BEST Wings To Try In Norfolk

There is nothing as satisfying as biting into a perfectly seasoned, crunchy, and juicy wing. It’s not difficult to make good wings, but some places make the best wings in the area. These places stand out for not only the seasoning on their wings but the sauces they serve too. If you’re craving wings in Norfolk, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best wings in Norfolk. And if pizza is more your thing, don’t worry, Norfolk has got you covered as well. Here’s our list of the best pizza places in the city. 

Best Wings In Norfolk

What makes a good place for wings? Everything from portion sizes to cost, experience, crunchiness, and seasoning matters. Below we’ve listed the places where the wings are worth your money.

My Mama’s Kitchen

Number one on our list is this restaurant right here. You’ll always find a crowd at this place, but the wings are worth every minute of the wake. The owner of this establishment, Motier Stevenson, makes all these wings himself, and you can see the care and effort put into them. 

He seasons the wings in advance and, once an order is placed, fries them to perfection. The wings are then cooked to perfection in the sauce—the recipe of which Motier will never give— and then they are served hot. 

Since the wings are cooked in the sauce, they get a little charred on the outside while the flavors soak in. The result is a saucy, spicy, and crispy mess that’s just delicious. The inside of the meat remains perfectly cooked and moist. 

  • Address: 7943 Shore Drive, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Buffalo Soldier Wings
my mamas kitchen norfolk wings
My Mama’s Kitchen

The Dirty Buffalo

Coming in hot at second place is The Dirty Buffalo. This place serves chicken wings that make people keep coming back for more. The outside of those wings is crispy and perfect while the inside is moist, tender, and juicy. 

Approved by Guy Fieri himself, this place makes wings in the most perfect shade of orange to ever exist. Topped with their signature buffalo sauce, and served with celery and blue cheese, these wings are the stuff of fantasies. 

  • Address: 4012 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: New York-style buffalo wings
The Dirty Buffalo wings
The Dirty Buffalo

Captain Groovy

Did somebody say wings? Because all we heard was Captain Groovy. This place makes the best sweet and sour wings you’ll ever find. Their wings are soaked in buttermilk and coated with flour before they are fried to that crispy orange shell we all love. 

The sauce they are topped with is made of chilli hot sauce and brown sugar. When you get o your plate are crispy hot wings that are both sweet and spicy, with a little bit of acidity in the mix. Just perfect if you ask us. 

  • Address: 8101 Shore Drive, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Voodoo Wings
Captain Groovy
Captain Groovy

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is famous for its hot buffalo wings, and people just can’t get enough. With over 36 years of experience serving the best spicy wings around, they have spots in over 10 countries. 

They sell some of the best wings in Norfolk at very affordable prices. You’ll find all sorts of offers and discounts there too. 

This wing spot does spicy wings justice. The heat from those wings is bound to make you cry tears of joy. 

  • Address: 420 Monticello Ave Suite 150, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Hot wings
Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings

Wings N’ Things VA

Wings N Things serves classic crispy fried wings which people love. However, the stars of the show are the restaurant’s 20 sauces, which make these wings go from good to amazing. 

We recommend the honey mustard sauce for those who love a little something sweet with their wings. The hot sauce is perfect for spice lovers. People also recommend their garlic parmesan chicken wings. 

  • Address: 1140 North Military Highway, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Bone-in buffalo wings, hand-battered boneless buffalo wings
Wings N Things
Wings N Things

Peck and Pour 

Peck and Pour is a favorite amongst wing lovers, and people keep coming back for their beer and wings. The restaurant is a Korean-American hybrid and offers the best of both worlds. 

Their soy sauce wings are inspired by Korean flavors and they’re delicious. You can have their wings with 14 different types of sauces, and a beer collection that’ll make you drool. 

  • Address: 1308 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Breaded, naked, or boneless wings
Peck And Pour
Peck And Pour


Bonchon serves an amazing plate of hot, crispy, and spicy wings that’ll satisfy all your cravings. The restaurant brings you classic Korean-style fried chicken—sweet, sour, and crispy— with a modern twist. 

Their wings are double-cooked to make sure it’s crispy, and hand-brushed with their special sauce. All in all, a must-try for sure. 

  • Address: 273 Granby St, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Korean wings, bone-in or boneless
Bonchon wings


Orapax serves something you won’t find anywhere else—pegasus wings. Served with tzatziki sauce, these are charred wings spiced with greek herbs. 

While wings are a primarily American dish, Orapax brings you fuses of greek flavors with them. The result is delicious and satisfying, and the complex flavor profile makes them the best wings in Norfolk. When you’re in Norfolk, there are other great dining options too, such as breakfast. Here is a list of 35 best breakfast places in Norfolk VA, to start your day with a delicious meal.

  • Address: 1300 Redgate Ave, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Pegasus Wings

A.W Shucks

A.W Shucks is normally known for their seafood and grill, but trust us and try those wings. For $14.95 you get five wings in your flavor of choice. They serve Buffalo, Old Bay, or BBQ wings, all of which are just mouthwatering. 

The price tag may be a little higher than other places, but the wings make up for that. They are crispy on the outside, and the meat inside is succulent and tender. The sauces make the entire thing up a notch because they pack instance punches of flavor. Norfolk is full of great brunch spots, check out the top brunch spots in Norfolk!

  • Address: 2200 Colonial Ave. Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: House Chicken Wings, and Raw Seafood
A.W Shucks
A.W Shucks

Pollard’s Chicken

Pollard’s Chicken is located on Ballentine boulevard and serves chicken in all forms you can imagine. Their fried chicken is Popular with visitors, but their buffalo wings shouldn’t be underestimated either.

