorite spot for Instagrammers for their aesthetic photo shoots. Old Quarter Street became popular with thrill-seeking tourists as street trains ran along the tracks just inches from homes and shops.

Over time, public safety in Train Street became a legitimate safety concern, as trains sometimes had to be diverted at the last minute to avoid crowds. In the fall of 2022, all the businesses on Train Street had their shops slightly remodeled and barricaded the area to keep tourists out and safe.

Destinations To Explore Instead

You can start your journey from Nhà Thờ Lớn Hà Nội (St. Joseph’s Cathedral). Hanoi’s historic quarter, built by the French during the colonial era, can be a very aesthetic backup destination as it has postcard-pretty streets. No trains will run past, but it is recommended to keep an eye out for breathtakingly unique heavy motorbikes.

Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong

Once the world’s largest floating restaurant, featured in dozens of movies and TV shows and loved by everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Chow Yun-Fat, its popularity had waned over the years. The costs of maintaining the ornate three-decker were already high, and severe Covid shutdowns and restrictions worsened the situation, affecting the ship’s sales to Hong Kong tourism. But unfortunately, while the ship was docked at a shipyard in Southeast Asia, it sank near the Parcel Islands in the South China Sea.

Destinations To Explore Instead

Hong Kong has several popular attractions to offer its tourists and locals alike. Like the recently renovated Peak Tram. For those who love a floating experience, the Green and White Star ferry is the best option between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Another option is the Duckling, the city’s only available wooden junk boat for public use in Victoria Harbour.

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

The city of Long Beach, home of the iconic ship the Queen Mary sailed to Southern California in 1967, needs at least $5 million worth of renovations. In particular, the weight of the lifeboats has caused long-term damage. Hence, there is debate over whether to remove them and send them to museums, historical societies, or other attractions for display. An opening date for the Queen Mary is yet to be revealed.

Destinations To Explore Instead

For a similar grand ship experience, you can check out the Queen Mary 2, which is in service with the Cunard Line.

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Jurong World Park in Singapore, one of Asia’s most popular and largest bird parks, has suddenly announced its closure in 2022, presumably due to COVID. However, this will not be closed permanently like many other global attractions. But the park will be transformed into a new ecotourism hub in the northern part of the city-state, alongside the country’s other venerable and spectacular wildlife parks, including the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. According to the announced schedule, it should open in early 2023.

Destinations To Explore Instead

The Singapore Botanic Gardens, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country, can be a good destination for safari enthusiasts. At the same time, those who want to get up close to wildlife can visit the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum in the Yishun area.

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