7 Burger Spots in Dubai That Will Leave You Speechless

Burgers are comfort food for everyone around the world, as they are quick and easy to make with toppings of your own choice. You may ask what’s so special about it. Well, it’s a kind of all-day meal from breakfast to dinner whenever or wherever you are you can always get a lip-smacking ol’ burger.

Though Dubai having luxury doesn’t make the city amazing, what does is the food. Due to this reason, Dubai is loved by many as it has the best top-ranking restaurants and elegant food from classic old American cheeseburgers to 24K gold-plated burgers. You can also find amazing burgers for the right fare. Finding the best spot can be a bit tricky but don’t worry as we have arranged a list for you guys to choose the best one amongst.

Best Burger Spots in Dubai

We have listed the top-ranking award-winning burgers in Dubai and If you’re planning on spending a week in Dubai, we’ve put together a complete plan for maximum recreation during your stay there.

Black Tap

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PERFECT FOR: Having burgers, shakes, and much more in a New York City aura
Black Tap dubai
Black Tap

Started in SoHo in the 80s and 90s this NYC burger joint is renowned for having top-ranking burgers to massive towering milkshakes and beers. Located in the elegant Dubai Mall, this burger joint brings the NYC street culture and music with it, sporting a custom mural painted by a local artist and era-appropriate hip-hop music.

You might be wondering why is the restaurant named black tap. Well, black tap is also known for its beers and the black tap is a reference for those handles that you might find in craft beer bars.

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This 90s-themed joint menu offers recurring craft burgers and the Specialties include the All-American Burger and the Greg Norman Burger, which is made with delicious wagyu beef and served on a soft potato bun with blue cheese, arugula, and house-made buttermilk-dill sauce. Burger salads and a falafel veggie burger are among the lighter alternatives.

The most elite award-winning burger that we recommend you should try is their Meryl Streep and their CRAZYSHAKE® that blew up on the internet. Don’t forget to try their Korean BBQ wings which are just mouth-watering.

Meat Me There

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PERFECT FOR: Having Burgers and enjoying the sunset right next to you
Meat Me There -
Meat Me There – Andre Abou Aad

Meat me there is a small joint all about burgers nothing fancy but burgers. Located at Al Souq Mall, Umm Suqeim fishing harbor. This small joint is next to a busy harbor, with a small adorable terrace that overlooks the sea.

From inside it is a cozy little joint with few tables and their menu is as neat as the location is, that’s because they only serve burgers, and a few of them. They have only three options that you can choose which are: the me burger, the meat me a cheeseburger, and the juicy double, it does more than the name suggest

This is not the place for vegans. Instead, it’s the ideal location for burger enthusiasts and people who find a chicken burger to be an absurdity. Having so few options is pleasant since there is little risk of food envy and it speeds up the decision-making process.

And without any hustle of waiters belling and whistling to get the order, which ultimately makes the burgers stand out. A scattering of lettuce, tomato, pickles, and special sauce is added to a beautifully seasoned and thoroughly mashed burger.

Given that Meat Me Me is the type of place to strip things back, we believe you’ll agree that the straightforward, salted “me” fries are the obvious course of action. However, if you’re craving the nuclear option, the chizu fries come packed with two varieties of cheese and 2 kinds of onions.


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PERFECT FOR: Having massive monster burgers and milkshakes
dubai eat pickl
Eat Pickl

The burger game in Dubai is one of the most fierce if compared with other countries. This city is overflowing with sellers of all kinds of secret sauces, from locally produced to internationally recognized burger brands. Few of them have made a bigger splash than Pickl, a burger joint that was founded in the middle of the city and is currently on its way to overtaking the region.

Started in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers and now barging into neighborhoods across the UAE. You may ask how is that even possible? Well making some damn good burgers.

Pickl’s decor and service are simple; orders are placed at the countertop, and a bell is given to a keen attendee while you wait, which is an understatement by the Pickl’s team. One look at their menu might just blow you away from cheesy burgers to monster impossible burgers and we can’t forget their gigantic milkshakes (Pickl was the first restaurant to introduce the latter for the first time to the UAE market).

