BEST Tacos To Try In Norfolk [2023 Guide]

What is the one Mexican food everybody loves? Tacos, of course. With such diversity in fillings and the amazing sauces it comes with, there is no denying that tacos are soul food. Norfolk is famous for its food streets and restaurants, so there’s no surprise that the city has some fantastic taco joints too. We’ve made a list of places that serve the best tacos in Norfolk. In Norfolk, there are also many bars that serve different types of drinks and cocktails. Here’s our list of the best bars in Norfolk that you must visit.

Best Tacos In Norfolk

What makes a good taco place? Diverse flavors, consistent taste, and excellent service. We’ve checked countless taco places against these three factors and come up with the best. Here are all the places you should go if you’re craving some fantastic tacos. 

El Rey

El Rey isn’t the flashiest of restaurants in Norfolk, but it’s as close to an authentic Mexican stand as you can. We love how large their portions are and how they somehow always come out to be very cheap. 

People adore making their tacos, chips, and even salsa fresh in the kitchen. Their service is also super fast, and their staff always has a smile for everybody. But, if you’re in the mood for pizza, there are several pizza options in Norfolk to satisfy your craving. 

  • Address: 738 E Bayview Blvd Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Cali burrito, Carne asada, Barbacoa taco
El Rey Tacqueria
El Rey Tacqueria

Luna Maya

Luna Maya serves tacos in 10 different flavors. They have everything from vegetarian tacos to fish tacos, and they do every flavor justice. All their tacos are made with either corn or flour tortillas and come with guacamole, beans, rice, slaw, and pico de gallo. 

  • Address: 2010 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Shrimp Tacos, Harbareno Shrimp Tacos, and vegetable tacos
luna maya interior
Luna Maya


If you’re looking for an affordable taco spot, this is the place to go. People love their hard-shelled tacos, but you can also get soft-shelled ones. 

We love this place, however, because you get exactly what you pay for. You pay by the taco in this place, instead of having to order a plate. This allows you to check a lot of different flavors instead of getting stuck with one. 

  • Address: 109 Addison St Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: BBQ Chicken Tacos, Black Bean Tacos, Organic Beef Tacos
Sanctuary Tacos
Sanctuary Tacos

Chorizo Mexican Eatery

This Mexican eatery aims to bring traditional flavors of Mexico to the world, but with a twist. Not only are their tacos excellent, but people love how they serve three different types of sauce with their chips. 

We love how everything from the chips to the tortillas and sauces is homemade. You also have to commend them on how liberal they are with their fillings and sauces. Overall, if you’re looking for the best tacos in Norfolk, head to Chorizo Mexican Eatery today. 

  • Address: 4820 Hampton Blvd Ste A Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Spanish Rice, Barbacoa Tacos
Chorizo Mexican Eatery
Chorizo Mexican Eatery

Colley Cantina

Colley Cantina serves Baja-style Mexican cuisine that people just can’t get enough of. They make some amazing tacos, and you can find anything from Baja Shrimp and Key lime Tacos here. 

However, Colley Cantina has brought a little American touch to its cuisine as well, and the fusion is just perfect. You’ll find 21 beers and wines on tap inside the restaurant, and the staff can make some mean drinks too. While you’re in Norfolk, be sure to check out the top tattoo shops for some new ink.

  • Address: 1316 Colley Ave Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Fish Tacos, Mojo Pork Tacos, and Jerk Chicken Burrito
Colley Cantina Norfolk
Colley Cantina Norfolk

Pelon’s Baja Grill

Opened in 2005, Pelon’s Baja Grill has been serving authentic Mexican-style dishes to the people for over a decade. All of their food tastes fresh, and we love how they offer so many different options for their tacos and burritos. 

Their nachos are perfectly seasoned and crispy, and the servings are big enough to share. The thing that impressed us the most about the store was that they have a vegan menu too. 

