Editorial Guidelines

Core Values

HopDes is a travel-focused website that came into existence with the sole purpose of helping those of you who love to wander the world. We have an array of travel guides about everything you need to know in a new city. 

We know there is always a shortage of time while planning a trip, and there is only so much you can do. Thus, we strive to bring the most refined travel information from the internet.

Why Trust HopDes?

At HopDes, we select writers after careful screening of their abilities. We tend to pick those who have a passion for traveling. Hence, they transfer this passion to the content they produce for our readers.

Additionally, our authors undergo extensive training before they can write for us. We teach them best practices to follow when writing informative travel content. They can only start working once they have passed all the levels a professional writer must go through.

We also have a professional group of editors who observe each article with sharp eyes. They remove any inaccuracies and errors in the pre-publishing phase. 

Genuine Content

Our crew of writers consists of experts in their respective areas. They have ample experience under their belts to produce well-informed city guides. 

You will always find these qualities in each article at HopDes:

No Plagiarism

HopDes has zero tolerance for plagiarism. We have an expert team of editors who closely monitor the content before it is published. They immediately rectify any write-up with the slightest plagiarism.

Helpful Information

Our writers spend a good time researching the topic to learn about every aspect of the city. They know what to mention in the guide to make it of utmost help to the reader. Hence, you will find precise and to-the-point details in our guides to help you plan your trip around the best of the city.


Every article is written originally by our writers, who value authenticity more than anything. We work hard to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Once you find HopDes, you will not have to waste time switching between multiple sites. 

Factual Accuracy

HopDes has rigid quality standards. All pieces of write-ups go through rigorous quality checks by our editors and proofreaders before they are available on the site. It ensures that every part of the article is correct and follows the latest developments. 

Easy to Read

We never approve submissions that are difficult to read by an average reader. Our content is written in simple and precise language, so it does not get mundane along the way. You will also quickly clear your queries as you read through the guides.  

The writers at HopDes use conversational and engaging tones to keep you hooked till the end. During the quality checks, the editors replace difficult words with simpler ones to make the content accessible for all. 

Every published write-up on our website can also be read and understood by a non-native English speaker.


HopDes is committed to making its content inclusive of all. Our content has no biases, and each writer works with an open mind. Where applicable, we also mention places that welcome a diverse group of people in the city.

You will not feel like an outsider when reading our guides and how-to articles. We also refrain from adding anything that our readers may find offensive.

Driven by Passion

Our writers are motivated individuals who have a knack for traveling. They have explored a bunch of foreign cities themselves. Thus, they not only bring facts but experience as well to the content they write. 

Since the team is all about traveling, coming up with guides is not a tiresome job for them. They enjoy crafting city guides, be it about food or things to do. It has a mix of experience and knowledge about traveling requirements that will help you pick the best for your next trip.

We mean it when we say that our content comes from experience, distinct for each writer. You can distinguish between the works of a travel-enthusiast and a regular writer when you give our articles a read.

Our Readers Come First

HopDes seeks to add value to each sentence. The authors create content, keeping readers in their minds. Your ease and understanding of the guide are always the top priority at HopDes.

You will get your answers in the initial paragraphs without unnecessary drags. In addition, the introductory paragraphs will guide you about what to expect in the article. You can toggle to your sought-after part directly or read the entire topic to develop the know-how of a particular city.

Every writer at HopDes knows how to rule out inconsistent and invaluable information. As a result, you can trust HopDes to give you the correct information about the city in a concise manner.

Thinking Big

Our team is made up of talented individuals. They like to think out of the box to produce unique content. The writers also like to play with innovation and take on new challenges to make their writing better. 

To stay ahead in the game, we bring you the most underrated places in our guides that locals have been talking about. With HopDes, you can find many such places before anyone else and appreciate their services.

Regular Updates

We regularly cross-check our articles with the new updates and news to make them factually correct. If any place mentioned on our guides closes due to circumstances, we immediately remove it from the article. 

Hence, you can rely on HopDes to inform you about your desired city’s currently accessible hotels, restaurants, and more.

Road to Excellence

HopDes aims to become a global website trusted by its readers. We seek to become your go-to destination for all travel-related stuff. We have a long way to go ahead of us, and with your trust, we will soon break our records of success.

HopDes continually strives to provide you with the highest content standard to meet your travel queries. However, if you find anything that may go against the facts, leave us an email at moiz@hopdes.com. Our editors will cross-check the material and correct it if required.