Moving toward the sides, this restaurant takes pride in its outrageously souped-up fries, which are topped with anything from bacon to jalapenos. The doubled-up chuck patty sliders, stuffed onto squishy potato buns, profit from the culinary management’s liberal use of the secret sauce.

The chicken sando, on the other side, requires no modification at all. This swaggering mouthful flows lavishly in all directions, and its enormous, crispy chunk of fried chicken is among the greatest you’ll find anywhere. As for their secret sauce ‘the comeback sauce’ does exactly what it is considered to do.

High Joint

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PERFECT FOR: Having the best premium beef burgers
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai

High Joint is known to be the teeniest restaurant in Dubai, located in OG Al Manara. This small burger bar has a few tables, but a massive crowd waiting for that premium beef patty burger.

Though having a small venue didn’t stop them from expanding, you can also catch them at a larger location at Al Khawaneej, Manara. But the small burger bar adds to the charm of High Joint.

But, moving on to what High Joint has cooking in its buns. With every sloppy swallow, the bites here are outrageous, inventive, and most importantly, magical. If it’s your first time going to High Joint we highly recommend trying their High Jamz, a smashed beef patty topped with sauteed onions and beef bacon, as well as the top quality Millionaire’s High burger with Portobello mushroom tempura and decadent truffle mayonnaise.

Somewhere else, the katsu halloumi burger is accurate as you’d expect – crunchy, delicious, and a surefire hit with both vegetarians and meat eaters. When ordering your burger add sides with it as you might need to try these cauliflower buffalo wings because they are damn good.

What really sets High Joint apart is its constantly changing star ingredients, as well as special burgers that aren’t listed on the menu and must be ordered by word of mouth (though you’ll know what they’re if you head to its Instagram page). High Joint is quite literally a brilliant place to hang out with your family and friends.

Le Burger

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PERFECT FOR: Having unique burgers and crispy fries in the Mall of Emirates
Le Burger meal dubai
Le Burger

Le burger is famously known to serve more than 2,000 burger combinations, located in Mall of Emirates. This joint is all about customer satisfaction, whatever the customer wants they put on the burger. Nowadays, no one likes a simple beef burger with the same old toppings on it.

So Le burger did exactly what the customers wanted, a burger menu with 2,000+ combinations to chomp on.

Originally from Vienna and now this famed restaurant is open in Dubai, from 10 am to 8 pm daily. Burger enthusiasts can try amazing signature burgers and their most famous cheese bacon beef burger which will melt in your mouth but don’t forget to dip it in their cheddar cheese sauce.

Every burger has a distinctive flavor, for instance, the Fata Morgana Burger ($60) with figs, dates, and goat cheese, the Elvis Burger ($60) with grilled banana & peanut butter, as well as the Hawaiian ($54) with pineapple, cream cheese, and sweet chile.

Not a meat fan then vegan options are also available, such as the feta cheese, roasted vegetables, with rosemary-orange mayo Greek Burger for Dhs56 or perhaps the avocado and mango chutney San Francisco Burger for the same amount.

Le burger customer service is so generous that there is a refill for your drink as long as the guest wants to. And keeping the environment clean the tables are made out of wooden planks and sugarcane boxes are used as a takeaway. Amazingly enough, they also have edible straws.

BRD By Slab

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PERFECT FOR: Having the most delicious chicken burgers in Dubai
BRD By Slab
BRD By Slab

If this is your first time visiting BRD Slab we challenge you guys to have their gigantic burger and some fries, we would be impressed enough to give you a medal.

If you are unfamiliar, BRD is an informal chicken restaurant located in the upcoming gastronomic mecca Dar Wasl Mall. The menu includes chicken wings, tenders, burgers (or sandos, as is the current craze), and fries. It is the creation of chef Omar Rodriguez, the man who created SLAB at La Mer.

It’s easy to get service, too. Take your number and place your order at the counter, then wait for a call. The absence of air and graces makes this place all the fresh. Ask the staff for suggestions, and they will be happy to assist you. Regarding us, we advise you to eat as much as you can.

We recommend ordering the Korean-style burger (Sando) first, with it a small portion of crispy chicken tenders dumped in their own spicy rub, and don’t forget their crispy fries. It’s so damn delicious that you might order it again. Are you ordering again already? They have their six wings, in a spicy sauce, and more of that amazing burger and a few dips.