You can get their buffalo wings for $12 for the small, and $24 for the large. These wings also come with the bone removed. However, our favorite item on the list has to be the Honey bbq wings. They are simply finger-licking good.

In addition to Pollard’s Chicken serving delicious wings, Norfolk is home to many fantastic Chinese restaurants that offer a wide range of dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional dishes or modern fusion cuisine, there’s something for everyone. So, if you’re in the mood for some Chinese food, here are 25 Chinese restaurants in Norfolk that you must visit.

  • Address: 3033 Ballentine Blvd Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Buffalo wings, party wings, and bbq Honey wings

    Pollard’s Chicken
    Pollard’s Chicken

Longboards East Beach

Longboards East Beach makes spicy Singapore wings which are a fan favorite. These are served bone-in or boneless in a sauce made with sriracha. cilantro, garlic, sou sauce, and sesame. 

However, that isn’t the only option they have. You can also have their Old Bay, Hula, Carolina Gold BBQ, Waikiki, Buffalo, and Volcano wings. Whichever flavor you decide to choose, the wings at this place are nothing short of legendary. 

  • Address: 4521 Pretty Lake Ave Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Spicy Singapore Wings, Waikiki Wings, and Carolina Gold BBQ wings
Longboard's restaurant
Longboard’s restaurant

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This pizza place serves some of the best wings in town, and we just love the flavor. You’ll find their wings in nine flavors in Norfolk, and all of them are amazing.

There are the bbq wings, classic hot buffalo wings, sweet mango habanero wings, plain wings, and hot wings. They also serve crispy bacon and tomato chicken, and jalapeno and pineapple chicken.

We love dominos because their wings are always cooked to perfection. The outside is crisp, and the inside is tender. We also love how many flavors they have, even though they don’t primarily serve wings. Finally, we love how the menu isn’t limited to only wings.

  • Address: 4412 Monarch Way, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Habanero and mango wings, and jalapeno and pineapple wings
dominos chicken wings

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It’s Just Wings

It’s Just Wings in Norfolk makes some very special wings, and we love every flavor they have. They serve wings both bone-in and boneless in addition to some amazing smoked wings.

All of the wings, including the ones smoked over burning pecan wood, are then tossed into your choice of sauce. You can get a side of curly fries with your wings, which is simply perfect.

They also offer 11 sauces and dips for you to flavor your wings, which is a really big combination. Overall, we recommend this place for some amazing wings.

  • Address: 300 Monticello Ave #309, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Pecan wood smoked wings
It’s Just Wings
It’s Just Wings

AJ Gators Sports and Grill

Ever since the restaurant was established in 1996, this restaurant has been serving its traditional wing platter to hungry patrons. AJ Gator’s traditional wing platter costs $17.75 and consists of sauce-tossed wings, which are served with a side of fries. 

They serve some huge meaty wings, which cost you $10 per 6 wings, $15.95 for 10, and $29.95 for 20 wings. You can order their wings with 12 sauces. 

These are the Mild, Medium, Hot, Gates of Hell, General Tso’s, Honey BBQ, Buffalo Honey BBQ, Habanero Mango, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Old Bay, and Garlic Parmesan. These are the best wings in Norfolk if you consider flavor and sauce options. 

  • Address: 9575 Shore Dr, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: AJ Gator’s traditional wing platter
chicken wings at AJ Gators Sports and Grill
AJ Gators Sports and Grill

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut serves chicken wings in nine different flavors, and all of them are mouthwatering. The flavors are lemon pepper, spicy Asian, garlic parmesan, buffalo medium,  buffalo mild, buffalo burning hot, spicy bbq, honey bbq, and naked wings.

Wings in pizza hut start as low as $5, and we love how you have the option of choosing sides and desserts with your meal. They have some amazing deals too.

  • Address: 4548 E Princess Anne Rd, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Wings, pizza, sides, and desserts
Pizza Hut Wings
Pizza Hut

Perfectly Frank

Opened in 2005, Perfectly Frank has been serving people amazing wings and hotdogs for over two decades. Their customers are a diverse lot, and you can expect to find everybody from families to students there.

The restaurant serves boneless wings with celery, ranch, and blue cheese. You can order your wings either bbq flavored, or buffalo style. The restaurant serves 6 wings for $4.29, and 12 wings for $7.29.

We love how affordable the place is, and how inclusive its environment is. You can expect an excellent time when you visit here, with conversation from all walks of life.

  • Address: 4408 Monarch Way, University Village Old Dominion, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: Bbq and buffalo-style boneless wings
Perfectly Frank
Perfectly Frank

Fatburger & Buffalo’s Express Norfolk

Fatburger’s and Buffalo’s Express choose only the best medium-sized wings for their kitchen. This ensures that the flavor and texture of the wings remain consistent, and their wings come out perfect every time.

You can get their delicious buffalo-style chicken wings both with and without the bone. They come in four different sizes, small, medium, large, and x-large. These wings are tossed in one of their twelve sauces, that range from sweet to extremely spicy.

  • Address: 1551 Premium Outlets Blvd, Norfolk, VA
  • Specialties: buffalo-style wings
Fatburger & Buffalo's Express Norfolk
Fatburger & Buffalo’s Express


This was our list of the best wings in Norfolk. Good chicken wings should be crispy and golden brown on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. All the places we mentioned above serve wings exactly like that. A lot of these spots also provide a wide variety of flavors for their wings, as well as a lot of dips. This makes sure you’ll never be tired of them ever.

For those looking for a hearty meal, the best steaks in Norfolk VA are not to be missed. From succulent cuts of meat to flavorful sauces and sides, a steak dinner can be a truly memorable experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy ribeye or a tender filet mignon, these steakhouses in Norfolk will have you covered.

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