American tourists expected to boost Ireland’s tourism this summer

Ireland’s tourism industry is expecting an influx of American tourists this summer.

This is largely due to a recent rise in the strength of the dollar, which has caused an increase in American travel to global destinations.

After experiencing a tough couple of years due to the pandemic-induced spike in prices and reduction in local demand, many Irish businesses are looking forward to the return of their American customers this summer.

This return is projected to boost the country’s hospitality and travel industry, as revenue from pubs, bars, hotels, golf clubs and other tourist hotspots will once again increase.

Pub owner Tom Doone who runs the Merchant’s Arch in Dublin’s Temple Bar district confirms that a lot of Americans are visiting Ireland as a result of the strong dollar.

Like other Irish business owners, Doone looks forward to a fun-filled tourism season which usually begins with St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.

A continued inflow of visitors from the US will help offset the increasing energy bills and rising food costs of many business owners at a time when competition between local Irish businesses are at their stiffest amidst a raging economy.

Robin Lucas, an American tourist in Ireland who is from Washington DC says that she chose to visit Ireland because spending money in the country is less stressful than in the US. With the price of goods such as drinks skyrocketing in many US cities, Lucas argues that traveling out of the US to spend the summer is a lot more cost effective.

After touring around Ireland, Lucas will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Dublin’s well-known pub district.

Recently, British alcoholic beverage company Diageo Plc increased the price of Guinness by 12 euro cents per beer, forcing many pub owners to transfer this cost increase to their customers.

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