The menu has food deals with reasonable prices so if you order a burger and a side of fries, chicken tenders, and wings, you would still have enough fare for a cab home.

Salt Bae Burger

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PERFECT FOR: Having unbelievable burgers in an open interior
Salt Bae Burger
Salt Bae Burger

Without this famous internet-breaking restaurant, this list would be empty. By now we all know who is salt bae the famous Turkish steakhouse Nusr-Et founder Nusret Gökçe, who has opened his second restaurant in Dubai this time it is based on burgers.

Only in the sense that meals are served on metal trays and there are huge communal tables for seating, Salt Bae Burger’s interior leans toward being unadorned. Meanwhile, a profusion of marble screams the contrary.

Thankfully, there is staff around to remind you that your food should be finished quickly and your seats should be cleared – regardless of the fact that you may be paying more than Dhs 500 for a 1-hour lunch for two.

Let’s be wholly honest that a person with an average wage might not be able to afford it, though they would prefer a more affordable restaurant than Nusret’s burger restaurant, if the food is good anyone would be willing to pay that price.

Choose the iconic #Saltbae Burger, a riot of juicy wagyu beef, smokey rib-eye, stringy caramelized onion, and a substantial amount of melting cheddar cheese, to put the restaurant through its paces.

Skip the provided black latex gloves; it’s time to get your hands dirty. It checks off every burger box: meaty, salty, fatty, and tangy. At Dhs135 for a solo and Dhs230 for a double, it should. Another favorite is the thin Parmesan-dusted fries, as well as the vast array of sauces offered on the side (try the ranch).

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Burger Joint in Dubai

  • Always keep wipes — Wipes are a must! When having a burger, the situation might get a little messy and sticky. Especially when you’re with a friend, it can be a bit embarrassing, and that sticky sauce will be all over your hands and mouth in a matter of seconds, but with some wipes, you’ll be all cleaned up.
  • Reservations — People might say that reservations are a total waste of time, but actually they are a total lifesaver from embarrassment and a time saver. If you’re out with a loved one and going to a fancy restaurant then a reservation might just come in handy. You can make a reservation through a phone call or by visiting their site.
  • Learn the Menu — If you’re out and going to an elegant restaurant then you might consider researching the menu before ordering anything from it. We recommend you ask the waiter everything in detail about the dish so you could order what you desire. Hate pickles or tomatoes in your burger? Then just ask the waiter and they’ll change it as you prefer. Many people go to fancy restaurants and order the food judging by the name of that dish.
  • Hygiene — Hygiene is an important aspect of every restaurant, even a small little joint. Without hygiene, you can’t run a successful restaurant. The hygienic staff shows what good customer service is. Not only just the staff and the chef, but the kitchen should also be neat and clean with no rotten veggies and bad meat and a clean freezer. Hygiene should be the first rule of a successful Burger Joint.

If you’re in Dubai and looking for a great place to work out after eating burgers all day, check out The Finest Gyms in Dubai.

How We Pick Our Recommendations

With the help of our survey and some of your feedback, we were able to find the best burger joints in Dubai, from cozy pubs to some unique burger joints in Dubai. Our team also recently provided recommendations for the best burgers in Salt Lake City and Norfolk VA. From the juiciest burgers to a 24k-carat gold-plated burger. These joints have amazing customer service, food quality, hygiene control, and the best reviews.

Wrapping up!

Dubai is known to have amazing buildings, a nightlife experience, and elegant award-winning restaurants with quality food. Having burgers in Dubai is another experience from old school to new combinations of burgers or even a burger with gold on it. We have listed all the amazing mind-blowing burger joints you should visit while in Dubai.

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Best Burger Spots in Dubai - FAQs

Burgers are a thing in Dubai?

With so many excellent burgers in Dubai, it’s difficult to avoid them.

How do I pick a quality burger?

A perfect burger should be flavorful, juicy, and hold together sufficiently to not fall apart when you pick it up.

Is it preferable to grill or fried hamburgers?

Grill the burger in its own rendered fat when pan-frying instead.

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