Portugal records historic high 5.9 million air travel passengers in April 2023

Data from the National Institute of Statistics of Portugal (INE) has revealed that a record 5.9 million passengers traveled through Portugal’s airports in April of this year.

This is a substantial increase compared to previous months and a significant milestone in Portuguese travel.

The data also recorded a notable surge in air freight activities in the same month, with cargo and mail reaching 18,400 tons.

Since the beginning of this year, passenger numbers at national airports in Portugal have exceeded pre-pandemic levels. In April, the total daily average of disembarked passengers at all national airports in Portugal peaked at almost 99,000, surpassing the numbers for April 2022 and April 2019.

There was also an 18.4 percent increase in daily average passenger numbers as compared to last year, which reflects a significant recovery in air travel. Furthermore, the daily average in April 2023 was 10.8 percent higher than in April 2019, indicating sustained growth and a sustained recovery in air passenger traffic.

The INE’s data also show that between January and April of this year, there was a significant increase in the number of passengers at Portugal’s national airports, as compared to the same period in 2022. Also, passenger numbers increased by 41.1 percent, suggesting a strong recovery in air travel demand.

The movement of freight and mail however remained stable during this period, which suggests stability in cargo and mail activities.

There were notable increases when comparing the figures to the same period in 2019, before the pandemic. Passenger numbers increased by 13.7 percent, indicating a sustained recovery and growth in air travel. Additionally, there was a 10.7 percent increase in the movement of freight and mail, reflecting an upward trend in cargo and mail activities.

Between January and April of 2023, France remained the primary country of origin and destination for international flights with passengers. This was also followed by the United Kingdom and Spain.

More data from INE revealed that Spain and Italy stood out among the countries experiencing significant increases compared to the same period in 2022. As a result, Spain recorded a remarkable increase of 65.7 percent in passengers who disembarked, indicating a strong recovery in inbound travel.

Italy saw a substantial rise of 67.8 percent in passengers who disembarked, reflecting increased travel demand to the country

When considering passengers who embarked, Spain and Italy also experienced significant growth. Spain registered a 68.0 percent increase in passengers who made trips, while Italy witnessed a rise of 67.9 percent. These figures demonstrate a surge in outbound travel from these countries, indicating growth mobility and a fast-growing rebound in air travel.

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