More Arab tourists are visiting Turkey due to social media publicity

Turkey has recently recorded a marked growth in International tourist inflows from the Middle East as a result of increased media publicity.

Turkish social media posts, TV shows, and vlogs have contributed to the popularity and appeal of Turkey as a top tourist destination for visitors from the Gulf region.

According to a report by Kuwait’s National News Agency on Friday, Arab tourist numbers in Turkey have remained stable in spite of the recent fatal earthquakes that occurred in southern Turkey in February.

Many Arab tourists travel to Turkey to experience the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, especially after viewing these attractions online.

Sarah Al-Enizi, a visitor from Kuwait, said she decided to visit Turkey in order to explore the town of Kusadasi, a coastal area by the Aegean Sea after she viewed promotional media on Snapchat.

According to her, viewing informative content about Turkey before her trip was instrumental to her ability to explore the Turkish coast and enjoy her vacation.

A Kuwaiti blogger also documented his holiday to Sapanca, another Turkish tourist attraction in Northern Turkey, noting in his content how much of a role social media played in the choice of a holiday destination in Turkey.

Egyptian tourist Ala’a Mohammad was also inspired to visit Turkey after viewing content on social media. He eventually chose to have his honeymoon in Turkey after visiting many cities around the country.

Mariam Madi from Lebanon also enjoys vacationing on the Turkish seaside when she is not touring the major cities of Alanya, Buyukada, and Marmaris.

Meanwhile, Instagram vlogger Abdulrahman Mousa Mohammed who vlogs about Turkish tourism says his passion for Turkish travel inspired him to begin creating content and sharing his experience online for other lovers of Turkey as well as prospective tourists to enjoy and learn from.

Mohammed’s Instagram page offers important information on Turkish travel, from transport to hotels and accommodation, as well as necessary travel tips and advice.

According to Mohammed, many tourists especially those from Kuwait are attracted to the city of Bursa for tourism as well as for buying real estate. Most tourists also choose Sapanca and Bodrum as top vacation destinations as a result of their breathtaking views of nature.

Mohammed however warned against fake social media accounts that lure tourists with cheap prices and promises of a great experience, but end up swindling them and giving them a terrible experience.

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