  • Address: 738 W 22nd St Ste 15 Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Fish Tacos, Carne Asada Tacos, and California Burrito

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Pelon's Baja Grill
Pelon’s Baja Grill

Degollado Mexican Restaurant

Looking forward to trying the best tacos in Norfolk? People recommend Degollado Mexican Restaurant to everybody, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll find the classic options we find in all other Mexican restaurants, in addition to some pretty amazing margaritas. 

The food is inexpensive, the servings are large, there is lots of seating available, and you’ll find a lot of space in the parking lot too.

  • Address: 3814 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk, VA
  • Specialities: Chicken Enchiladas, Burrito San Jose, and Burrito de la Ruleta
Degollado Mexican Restaurant
Degollado Mexican Restaurant

Taco Burrito Co

Specializing in tacos, burritos and all sorts of other Mexican dishes, Taco Burrito Co has been satisfying cravings since 2015. People adore every single item on the menu, and we truly think this place makes the best tacos Norfolk has to offer. 

You can find street tacos and soft tacos here, and you get your choice of salsa and meat with both. The customer service never disappoints either. 

  • Address: 1207 N Military Hwy Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Street Tacos, Burrito Bowl, and Birria Tacos

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Taco Burrito Co
Taco Burrito Co

La Herradura

We love La Herradura because they are devoted to their work and it shows. The best part about any Mexican restaurant is the chips and salsa, and here, the chips just keep coming. Everything is fresh, and tacos and burritos both have a lot of filling. 

  • Address: 4220 Monarch Way Norfolk, VA
  • Specialities: Texas Nachos, Taco Salad, and Texas Fajitas
La Herradura restaurant
La Herradura restaurant

Jose Tequila

Jose makes the best tacos in Norfolk and the best nachos in all of Virginia. They have 14 different types of tacos, our favorite of which is their Korean-style tacos. Yes, you heard that right. 

This restaurant brings you a fusion of Mexican and Korean flavors on a plate. They also make tacos with fish, shrimp, and all sorts of other meats. We love the variety of flavors they provide. Check out the best Italian Restaurants in Norfolk, if you’re looking for a different type of cuisine.

  • Address: 1108 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Jose’s Classic Nachos, Monster Quessedilla, and Korean tacos
Jose Tequila Interior
Jose Tequila

Oro Azteca

Oro Azteca is famous for its food, and we can see why. From its massive and diverse menu to its flavorful food, the place is a must-visit for sure. You’ll find everything from vegetarian options to seafood items in this eatery. 

They also have options for combination dinner. All of their tacos, burritos, and nachos come with ground beef. If you want some other meat option, you have to ask your server separately. 

  • Address: 8001 Hampton Blvd Norfolk, VA
  • Specialities: Chimichangas, Taquitos Mexicano, Coyote Loco, Flautas in Flour tortilla
Oro Azteca
Oro Azteca

QDOBA Mexican Eats

QDOBA is famous for having the best tacos Norfolk has ever eaten. The best part about the whole deal is that they make everything fresh throughout the day. Everything from the tacos to the sauces and meat is fresh, and you can taste the difference. 

We also love how you can customize your appetizers and only have to eat what you can enjoy. You can build your own burrito, taco, burrito bowl, salad, quesadilla or nachos. They also top everything with guacamole and queso free of cost. 

There are very few things that taste as good as their chicken tacos, which are pretty affordable too. Of course, you can also make your tacos after choosing your meat and other toppings. 

  • Address: 4607 Hampton Blvd Ste 1110 Monarch Hall Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Make-your-own Tacos, and Street style chicken tacos
QDOBA mexican restaurant


We’ve brought you the best tacos in Norfolk, but you have to decide which of these places suits your needs. All of them have different specialties and boast different types of environments. Some of them are family-owned, and the staff is very attentive, while others are fast food chains. While fast food chains have some pretty good items, they focus on putting out food as quickly as possible. Some places on the list have well-decorated dining rooms, while others don’t. One thing is for certain, though—they all have amazing tacos. Looking to unwind after all that taco eating Norfolk has a range of massage options to choose from. Here’s our list of the must-visit massage spots in Norfolk, VA.

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